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Seasame Treat

I was at the pantry on Monday and ran into a colleague.  She was busy preparing her bread spread when I spotted this japanese label on the bottle that she was holding.  What’s that, I asked her.  She told me it is black seasame paste spread.  Then she went on to spread that black thingy onto her bread.

For a long time, I had heard the goodness of black seasame to dark shiny hair. In my heart, I was already thinking, how on earth she found this interesting stuff.  My hubby has been so sick of the magarine each morning and I had been searching for ages for a better alternative.

So folks, here’s the full story.  This black seasame paste spread origin from Shikoku Island, Japan. The pure micro-paste is a mixture of 60% black sesame, honey, brown sugar and only 0.1% of vegetable oil.  My colleague bought it from Isetan, Scott.  Sales price now is $8 per bottle.  I think it is really worth it, premium ingredients that is so good for hair and health.  I googled and found out that Sake Inn at Tampines 1 sale price is at $9+.Black seasame paste spread

It taste a little like peanut butter and smell nice.  There is a light bitter after taste, and that comes from the black seasame. If you think what I think, this is better than nutella, definitely much healthier choice. Peanut lover can give it a try.





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saw it at tampines one

saw it at tampines one basement where there is a jap shop. we love it 🙂

online purchase now available

a visit to Isetan website shows that this item is now available on their new online shopping site. FYI.


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special counter

I’ve asked my colleague, when she bought the paste at Scotts Isetan it was at a special counter.  Suggest you try checking the area where bread spread are located, or ask the customer service at counter?

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thank you for the reply. 

thank you for the reply.  Unfortunately, non of the symptoms mentioned are familiar to me and thanks for the recommendation that black sesame has good nutrional value.  Will go and research more about it.

migraine is stress related

I think migraine is stress related.  Based on my personal experience, migraine causes are due to:

  • stress
  • insufficient sleep
  • dehydration and lack of balanced nutrition
  • too much caffeine

When your body is under stress, the first signal it gives you is headache.  You have two choice, pop in a pain killer or get to the roots of things.

Stress migraine could be you think too much.  When you worry too much, you get insomnia and causes headache. I am not a coffee drinker but sometimes I endulge in coffee (for its taste), and when weekend comes, I forgot my coffee and migraine started.  Too much caffeine causes dehydration, as you need a lot of fluid to balance up.

If a person has a lack of balanced nutrition for a prolonged period, headache may be a good friend.  If your daily dietary includes cha kuei tiao, hokkien mee, mcdonald, then you belong to this category.  For people starting to pop in multivitamin, they will get terrible migraine initially, it is a hurdle period that they must endure. For how long, only your body can tell, because the body need time to adjust to the new ‘good food’ that you’re feeding it.

Just my two cents thoughts, hope it helps. With that being said, black seasame has good nutritional value, so it may helps in that sense.


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very interesting article,

very interesting article, but how does it help migraine?

Can't find it at Isetan

I specially went to Isetan Scotts today to buy this but blur me could not find it..sob sob. Can tell me which section is it at/near to?


I last saw it at Jurong

I last saw it at Jurong Point Ntuc Extra around the Organic section.  Its labelled as Healthy Mate – Black Sesame Paste.  It costs around $9.

Hope this helps! 🙂

Hi, just for info, I just

Hi, just for info, I just bought 1 from the Sake Inn at Tampines 1. It’s on sale at $9.60 (normal around $10.80). Forgot to ask when the sale will end.

Sesame is really

Sesame is really effective.  My mum takes it every morning but in the form of a drink from grinded power instead of spread.  It really turns her hair from white to black gradually, very interesting. 

I suppose it is not

I suppose it is not something new and not something originate from Japan.

you can get the cheaper one from China Town.

ntuc organic section

Please share more about the organic version from ntuc organic section.  Where do you get it and how much is it?  Whats the ingredient?  Just want to compare.  I was at cold storage last night and find nothing on seasame spread.

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Yup, black sesame

Yup, black sesame spreads is very smooth, rich and sinful!  I’ve also tried the organic version (frm ntuc organic section). Very rich and fragrant too!  

But the flipside is: its very heaty for me.  Pimples will start popping when i indulge in it… 

Thansk for the recommendation

Thanks for  recommendation. I have always liked sesame, and will be sure to give it a try.

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