See the Light, Not the Glare

The myriad of records that Singapore has amassed over the years has certainly made our tiny red dot stand tall on the global stage. But like a coin with dual faces, there are always good records and not so good records. Among the latter is something that all parents should be concerned about, i.e. Singapore has one of the highest prevalence of myopia in the world!

No thanks to children being engaged more frequently in ‘near work’ such as working on the computer, playing handheld video games, reading, writing or doing intricate craftwork, statistics show that about 30% of Primary 1 children and more than 60% of Primary 6 children have defective vision in Singapore. And the worrying fact is that the proportion of Singaporeans with high myopia is much larger compared to those in Western populations.

Your child’s table companion

Your little one’s precious peepers allow them to explore the world and in turn help to nurture their growing minds, so as parents, it’s vital to do your part to ensure your kids practice good eye care habits. Apart from making sure children rest their eyes after every 30 to 40 minutes of near work or engage in more frequent outdoor activity, good lighting is also instrumental in preventing the onset or progression of myopia.

Using ordinary table lamps sometimes contribute to tired eyes, headache or frequent tearing as they are unable to eliminate glare completely, thus making reading difficult. So why not choose the 3M™ Polarizing Light? It can effectively cut glare and improve reading comfort. Try reading a glossy magazine under conventional light and the 3M™ Polarizing Light table lamp, and you’ll see the difference!

Depending on the viewing angle, the 3M™ Polarizing Light Filter technology reduces direct and reflective glare by 50%-80% on reading materials and work surfaces. This technology also blocks out harmful UV rays to protect both the eyes and skin. What’s more, it comes with high frequency ballasts to ensure you receive flicker-free light.

Sleek and space-saving

The newly launched 3M™ Polarizing Light table lamp comes in two models – CR1000 (Black & White) and CR2000 (Black & White). Its sleek design features clean lines to easily blend into your home’s interior décor and doesn’t take up much space on your table.

Made in Korea, the product is fitted with 3M™ DESR filter film to enhance brightness. When used with the accompanying energy-saving light bulb, you’ll find that not only do you save up to 80% energy (thus helping to reduce your utility bill); the light appears brighter than the 20W light bulb.

The Litmus Test

The 3M™ Polarizing Light table lamp is not too heavy, yet its weighted base with anti-skid pad provides stability. Assembling the product is like child’s play. There is no need for tools – simply remove the screw at the lamp base with your fingers, slot the head and arm unit into the joint and tighten the screw into the base. To attach the light bulb, simply push to open the lid cover and screw on the light bulb into the socket.

It’s great that the lamp is highly flexible and adjustable. Left, right, up or down – you can position the lamp in many different angles. The CR2000 model features two arms for greater flexibility in movement. What’s more, its anti-flickering feature doesn’t make you feel as fatigued as when you’re under the light of a conventional lamp.

You’ll see why the 3M™ Polarizing Light table lamp is highly recommended for students or anyone who tends to spend long hours working at the desk.

 Article contributed by 3M Polarizing Light



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