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Sambal Chilli

this basic sambal recipe is from councillor funz’s mumsie…

[[[dried chilli (hydrated)

Depending on how much you wanna make the proportions is something like that
1 chilli to 1 shallot to 1/4 garlic. Belachan for about 10 chillis, use about 1 chicken stock cube size. For more kick, can add a couple of chilli padi.

Disclaimer : all qty indicated are agalation which, by the way, is the trademark of any true blue Peranakan kitchen (wise words of Funz’s mummy :frustrated: ).

Blend everything till smooth. Then fry in oil. The frying process is important. When you first put in the paste, it will blend with the oil. Need to fry until you see the oil separating from the paste and the colour from bright red to deep dark red.

This is the basic sambal that we use for most of our sambal dishes.

Sambal kangkong, just add dried shrimps garlic and salt to taste
Sambal prawns (like the one I posted), just add salt and sugar to taste
Assam sambal prawns, add red onions, tamarind paste (mix with water & strain), kaffir lime leaves… the list goes on…]]]

with thanks to funz and after several hiccups, i finally started on this elusive basic sambal belacan adventure.


basic ingredients. garlic, shallots, dried chilli and belacan

this is how much i used. i did not use charcoal to roast the belacan, but feel free to do so if u so wants to..

i lightly “fry” belacan on a pan without oil. i get a powdery form.

hydrated dried chilli. dunno if it’s hydrated enough. i soaked for 3hrs.

machine blended garlic, shallots and hydrated dried chilli. for true blue chefs, feel free to use the mortar and pestle. i salute u. 🙂

being cautious, i didn’t blend belacan together so i taste as i added the belacan. results is slightly darker red.

heat up pan. add oil. i was stingy with oil. this was minute 1 with low fire. i was afraid of burning that paste. so i kept on stirring.

minute 15… still stirring. nose running. peppered with some sneezing. so unglam! 😛

after half an hour. the aroma is to-die-for! :faint: ready to scoop out.

finished product. it tasted wonderful! :drool:

some final wise words from funz…

[[[…If you liked it, your dh liked it and your kids liked it, then all is done right.

Only things to change will be according to personal preference, (eg blending finer, more belachan, removing seeds, adding some chilli padi for more oomph) that cannot be instructed, it is up to individuals.]]]

here’s some serving ideas from me…
deep fried egg tofu topped with sambal and spring onions

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you're welcome! :-)

jjxy mum, this sambal will go fantastic with your favourite steamed lady’s fingers. 🙂

Yummy :)

Thanks for sharing 🙂

I will try making it after dd’s psle.


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