Select The Right Tuition Centre To Optimise Your Child’s Performance In PSLE

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The PSLE (Primary School leaving Examination) is getting tougher by the year and students preparing for this important academic milestone are feeling the heat of having more homework and assessments to do. It is therefore crucial that parents arrange for help outside of school to lessen the burden of these students and to offer more personalised assistance with the revision of their schoolwork. 

In Singapore, the number of tuition centres available is steadily increasing (there were 850 registered centres in 2015) and the industry is worth over $1 billion. A major factor contributing to the rise in these numbers is the fact that seven out of 10 students receive tuition lessons after school, further highlighting the necessity of tuition in our society.

However, with more than 1000 centres for you to choose from, how do you select the “perfect” one for your child and why is it important for you to do so? Here are some factors that should be taken into consideration:

1. Personalised Assistance

The typical class size in school ranges from 30 to 40 students per class. On the other hand, for tuition centres, the average number of students in each class is 10. A smaller class size is beneficial for your child as he/she is able to direct his/her questions to the tutor more personally. With more personalised attention and guidance, one is able to learn at a better pace that suits his/her individual learning needs and style.

When you are filtering your options to decide on the right tuition centre, opt for one with a smaller teacher-student ratio. If you are able to sit in during one of the tuition classes, do also take note of the tutor’s teaching style to observe if time is set aside by him/her to assist students individually.

2. Increasing Motivation

Having a self-motivated, disciplined and studious child is every parent’s dream. But let’s face it, children will be children, and more often than not, they need a nudge or two occasionally to study, even during crunch times such as preparing for the PSLE. This motivation can be cultivated in school and out of it – in tuition centres.

Children are usually motivated by the person teaching them and their study materials. Tutors with impressive credentials may seem ideal, but if they are unable to inspire their students, all their qualifications will come to naught. One of the key qualities that a proficient teacher should possess is the ability to boost his/her students’ confidence.

Good study materials also serve as a motivation for students to study too. For instance, attractive and colorful notes help them to absorb and retain information more efficiently. Thus, it is common for students to spend more time on creating their own notes than on studying itself. They are able to learn more efficiently when they receive positive sources of motivation!

Instead of just simply focusing on the tutors’ qualifications, it is important for you to pay attention on how well they teach as well as their interactions with their students. In order to determine the quality of the notes provided by the tuition centre, you can also consider requesting for a sample copy to identify whether the notes are generic or meticulously created by the tutors themselves.

3. Save Time

Time is money. So by saving time, you are also saving money! With so many tuition centres available, you should find a suitable one that is within close proximity to your home. For instance, if you live in Punggol, you can consider scouting for tuition centres in Punggol, Sengkang, Hougang area. Location is important because the last thing you would want is for your children to waste time on travelling to the tuition centre when they could have spent their time revising for PSLE.

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PSLE LearnConcierge

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