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We are passionate about science and how we teach it shows.

We teach and show our students to focus on the process of achievement in the learning process.  We encourage students to embrace effort and difficult challenges in learning Chemistry and Physics.

We teach students to focus on the process of solving problems based on first principles rather than to focus on one single answer.  Our students know that learning requires reflection on what they have learnt in order to internalize new knowledge.  They will need to spend time and effort to solve practice problems to demonstrate to themselves that they can apply what they have learnt.  There is no shame if they do not succeed at first attempt and will need guidance to master new skills.

We provide a quick diagnostic test for all students to see what the preconceived ideas or where the current knowledge gaps are. We then scaffold the knowledge required for the student.  The lessons taught will take into consideration the prior learning or misconceptions of the topic. This allows us to put in the corrective measures at the appropriate time of the lesson, or allow us to know how far to stretch each student.

Our group lessons, encourages students to seek assistance from our teachers and their peers in the learning process. Our students are aware that some will learn faster at some skills and some will take a longer time to master or learn the new skills. Eventually through sustained effort and time in practice, all can succeed.

We provide positive feedback to our students to encourage students try new things and to stick with it until they master the new skill or concept.  We demonstrate that the pathway to success is through effort, correct guidance and to allow for time required for learning.

Our view learning is a process of mental development.


We counsel and teach our students to have an emotional connection to their goals. Students must realize why they want to achieve and what this success will mean for them.  We teach our students to have a mental picture what they want to achieve and why.

We demonstrate and teach our students to set the correct milestones or key performance indicators (KPI) to measure their levels of achievement.  The KPI serves to encourage success and not discourage achievement.

We make it clear to the students why they will need to master the skills. We stress that tests are to provide feedback on the level of skills mastery.  Our teaching methods are designed to be student centered to make this a success.

When students are active and engaged in their learning, they remember for a longer period of time.

To achieve this end, we develop our teaching materials to help students gain a mastery of the topic. Our materials prepare students to study and sit for their examinations with confidence. We do not charge our students anything extra for our materials.

The end result of our coaching and mentoring shall be to develop independent & motivated learners who are responsible for their learning.  This is reflected in their results and approach to learning.

To register for individual and small group coaching registration, call Science Ventures Learning Hub at 9106 7505.

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