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SG & Overseas Universities: e-Open House Events in 2021

Students who took the A-Levels in 2020 will be getting their results soon, tentatively between 19 and 23 February 2021.

What are the options after the A-Levels? Your teen can:

  1. Consider a gap year
  2. Apply to one of Singapore’s six autonomous universities
  3. Apply to a private education institution in Singapore
  4. Apply to a polytechnic in Singapore
  5. Apply to an arts institution in Singapore
  6. Consider an overseas education

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By now, your teens are on the cusp of adulthood, and barring financial constraints, they should be responsible for determining their next move. Let them own the process of decision making, and provide your views only when consulted.

If needed, here’s what you and your teens can discuss:

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University Fairs 2021, Resource Centres

Most teens would have adequate information gathering skills, and they should be proactively doing their research online.

For easy reference, here are links to local and overseas university fairs in Q1 2021:

Event Date Admissions
NTU Check website for updates Details
NUS e-Open House 2021 27 Feb-6 Mar Details
SIT Virtual Open House 2021 “Live” events were held in Jan, but videos are available for viewing Details
SMU Check website for updates Details
SUSS e-Open House 2021 20 & 27 Feb Details
SUTD Check website for updates Details
Study Abroad Virtual Fair 6 Mar (Australia & NZ), 7 Mar (UK, Ireland & Canada)  
TheRightU Overseas University Fair 26-28 Feb  
World Renowned University Expo Online 20 Feb  

If your teens are interested in an overseas education, you can also contact these resource centres to seek advice:

Centre Link
British Council Study UK Website
Canadian Education Centre Singapore Website
EducationUSA Singapore FB
Study in Beijing Website
Study in Europe Website
Study in Japan Website


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