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Run Yourself Healthy In 2010

What better way to start off 2010 with a new year resolution…  If you still don’t have one, then perhaps you wanna consider shedding off those extra kilos by doing regular exercise.

One of the easiest and simplest way to lose weight is running. There’s no need for expensive gym equipments or club memberships. No detox or drugs required…just a good pair of running shoes, running attire and you can start pounding the pavements.

Here are some tips to get started:

Remember to do proper warm up & stretching exercises before attempting to do any physical activity as it will help to prevent injuries and cramps. It is also advisable to do stretches after the exercise as it reduces the after effects of aches & pains normally felt the day after.

For beginners, you can start off slow just to build up your endurance and stamina. Set a realistic target ie; 20 mins of continuous running/jogging or 1- 2km. As you progress, you can either increase the intensity by increasing the time spent ie: from 20 mins to 30mins or distance ie; 1km to 1.5km. I would suggest that beginners start off on running tracks so that you can monitor your distances & timing.

Once you have better stamina and endurance, you may wish to attempt pounding the pavements. Once again set realistic targets ie; making rounds or loops within your own neighbourhood. As you progress, you can either increase the distance or decrease the time taken for you to complete the distance. If you choose to increase your distance, do it gradually and only do so if you are already comfortable with the previous distance.

If you are attempting distance running, I would advise that you bring along some cash or EZ link card as you never know when you might need them. It is also necessary for you to hydrate yourself sufficiently before & after the run. Drink lots of water to replenish what you have lost during exercise.

Isotonic drinks help to quench thirst and replenish fluids & electrolytes lost through exertion & heat. It would also help if you have a running buddy or partner as motivation is another plus factor.

To further improve yourself, take part in running events to experience the fun & atmosphere. Start off by selecting non competitive events or fun runs with short distances. This will help you to have a feel of running with other participants. There is a lot of experience to be learnt by running in such events and you can use this platform to roughly gauge yourself to see where you stand before attempting to move on to bigger events with longer distance or greater challenges.

Here is a list of events within Singapore & Malaysia in 2010. The dates & venues are mostly accurate but it is still subjected to last minute changes by the organizers. So… happy running and please feel free to add on to any other events that I have missed.


January 2010

17 Jan 2010 – Great Eastern PaceSetter 30k
24 Jan 2010 – RustiRun
31 Jan 2010 – Run For My Lunch
31 Jan 2010 – Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2010

February 2010

06 Feb 2010 – Safari Zoo Run
28 Feb 2010 – Singapore Sprint Series 1 – Aqualthlon

March 2010

07 Mar 2010 – OCBC Cycle Singapore
13 Mar 2010 – Safra Biathlon
14 Mar 2010 – North-East Run
14 Mar 2010 – Singapore Sprint Series 2 – Duathlon
28 Mar 2010 – CitiSpa & Mizuno Power Run 2010 (Females Only)

April 2010

11 April 2010 – 2XU Compression Run (12km)
25 April 2010 – F1 Sports EQ Nature Run 2010

May 2010

02 May 2010 – Singapore Sprint Series 3 – Triathlon
21 May 2010 – National Vertical Marathon 2010
22 May 2010 – Singapore Passion Run 2010
29 May 2010 – Sundown Marathon 2010

June 2010

27 Jun 2010 – KL Marathon 2010

August 2010

Mid August 2010 – Nike Human Race 10k

October 2010

10 October 2010 – Newton 30km Challenge
31 October 2010 – Great Eastern Womens’ 10km

November 2010

Early Nov 2010 –New Balance Real Run
21 November 2010 – Penang International Bridge Marathon

December 2010

5 December 2010 – Singapore Marathon 2010
26 December 2010 – Macritchie Runners 25 Ultra Marathon 2010



These are tips for 2010 but

These are tips for 2010 but I can stll use it this 2011. I learned a lot from your article. Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait to buy my own Brute running shoes so that I can start.

Thank you

Glad you liked the article & 2010 running calendar..

Hope you can reach your aim of completing the half marathon this year.

Keep running and be healthy!!!


Hi Buds, thanks for the

Hi Buds, thanks for the list of running events for 2010. this is great, i shop for all in one place..he..he…your tips are absolutely right. Two years ago, i spoke to myself, i needed to make a change to keep myself fit and healthy especially after i gave birth. Though the main reason is not really to loose weight, but i managed to shed some kgs. I was plum …and still now πŸ™‚ So started to run almost everyday for 4 – 5 km, i have picked up running and also joining those running events. In 2009, i took part 3 events, all running for 10km. As time goes by, my timing improves and this becomes another motivation. Running becomes a fun thing. If i don’t run that day, i feel lethargic.

I look forward in 2010 events. I may want to challenge myself to run half marathon.


Nature Run

Unfortunately, I have’nt tried the nature run so I can’t comment on the way it is organized.

However, running in nature reserves is different from running on roads/pavement.

If you’re not used to running trails then its gonna pose as a big challenge.


Nature run

Buds_hubs, is the nature run well organised? I’ve never run thru’ the reserve before, and do they’ve enough water points or I read somewhere that its only at the ranger station?

Anyway, reg opens 10jan and they only take in 1000. So, those who wanna signup gotta decide soon. 


From 2 yrs !!

From 2 yrs Schweppes, thats cool.  Which means I should be on a lookout for kids’ run as well.  Nice to sign DS up.  Will check out the zoo run thingee



Thanks for all the replies

Thanks for all the replies – FYl running is the fastest way to lost belly fat (you know what I mean when you have kids!)  I lost 5 kg after 6 months of  running losting 2 sizes in dress size. Again, I start running not bcos of wanting to lost weight but to keep fit and healthy. Also to encourage my kids that excerising is the only way to stay healthy AND NOT by embaking on some silly diet or not eating at all (sorry, I got 2 girls).

Cold Storage Kids Run

Heyya Buds… If not mistaken, the Cold Storage Kids Run was organised for kids between 2 – 12yo. Registration usually begins in March and the event is scheduled end May (at the start of the May/June sch hols). Last year, the venue was at the padang.  I recall reading in the Straits Times that that it was a success with about 4,000 kids taking part in the event. I think there were events for competitive and non-competitive runners for various age groups.

I’m not sure if the event will be organised this year. Tried surfing the Net but so far no details. Guess, we can just keep a look out in the media or watch out for the registration forms at Cold Storage some time in March. Sorry, can’t provide more info on this. 





Wah mummyjoyce

Wah mummyjoyce,

KUDOS you!!

The last time I was that weight, I was 16 yrs of age


Mathsparks, yes, lets be


yes, lets be virtual running buddy for now.  will still be good to have someone to run with…  more committment and motivation to run…

my hb same as yours… 

thanks for the information.

thanks for the information. but running is not my cup of tea, I prefer swimming. don’t feel the heat, I suppose

Well Done!

Well Done mummyjoyce!

You are an inspiration to the rest in this forum.

Especially the part about your weight (48kg) .


Kids' Run / Kids' Dash..

Hey Buds… thanks for the info.

You’re welcome, schweppes!

Didn’t know that StanChart has a Kids’ Dash event too.

I didn’t know either until my girls told me. They pointed out

"How come the kids have the same t-shirts like daddy’s?

We oso want, mummy.. so style." And then while waiting

for buds_hubs to arrive at the finishing point, we saw a

couple of events for Kids’ Dash/Kid’s Run (short distance).

So cute! Some younger babies in strollers oso participated.

Some were cranky and crying so they had to be carried..

Some on those piggyback carriers on their mummies’ backs..

Some were all out for the win! Very very very cute!

We missed the Cold Storage Milk run last year.

This is interesting, can share more?

But she went for the POSB Kids Run at Sengkang.

In fact, there is a Safari Zoo Run for kids and adults coming up  – on Sat, 6 Feb. Do check out the URL, Maybe you can sign them up for this one.

Thanks for the link on the zoo run!

Should be an interesting run with the animals watching us…

PS : Schweppes, you’re seriously getting funnier by the day girl!

You reali crack me up!


Avatar Waistline

48kg wor..

mummyjoyce must’ve got the avatar

creature waistline ks2me was talkin’ about..


Started running 2 years

Started running 2 years again and never stopped since then.  My running shoes go with me even on holidays.  My shoes have ran in Shanghai, New York, KL, Malaysia, HK, Bahamas, etc.

I started with just 1km and then telling myself to extend to the next traffic light, the next and next, etc.  Now I can run 10km without any problem.

The result, maintain my weigh for the past 2 years (48kg); no MC.  I feel great and I can spend more time with my family and feeling beautiful and great all the time πŸ™‚

I truely encourage everyone to start running and I can gurantee that you will get addicted to it in no time πŸ™‚

Thanks buds_hubs. Can

Thanks buds_hubs. Can consider the KSP kids run community but not too sure if she can still qualify as she’ll be 13yo by then.

As for the running kakis for KSP parents – eh, have to count me out on this one. My glory days of running are over. Only "running" I do now is due to my work and definitely running around for the kids. Sigh… 

Kids Run

Hey Buds… thanks for the info. Didn’t know that StanChart has a Kids’ Dash event too. We missed the Cold Storage Milk run last year. But she went for the POSB Kids Run at Sengkang. In fact, there is a Safari Zoo Run for kids and adults coming up  – on Sat, 6 Feb. Do check out the URL, Maybe you can sign them up for this one. Should be an interesting run with the animals watching us…

Standard Chartered Kid Dash 500m

buds.. Thats a good idea.

Perhaps can see who else is eager to sign up so we can have some reps from KSP kids club for 2010. Registration should be open by July 2010 for early birds.


Team KSP


I was thinking to myself and wondering whether we can gather enuff support to form a mini KSP running community.. However I think most of those agreeable would be women...

Perhaps you ladies wanna start out small by gathering together for group runs and advance further by participating in fun runs or team events ie; North East Run 5km or passion run 8 km. Alternatively there is the 10km Sundown Marathon (Team Event) or 10km ladies.


Kid's Run

Thanks Buds Hubs for the fantastic and timely tips. Not for me per se but for my DD1. She has indicated an interest in running and your sharing couldn’t have come at a better time. Maybe I’ll keep her company – some mommy and daughter time and keep fit at the same time too.

Heyya schweppes, my two DDs are keen too! During the recent Standard Chartered marathon buds_hubs did, we saw cute kiddies doing the Kids’ Dash! And they said they wanted the cool Standard Chartered tees like daddy’s as well… so will see if we’re in time to get them signed up for the next one.


Β  Hi treenymph, Do you've


Hi treenymph,

Do you’ve frens who run with you or signup with you? I’ve always done this by myself and it gets really lonely at the starting line. dh prefers to just drop me off and go for his breakfast somewhere. He can only manage 5km, and isn’t keen to accompany me on the 10km.

Yep, let’s be running buddies..even if its virtual.



Fantastic Tips

Thanks Buds Hubs for the fantastic and timely tips. Not for me per se but for my DD1. She has indicated an interest in running and your sharing couldn’t have come at a better time. Maybe I’ll keep her company – some mommy and daughter time and keep fit at the same time too.



Hi! you can check out this


you can check out this

good job too mathsparks!  I did 5km last year and i’m aiming to go for 10km this year.  thinking of joining GE 10km, shape run (if they are still organising it) and one other which i have not decided yet.  and if i do well, maybe i will go for the half marathon run too – maybe limit to one only. 

let’s encourage each other on the runs!

hi bud_hubs, good tips

hi bud_hubs,
good tips about bringing ezLink card along..
The only reason I  want to run (more frequently), is to keep fit, and catch up with kiddos.
Very often, Body and Mind both tired πŸ™  and start finding excuses haha.

Yes.. yes..Β  Thats

Yes.. yes.. 

Thats right… How can I ever forget that.

 You are the best physiotherapist cum masseuse..



And…. not forgetting i’m your temp physiotherapist cum masseuse.


Cheeky buds

buds… very cheeky huh..

If I dont achieve my goals, I will be a wee bit disappointed…

However, you are always there to comfort me, so it makes everything better.


If you don't...?

Then, if you are not able to achieve it… you will be unhappy?


You are most welcome

You are most welcome Mathsparks..

The New Balance Real Run has 10 km & 15 km.Its a competetive run comprising of both pavement pounding as well as trail.. Quite Challenging..

If you wanna try doing a half marathon, I suggest you try out the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run 21km. It a good exposure and has very good support in terms of logistics, water points, fruit stations and medics..

As for the timing.. dont worry about it.. everyone has their good & bad days.. You should just aim to complete it at first and should not bother about your timing. Completion is already a victory and you should be proud.

Naturally as we grow older, our body tends to be less robust hence it will definately affect our timing or performance.. Unfortunately, I am also not spared, hence I tend to set realistic goals for myself. If I am able to achieve it, then I am happy…


Thank You

Thanks to Chief for selecting this article for the portal publication.

Thank you to all whom enjoyed reading it and found it useful to plan ahead for 2010.

Happy running!!


Thank you!

Can’t thank you enough, buds_hubs, for this list! I used to be able to run only 5km, but last year set my goal to 10km, I trained for it and completed the GE womens and Run for hope.

So this year, I was intending to push myself further, thinking about 12-15km. Your list shows a 12km run, but any idea if there’s a 15km one? Think I’ve seen it listed somewhere before.

And if my knees dont give up on me, perhaps I can do a half marathon next year. Is your timing always better than the year/event before? I feel kinda stressed having to do a better timing each time, but as our body age, it seems more logical to have a worse timing than before. So how do you do it?



My target is to run 2x per

My target is to run 2x per week of 30 mins each… I hope I can keep the promise as long as I can…. πŸ™‚ Also to swim 2x per week to alternate….

Thank You

Thank you buds_hubs,

This is really timely cuz DH made a new year resolution to start running again aft a year’s break due to change of job early last yr.

He used to participate in marathons too.  The information is really useful and I will most certainly show DH the list of events.  I am sure he’ll be more than interested to sign up for a few of them.

Many thanks, once again



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