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Sentosa – A Day At The Beach

Ok, here’s the write up on our recent sentosa trip.  Most of the activities are chosen with children age around 6 in our minds. Hence, nothing too exciting. Where appropriate and possible, we incorporate a selection of options to fit most pocket sizes. Most of the activities chosen were free of charge but educational.

Getting to Sentosa:


  1. by cable car – adult $26 child $15.
  2. drive in and park somewhere on the island – charges vary, depending on timing of entry.


  1. sentosa express – $4 per head.
  2. by RWS bus – $2 per head.


  1. Walk to sentosa via sentosa boardwalk $1 per head.
  2. drive in and park at RWS if you are RWS invites member (that way, there is no admission charges imposed when you drive through. Parking is only $1.50 invites for the whole day.)

Sentosa nature discovery:

This is located at mount imbiah, next to the butterfly park. Look for those stickers on the ground (bird foot prints or lizard footprints) and those sign boards (spiders, birds, bugs) and you would be led there.

At sentosa nature discovery, we learned about the different habitats on sentosa island itself. You would be surprised that there are as many as 8 different natural habitats here on sentosa, including some rarest habitats such as the coastal rainforest habitat.

At the lookout balcony, you would get close up view of the cable cars passing by.

Nature walk:

At some point within Sentosa Nature Discovery, you would be on a nature walk that spans 1.8km. Supposed to see butterflies, birds and whatever you would find in such nature walks, but we only saw ang mo, ang mo and more ang mo.  We spotted some pitcher plants though. Not going to talk about what we saw inside those pitchers 😛



Palawan Beach:

This part of the beach is more family oriented. The Port of Lost Wonder is also located here. Go on the rope bridge and up the viewing tower at the Southern Most point of Continental Asia. It’s really cool and windy up there. Make this your lunch point and enjoy the great views.

Getting to Palawan Beach:

By Sentosa Express- hop off at Beach Station
By bus- take either bus 1 or 2, alight at “Bus Station”.

At Bus Station, look for the queue for tram. There are two queues, in opposite directions – one tram stand is heading to Siloso Beach and the opposite stand is heading towards Palawan Beach. But it’s a loop service, so the tram which travels to Siloso Beach would also circle back to Palawan beach. Alight at the “Birds & Animal Encounter”.

Birds & Animal Encounter:

From 2pm onwards, there would be some activities/shows every hourly:

2pm – loris feeding.

3pm – bird show.

4pm – animal touch and feel.

5pm – animal show.


Be spontaneous and try to participate in the Q&A. The correct answer would earn you or your child opportunities to handle the birds/animals and extra photograph opportunity.

Some of the questions I had answered correctly:
Q: What do you need to pay to watch our shows?
A: attention (this is a no brainer since I already know the shows are foc)

Q: why do the keepers clear the food after each feed?
A: leftover food would attract predators which may harm the birds

Bring extra clothes and towels. There is a water play area where kids can potter around and build sand castles.

Arid Garden:

A surprise along the way. stretches of plants found in arid places stood quietly along the way. No, its more than just cactus. If only they have sign boards to teach us about the plants.  We found some Some fungi growing on the logs near the arid garden. Read up about fungi and their role in the ecosystem so that you can teach.

Food places:

Plenty of choices to fit all budgets. There is also a foodcourt – makansutra, seefood seeshore.







Siloso Beach:

Take the tram and alight at the “Wave House” station. Siloso Beach is more for young folks, the young at hearts and the “can’t wait to be big enough” kids. Flanged right at one corner is where you would see hunks and babes playing beach volley ball.

Mega zip:

This is is further up towards Siloso Beach. 

Mega zip is actually the name of the operator and they offers a range of activities. Hubby and i tried the “flight of your life” ( something like flying fox) mega zip one after another. We thought tofu boy was too little to try it.

Tofu boy did mega bounce. Mega bounce is also available at the zoo and actually cheaper too.

For more information and photos, see here:

Flight for your life would set you back by $39 per person per try. Mega bounce costs $15 per person. Ocbc credit card holders enjoy 10% off. Ntuc union card holders enjoy one free mega bounce per purchase of single activity. We had both ocbc credit cards and ntuc union card but decided to forgo the 10% discount from using ocbc. We flashed my Ntuc union card and So tofu boy got to bounce twice. Free.

Or you can flash your star hub bill/phone showing star hub logo to getaway 15% discount off single activity.

The flying Trapeze:

This is located next to Tripizza. Have tea break or early dinner there and watch people swing! 

$10 per swing
$20 for 3 swings

We ended the day watching people having fun with the luge and skyline rides. Tofu boy had already submitted his request to do this on our next trip to sentosa (oops…. Which would be soon. Would be back on this lovely island at the end of June).

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My pleasure ladies! Good

My pleasure ladies! Good things must share!


Our last cousins’ beach gathering ended with skyline ride and the luge, it was major awesome. Don’t think the mega zip was borne yet then. Thanks for the write-up, my boys will be psyched with the birds and animals’ encounter. 🙂

Nice write-up! Informative,

Nice write-up! Informative, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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