Secret Finally Exposed! 3 ways to improve your child’s natural defense with metabolites

Why is our children’s resistance so poor these days?

There can be innumerable factors. But recent research shows that the 3 most likely causes are both surprising and concerning.

First, parents. With the advancement of science, adults take medications and anti-biotics more readily. Even though they do not alter DNA, they are known to impair the natural ability of our body to react to viruses and this in turn are passed on to our offspring.

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There are more than 20 kinds of HFMD and while infection only results in immunity to one specific virus, other episodes may occur following infection with a different virus type.

Second, the increased interaction of children in enclosed spaces and the growing frequency of intercontinental traveling cause seasonal viruses to spread much faster and more rampantly even in tropical countries like Singapore, especially after school holidays!

Third, the evolution of superbugs and viruses arising from the use of antibiotics, growth stimulants and pesticides in farmed animals and crops. Our natural immune system cannot evolve and be “updated” fast enough. Mutated flu viruses can quickly cause infections that have a longer maturity period for it to be properly treated and for the child to fully recover.

It is believed that these alarming trends will be the main problem of human race in the next decade.

But I’m giving my children the most expensive probiotics recommended by the doctor, you say?

It is common knowledge that maintaining a proper balance of good bacteria for good immune system is important and necessary. Immune resistance refers to one’s ability to resist and/or to reduce the adverse impact that viruses, bacteria, harmful micro-organisms or pathogens can cause to our body and health, impairing normal functions.

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The mechanism of metabolites is to “feed” white blood cells directly. NANO Biogenie & Metabolites can greatly reduce recovery time needed against viral infection and even some diseases taken in the long term

Many products in the market claim to boost one’s immune system or immune resistance, one of them being probiotics. But even taking large amount of expensive probiotics for children may not be as effective as you think!

That is because, when a child’s health is inherently good, it is a waste to take additional probiotic supplements since good bacteria stays in the intestine for only a maximum of four hours before passing out of the body. Moreover, if a child drinks lots of milk every day, the lactose in milk – a natural “laxative” – will cause excessive good bacteria to be passed out even faster.

A clinically-proven Japanese patent that increases your child’s immune resistance 10X

It was only in the last 5 years that Japan scientists finally confirm the mechanism to how a person’s immune system can be boosted. And it’s simply to “feed the right food to our body’s white blood cells”. And this food is known as METABOLITES.

White blood cells like any other living cells need food to survive and to complete its work, i.e. protecting the body against viruses and pathogens that get into the system. It is this “food” that ultimately decides the strength of these white blood cells and in turn, the level of immune resistance a person will have.

Dr. Mitsuoka Tomotari, professor emeritus of the University of Tokyo and world-renowned in the field of immune system for children. He has published research showing the many effects and benefits of metabolites when taken long term, for example in helping a child withstand common virus exposure 10 times the level of another child without metabolite consumption. Metabolites according to Dr. Tomotari could be considered the “king of immune resistance foods”.

Image 1-4 - Dr. Kimihide Murata, Chief Scientist for Nano Biogenie

Dr. Mitsuoka Tomotari, professor emeritus of the University of Tokyo found that Metabolites help to improve gut system and overall immune system of kids against viral infection and allergies

What are metabolites?

Metabolites are the substances that are naturally produced by the good bacteria (probiotics) in the intestine as a by-product inside our body. They are found to be the substance that is “food” for the white blood cells.

How do metabolites work?

Metabolites are re-absorbed by our body within 2 hours and directly boost the resistance strength of white blood cells that fight against viruses, bacteria and other harmful pathogens inside our body. In another words, metabolites are the ONLY substances that can contribute directly to the resistance strength of white blood cells i.e. immune system, and reduce allergies naturally, safely and effectively.

So how can I increase the amount of metabolites for my child?

Commonly, we hear and even consume probiotics to hope to boost the immune system. Taking probiotics is the INDIRECT way and furthermore, one would need to take a large amount of probiotics 2-3 of times a day at least as they hardly stay inside the intestine for more than 4 hours. They are also more suitable for the adult person. So, for children, the other and only way is to consume metabolites directly.

What is the difference between metabolites produced by our body vs. ingested metabolites?

There is absolutely no difference in how metabolites can be effective from the way they are produced. Instead, metabolites produced by our body are determined by the food we eat and also the kinds of good bacteria we have inside. Most of us don’t have a lot in terms of good bacteria species and amount. Through 60 years of research on co-culturing of good intestinal bacteria, NANO Biogenie contains metabolites that are successfully produced in a controlled laboratory that comprises of 35 strains from 16 different kinds of the most important good bacteria species that are much purer and more effective too!

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Metabolites found in NANO Biogenie are the same as ones produced by our own body, only stronger, more powerful and has a longer lasting effect in the body.

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Is my child suitable to take metabolites?

YES of course! Metabolites that are cultured in a controlled optimized environment, circumventing all the external challenges faced by hereditary health conditions, age, lifestyle and habits. Metabolites are natural organic substances that are already in existence in our body. Children of all ages and health conditions are highly recommended to take metabolites for the best defense, long-term protection, to enjoy the head start in health and as early as possible!

Parents are highly recommended to give metabolites to their children to enjoy the head start in health!

NANO Biogenie – the only metabolite supplement recommended by the Japan Ministry of Education

NANO Biogenie, made in Japan, contains metabolites produced with 35 strains from 16 of the most important good bacteria, by providing itself as a super food to strengthen white blood cells, it DIRECTLY contributes to improving immune resistance and health protection!

The product is tested rigorously by laboratories in Japan and is not known to have any contradictions even when taken on its own or with medications.

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