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Sample Parent Volunteering (PV) Letter

Dear XXX (principal’s name),

We are keen to sign up as parent volunteers for XXX Primary School.  Our child was born in year XXX.  Please find details of our particulars as follows:

[Insert parents’ names, NRIC, address, occupations, highest qualifications etc…]

Areas of volunteer that we can contribute:

  • Events Organizations
  • Assistance during school activities/excursions
  • IT
  • Art & Craft
  • Photography
  • Library
  • Gardening/Landscape
  • Bulletin editorial
  • Administration work
  • General

We hope that we can be given an opportunity to contribute to XXX Primary School as parent volunteers. We are also willing to participate in any other activities not mentioned above, that is of use to your school in any way. Looking forward to an affirmative reply from you.


Hi WiseOwl

Best that you check directly with the school.

Application for PV at Nan Hua Primary

Anyone knows when is the cut-off date for Nan Hua’s PV application? Many thanks.

PV tips

very detailed brief.  Thank you

Catholic High School PV

Hi there,

Anyone knows whether Catholic High School conducts PV every year?

some schools, eg Tao Nan,

some schools, eg Tao Nan, have standard forms for parents who wishes to volunteer to fill & submit.

indeed great to find this

indeed great to find this sample letter. was wondering how to write?

very useful. tks.

very useful. tks.

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