Sand Art!

I have not sent my girls for any enrichment programmes this far, and they’re now P2 and K2 respectively… So far, i’ve only signed up for an Art Holiday Programme during the last June holidays, which i must say was a BIG hit with them both! They simply loved their time doing Pottery Art at the Twinkle Art studio! Very Happy  I do think that as parents we can make effort to encourage or support our childrens’ hobbies in our own way, without having to spend a fortune on upmarket enrichment programmes.

To cultivate an interest in art or craft, we can provide a headstart by sourcing for quality art materials in the market on our own.. to do with our children. Again, this provided we have time and the interest to start this off. Wink On top of it all, we also get to spend time together to bond as a family too!

As i’m a very hands-on mum, i find great pleasure in looking for fun stuff to do with my girls.. Wink And one hobby the 3 of us girls share is doing Art & Craft. We do together from just drawings or sketchings, to painting, to stamping, to Spray Art, origami and so much more….

My younger daughter received this Sand Art gift from her friend… & a family friend too… for her last birthday. My bad! I chucked her gift aside and forgot it was there so today we made it a point to do this Sand Art together! Buds hubs, me, jie-jie and mei-mei! Love Just to share our Sunday Craft with all.. Very Happy

The instructions were extremely simple to follow.

  1. Peel off the sticker where we would like to begin with.
  2. Prepare a shoe box lid/cover as a base to collect the remainder of sand.

  1. From the dispenser of sand colours, turn the dispenser over and pour over the white, peeled areas. Reminds me of their milk powder dispenser from their babyhood. Ahakz! Laughing 
  2. Use tip of finger to rub on excess sand on the peeled areas.

  1. Repeat this procedure until all the stickers are peeled and the picture is completely filled up with sand colours.

And the finished product….

Beautiful… Love

And we all had great family fun!

I must admit this product brand "ALEX" is of very high quality! Even buds hubs was impressed! Wink And i’m thinkin’ to get more… to surprise the girls … am sure they’ll be ecstatic! Wink

I’ve laminated the pictures for my girls to keep em’ in their diaries. Can’t wait to see what they’ll write for this one… Wink

PS : Anyone knows where to get more of this "ALEX" craft products?

Can get good priced sand art here

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Just bought 2 pieces of

Just bought 2 pieces of sand art from OG Albert complex this afternoon and it is really value for money. The small size one is selling at $1.90 and the big one is at $2.90, They have Dora the Explorer, Barney and hot wheels. It is located at the places that they sell all the water bottles at the toys department.

It's the same then..

It’s the same then, Funguy71.

Thanks for the update. 


Hi buds, I think $17.90 is

Hi buds, I think $17.90 is for 3 pictures of size 5" x 7".  Am I right?? So it is same thought.

Found at which is an singapore online store.


So cheap?

Someone posted on the forum thread that this brand was sold around $17… errr…

if i am not mistaken… So, PLEASE DO SHARE where is this place that sells this

same craft brand at half the price, Funguy71!


Thanks buds for your

Thanks buds for your feedback! 🙂 Tried to google and found it sold at $6 – $8. But the pictures not really that much choice.

My girls love it too!

Heyya nmhmum, my girls love it too!! And yes it is expensive!

This item featured came free as it was a birthday present! So,

lucky us! 



Yeah, amylqf! I agree.. It’s expensive outside!

Imagine… if it is between $5 to $8 per child for

a small picture and $10 to $13 for a big picture,

whether for Sand Art or Window Catchers… for

2 or more children, then that works up to quite

a lot. If you do it twice a month per se… wah lao!

Can get good Swnsens meal, girl! So, i’ll check

this one out and update all about it. Let’s all cross

fingers and hope it ain’t that expensive..


Craft Products

Heyya Funguy71, there are loads of craft products in the market. But to find one of superb quality, quite rare. I’ve since tried to contact the friend who gave this present to my daughter and will update all on where to get this item. It’s very interesting and simple fun. It takes patience and much concentration t complete just one picture. The package states suitable age as from 5+ onwards, but i do think if you think you and your child will enjoy this activity, can go ahead with it. With parents’ guidance and supervision, i suppose a good 4 year old can manage fine. For 3 yrs and below, mebbe the attention & patience level is less… but that’s a general comment.

Some 3 yr olds can be really good!

My only hope now is, when i find it….. hope it ain’t too costly..


My kids love to play this

My kids love to play this sand art at those shopping mall, but I find it is quite expensive. Now at least I know that we can actually buy it and do it at home. Thanks for this useful article!

yah, I bought this and let

yah, I bought this and let my girl play with it too.

sometimes, you can see this activity @shopping mall, but they are more expensive.

Seems very interesting

Seems very interesting activity for family ya… Think my daughter will like it too!

What’s the age range to play with it? And, yes, whr to get this craft products?


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