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Share The Moment, Share The Minutes

They say our children are our precious gems and for parents, playing a significant part in our children’s growing-up years is a priceless experience that can’t be traded for the world.

But as much as you want to spend more time with them, you know you can’t. You’re at work, they’re at school; you want them to come home for dinner, they want to go out and play with friends – life’s commitments and social activities are increasingly keeping parent and children away from each other.

Thanks to SingTel’s RedPAC Supplementary Plan, staying in touch with your children is all but a call or SMS away. RedPAC is specially designed for parent-child usage, and is the first mobile plan in Singapore that lets you share talktime and SMSes with your loved one.

In fact, it is the most affordable postpaid mobile plan in Singapore. At an attractive monthly subscription fee of just $8.56/month (U.P$10.70), the RedPAC subscriber (in this case, your child) can tap into the unused talktime and SMS of the mainline subscriber (i.e. you as the parent). This way, you do not need to waste your unused talktime and/or SMS and can share them to your kids. Furthermore, RedPAC allows you to enjoy up to 1,000 minutes of free calls with each other. It works out to be more than 30 minutes of talktime with your child everyday! RedPAC is an effective and convenient communication tool with your kids.

No more worrying about chalking up a huge phone bill with RedPAC’s various affordable and flexible plans to suit your family’s lifestyle needs. SingTel’s e-billing system, myBill, also allows you to keep track of your child’s call/SMS.

In a nutshell, RedPAC offers:

  • Sharing of free talktime and SMS between you and each RedPAC line
  • 1,000 minutes of FREE calls* between you and each RedPAC line (This translates to $160.50 of free calls)
  • Additional FREE 150 SMS to any mobile number
  • FREE in-coming calls** for your RedPAC line(s)
  • FREE 3-month Caller-ID for your RedPAC line(s)
  • Up to 3 RedPAC lines for each main mobile line

SingTel recognizes that owning a mobile phone is becoming an increasing necessity in our fast-paced world where accessibility and communication are important. With RedPAC, not only do we secure that connection, we want to ensure that you and your child are getting the best out of your mobile phone and plan, in the safest way possible.

You can teach him/her these simple mobile phone safety tips to inculcate the values of responsible mobile usage to your kids:

  • Inform your child about the cost associated with calls and SMSes
  • Advise your child about seeking your approval before using the phone for value-added functions like phone voting, music downloads or overseas calls
  • Make sure your child practices good mobile etiquette such turning phones to silent mode in the library or movie theatres
  • Advise your child to reveal his/her mobile number only to people he/she knows and trusts

Sign up for a RedPAC plan today. Not only can you enjoy more savings, allowing your child to have his/her own mobile phone can let him/her learn about responsibility as well!

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I just got a prepaid card

I just got a prepaid card for my mum. If I have known of this earlier will probably get it for her instead. Kind of agree not to let kids be expose to too much handphone…will probably get DS to use a ear piece when he go to primary school and get issue with his own handphone.

It depends on what you need

It depends on what you need loh.

my husband is the type that won’t chat long. even his call to me is free, he just ask me to go straight to the point. then quickly hang up.

Also, long time usage on the hp is not good for children’s brain, I suppose.

I note that the monthly

I note that the monthly subscription of $8.56 is payable on top of your usual monthly subscription for the main subscriber. So I think this is a good plan if your kid needs to use the phone often. In the case of my son, a prepaid top up card of $20 can last 6 months because he hardly uses it. And the Singtel Locator is only free for 2 months.

Wah... never thought of that!

Yah hor… never thought of using it for my wife!  That’s a pretty good idea, given that I’m the one paying all the telco bills!  Hmm… and can track where she goes too .  Let me calculate if it makes sense to get 1 larger plan with this thing compared to 2 smaller independent plans.

Wonder how long a prepaid

Wonder how long a prepaid card will last for a primary school kid? Actually, hor, this plan is not just for parent and kids right? Family(Parents, spouse, etc ) can also share plan like that right?

Any way, I think this Singtel locator thingie is like you can see your kid/wife/husband location on a map  when you want to  via his/her phone number.

Looks like a good deal

Pay $8.56 a month and get to talk 1000 mins (over 16hours) per month with your kids?  Some more your kid can share your existing mobile plan with you to call other numbers?  That’s pretty tempting for me to think about switching my son away from his pre-paid card plan  .  Too bad I’m stuck with my 2-year Starhub contracts.

Has anyone signed up for this deal before?

What’s this SingTel Locator thing?  How does it work?

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