Saving Your Baby’s Cordblood

CordBlood banking has been in Singapore for quite some time, but a lot of parents might not be aware of the benefits.

A patient who has blood-related illness, might need to replace their Stemcells.
Uncontaminated stemcells can come from own marrow supply (Autologous), or from a third party compatible donor (Allogenic). Stemcells can be harvested from the pelvis area, or umbilical cord.

With CordBlood banking, it allows a child to use his own Stemcells for treatment later on. Otherwise, a patient need to search for a stemcell-donor through a bone-marrow registry. The chance of finding a tissue match is highest within the family, followed by race (eg Chinese, Malay).

Our history with CordBlood banking

Our children are under both CordLife and StemCord.  We registered too late for latest baby’s cordblood to be stored at Public bank.

* even if you do not wish to bank your baby’s cordblood privately, please consider Singapore’s public bank. Your baby cordblood might save someone’s live one day !!

Why do we believe in storing our kids’ cordblood?

  1. We treat cordblood banking like an insurance for their health. We hope it will give us some assurance that if some life- threatening illness should appear, we will have a Second Chance to combat the disease.
  2. With medical advances, we hope that the scope for StemCells research and treatments will improve. Hopefully, stemcells can be used to treat more illness.
  3. If you have seen a Leukaemia kid before, you would hope he/she can quickly find a matching stemcell donor. It is painful to see a young child having to go through the endless needles, and chemo treatments. We can never fully empathies what the patient is going through (both physically and mentally).

** Please do some online Research if you decide to bank your baby’s cordblood. Not everyone agree that Cord blood storage is necessary or helpful 🙂

* you might want to consider registering with BMDP as a potential cordblood donor?

Other References

In Singapore, BMDP (Bone Marrow Donor Programme) is the organisation who is tissue matching for patients worldwide. They try to bring miracles to patients who suffer from blood-related diseases. If you would like to be a donor or volunteer, please contact them.

If you would like to know more about CordBlood banking, please refer to : Singapore Cord Blood Bank (public)

* We chose Cordlife because :

  • they are accredited (aabb)
  • we get referral fees 🙂

CordLife promotion from now till 15Sep –>
They have a video on why CordBlood banking is necessary.
(Video 12 : CordLife part of your Life)

Some interesting reads for me

 ** There are tons of material on YouTube,  try querying “cord blood”, “stem cells”, “bone marrow”


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I believe.

born in massachusetts, usa on 6th oct 2008 — my name is lucas wan!

yes i believe in cordblood banking.. i take that as an insurance i pay in advanced.. WHY NOT?

not sure about the charges and cost in singapore but i remembered it was not anything more expensive to do that in MA than in singapore.. the only diff was probably i paid in full for 20++yrs and get a discount for that whereas i remember the ones in spore only offer monthly or annual payments.

i guessed parents should know that they should make fast decisions on that and not wait till last min to decide cos there are a few important procedures to do and follow if they decide on it.. perhaps local cordblood banking companies should help by informing those who enquired or put a note on their webby on that so the pple are aware.

honestly i too waited till last min and early induction was last thing on my mind and i only decided a couple of days before my induction date.. luckily CBR in MA was very efficient and sent the package and all other important infor to me via DHL or Fedex and i got it the next day i called them to confirm.. of cos i told them about the urgency.. oh.. dont forget to inform ur gynae too cos they too charge a fee (if its the same here and there in MA)


hi Paul,   Maze is new in

hi Paul,
Maze is new in Singapore/Asia? (I notice your base is in US.)
Besides pricing, publicity is also crucial.
CordLife and Stemcord are bombarding the hospitals  with promotions 🙂
And they do offer discount for referals too.
*But your one time payment sounds interesting.
Personally, I believe as our society advances, and more medical breaktroughs are achieved,  there is potential for more people to embark on cord-blood storage (private or public)
cheers 🙂

Hi Peng Lee and Kiasu

Hi Peng Lee and Kiasu Parents,

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thanks for the

thanks for the infor.

didn’t opt in when I gave birth to my girl 7 years ago.

Best of both world

I banked my son’s cordblood with Cordlife in 2004. Medical science has come a long way and saving up the cordblood is akin to a having an alternative ‘insurance’ not just for the child, but for the family as well. We allow ourselves an additional chance for life if the need are to arise.

In 2006, when SCBB was at the infancy, I wanted to bank my second child cordblood with them, for a few reasons. No cost, priority in search for donors, and saving up the cordblood so that it’s not wasted and gone. besides, I’ve already bought ‘However due to misinformation from my gynae office, plus the complexity of screening procedures and the ‘red tape’ by SCBB, I didn’t get to save my child’s cordblood with them. It just went wasted. I was told on my delivery bed that I need to fill in lots of forms and do it at least 2 months ahead to bank with SCBB. So all was too late for me to do. I hope SCBB has improved on its procedure and assessment of collection…

Well, I had wanted to have the best of both worlds, I guess I’ll settle for having only one now. 😛


Yes, medical science is

Yes, medical science is progressing quickly. By the same token, by the time a breakthrough is made with autologous stem cell banking, that makes the storage of your own cord blood relevant (which at this point is not, except for very limited circumstances), would one also likely be made for use of non-autologous stem-cells? I think we all know where the bulk of research is at this point, and its not in autologous stem cells (although many of the technologies will of course have cross-application).

As always, to each his own. 🙂

No want would wish for

No parent would wish for anything to happen to their kids… Cord blood banking was still at its infancy when we decided to bank DS1’s cord blood in 2003. Medical science is moving at such a fast pace that it would not be surprising to have new breakthroughs and discoveries in stemcell research.

To us our decision to bank both DS1 and DS2’s cordblood are the exact same reasons as penglee’s… We bank our kid’s cord blood with Cordlife 🙂

When we were expecting DS2,

When we were expecting DS2, we were checking around whether to do a private banking or to store DS2’s cord blood at SCBB. We decided on SCBB based on recommendation by DD1’s paeditrician.

Her reasons being:

1) If the child does develop a genetic illness, he can’t use his own cord blood since it is already genetically defective. So the cord blood is only good for the immediate family members.

2) If we bank with SCBB and should the need arises (touch wood), a donor will be given priority in the searching and matching of stemcells from other public banks.

I think the evidence is

I think the evidence is controversial at best.

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