Say no to gym guilt!

Are you someone who feels endlessly guilty for having skipped a workout or two? Do you feel like you’ve gained weight, lost muscle, and generally undone all that hard work you put in every day?

If you are a gym addict missing workouts will make you feel like you’ve committed a crime. If you are new to workouts, you constantly berate yourself for not sticking to your new routine. Here’s how you can say no to that gym guilt whether you’re a gym addict or a beginner.

Don’t be rigid – If you spend 6:30 to 8 pm in the gym 5 times a week, but other commitments are forcing you to stay away off late, be flexible about your time and your workouts. Even if you manage to get 9 to 9:30 pm for a run, do it. If you are very rigid, you are bound to miss your workouts now and then. Say hello to the pangs of guilt in that case. Instead, if you are flexible about what you do, if you can even take off 15 minutes to workout at home on days that you just can’t fit in your regular workouts, or even if you do something simple like 6 sets of suryanamaskars, you don’t have to deal with tremendous guilt.

Rest – If you exercise most days in a week, rain or shine, you have to come to terms with the fact that rest is good for you. If you are generally active, you are bound to get back to the grind as soon as work or social pressures ease off. So take our advice and don’t fret about it. Get your much-deserved rest and do some slow movements like basic yoga asanas in the morning or walks around the block with your Ipod.

Randomize your workouts – Use this opportunity to add randomness to your workouts. By doing this you can give your metabolism a boost as you are doing workouts that your body is not already used to, so your muscles have to work that much harder. So if you run for 1 hour every alternate day and you are not able to find time to do that, go out and sprint up a flight of stairs for 15 minutes, resting when tired.

Active lifestyle – Slowly but surely, build being active into your lifestyle. Once you have a reasonably active lifestyle you won’t worry if you miss a whole week of working out because you know that just by being active you are keeping your muscles and joints toned and ready to take on more. If you are a couch potato all the time except during your one-hour of working out, there is no escape from guilt.

It’s important to understand that fitness and health can be easier than you think if you don’t separate it from your day to day life. It should be made part of your regular life in whatever you do. Once you get there, you’ll find that skipping workouts now and then, or binge eating once in awhile is not associated with guilt pangs and you will enjoy the process to good healthy much more.

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