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Bachelor of Arts (Singapore University)
Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) (Singapore University)
Master of Education (Sydney University)
PhD (University of New South Wales)

Dr Rosalind Tan Drake is one of Singapore’s leading education consultants. As the author of 26 Best English Exam and Best Creative Writing Guides, she  has empowered thousands of students to excel in their English examinations over the past 25 years. In May and June 2017, Dr Rosalind conducts the Easy & Enjoyable Nurturing Intelligence of Preschoolers Workshop for Parents as well as the Intensive A* Critical Thinking, Creative Writing & Comprehension Workshop for Students.
























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Bachelor of Arts (Singapore University)
Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) (Singapore University)
Master of Education (Sydney University)
PhD (University of New South Wales)

Dr Rosalind Tan Drake is the Founder of Planet A-Star Publishers and Little Bluestockings Academy, Co-Founder of EnglishiExcel International, Consultant and Author of 26 Best English Exam Guides, Creative Writing Guides and Nurturing Intelligence Guide.

Dr Rosalind Tan Drake is one of Singapore’s most qualified English consultants. In the past 25 years she has enabled primary, secondary, pre-university and undergraduates to excel in their respective English examinations.

In Singapore, her effective Nurturing Intelligence, Critical Thinking, Comprehension and Creative Writing Courses and Guides have helped both parents and students to achieve excellent outcomes. In Australia, Dr Rosalind specializes in coaching students to excel in the Admission Examinations to obtain scholarships worth more than A$150,000 from private schools per student.

At EnglishiExcel International, the Founders Dr Rosalind Tan Drake and Ms Hazel Tan (M.Ed, Sydney University) have designed a unique constellation of 7 modules: iBelieve, iChat, iRead, iListen, iComprehend, iThink & iWrite, to empower your children, not just to excel in school, but more importantly to take on the challenges of the Age of Information.

In 2017, we launched this unique learner-centred, communicative and integrated online learning platform to enable students to excel in both the production (speaking, reading, writing) and reception (listening, comprehending and thinking) aspects of English.

Together with a panel of qualified tutors, Dr Rosalind and Ms Hazel coach students from Singapore and Australia at the weekly online tutorials. Students have found the 7 integrated modules not just effective, but also most inspirational. We motivate our students to focus on personal development.



It is natural for all of us parents to worry about how our children are going to cope once they start formal schooling. Most of us will choose the traditional option: send them to the best kindergarten or preschool we can afford.

Is this the only way? I would like to suggest that there is an easy and enjoyable way to nurture the intelligence of your children and lay a solid foundation for academic excellence in the comfort of your home. Not only do the children learn, but they also develop a strong bond with their parents. More than anything else, the most important gift you can bequeath to your children is the love of reading.

A few of us, ironically, have to impose punishment or give incentives to stop our children from reading. They read everywhere and anywhere. They are gifted readers. However, most of us do struggle with finding ways to entice our children to read.

Research has shown that children who are able to read early and enjoy reading will excel in almost everything they choose to do later in life. It is heartening to know that every parent who is able to read, is able to nurture the intelligence of their children through easy and enjoyable reading methods.

At the Little Bluestockings Academy, I have developed one such easy and enjoyable reading method. I have taught both the children and parents to enjoy reading together. I highly recommend collaborative learning through reading groups organized amongst friends and neighbours.

Learning is more than an individual endeavor. You will learn, to your amazement, the value of peer learning, when your children do not just learn from the adults, but more importantly from their peers in the reading group. Please read my blog at to find out how a group of Asian kids aged from 4 to 6 inspire one another to read.

At the 2017 Nurturing Intelligence Workshops held in Singapore, I will train and teach parents how to apply this easy and enjoyable method. You will be equipped with a most effective Nurturing Intelligence Guide to teach your children reading and speaking, listening and interpreting, as well as thinking and writing skills.



The June holidays are looming. Some parents are excited to take their children on holidays. Others are more concerned that they have less than 6 months to ensure that their children improve their English exam grades. English is indeed the most important subject for your children’s academic achievement.

Parents have often complained about how their children have attended a well-known tuition centre for more than two years, and yet fail to improve their English grade. They languish beneath the 70% mark. Others have tried harder, but are still unable to attain that elusive A* grade.

Is there a magic formula to attaining higher English proficiency?

The answer lies in finding that magical chemistry, synergy and energy between the teachers and your children. You must have heard of how children have testified to the inspirational powers of their favourite teachers. You need to keep exploring until you find a teaching system that takes into consideration the specific needs and learning styles of your children, so that they can engage with the teachers and the teaching method whole-heartedly. It is not only important to your children’s academic excellence, but more critically to their well being. If your children are inspired and are excited by passionate teachers with excellent teaching methods and endearing manners, they will be able to realise their full potential and find contentment in life.

To provide you with the opportunity to explore that magic chemistry, synergy and energy, EnglishiExcel International is giving away a Free Online Tutorial (1 hour) to the first 20 registrants for the month of June.

Dr Rosalind Tan Drake visits Singapore in May and June 2017 to meet with parents and students to explore the most effective approach to attaining English proficiency. At the 2017 June Intensive A* Critical Thinking, Creative Writing & Comprehension Workshops for Students, she will focus on helping each and every student to realise his or her full potential. They will learn techniques on how to score highest marks in Comprehension, Synthesis & Transformation of Sentences, Functional and Creative Writing.

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