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Share the Moment with your child

I don’t have children taking PSLE this year.
But I’ll like to share something:

I haven’t joined KSP when DD was her taking PSLE in 2012. I didn’t know that parents could be with their child on PSLE results’ day (how ignorant was I). I worked on that day and did not attend it. DD messaged me her results. It was her first major exam. I regretted that I was not with her in case she needed me. I also didn’t get to witness her responses and reactions, and feel her feelings.

Last year, DS took his PSLE. This time, I made sure that I was there for DS.

On the PSLE results’ day, Principal announced names of students who scored above 25x and asked them to stand. I could see the smile on DS face when he stood. DS seldom expresses his feelings openly. It was a rare but important moment to see joy and happiness on his face. He must be really happy.

Students queued up for their result slip after Principal’s speech. When DS got his, he ran to a corner to open it. He shouted “shit”. It was a low 25x. His happiness was short lived. All the images of his responses, reactions and expressions are still vividly in my mind though it was a year ago. It was part and parcel of his growing up. I am fortunate that I was there to witness it. He could have done better or he could have done worst. Whatever the result was, it was his hard work of that few months. I didn’t interrupt when he was with his classmates and friends as they had too much to talk and console each other. I told him that it was a good result and he had done well.

It was indeed a good and important experience and precious moment to remember.

Both you and your DD/ DS had worked so hard for the past few months. The pain and joy you all had gone through and the bond and relationship you and DD/DS have fostered is precious and priceless. Whatever the result, be there to witness and walk through with them this important journey of their life.

KSP is a very good platform where parents (even students) share and help each other.

I have really benefitted a lot from KSP.

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