Shell pasta aglio olio style with minced pork

this über simple dish is specially dedicated to our class monitor. also to thank her for her help. thanks, qms! :hugs:

shell pasta aglio olio style with minced pork. i love to cook this when time is desperately short when i ODed on ksp or couldn’t hit those 3 stars on those angry birds. :frustrated: also, it doesn’t hurt when my kiddoes love this simple lunch too. :please:

cooking time plus preparation time… less than half an hour.

these are what u need. pure olive oil, evoo, dried parsley, a quarter cup of white wine. you could omit the wine, but flavour would be down a notch. no big deal, really.

and these… minced pork. i use about 120g for 2 kids. shell pasta. u may replace with whatever fancy shaped ones. about 2/3 of a rice bowl. mince up half a clove of that garlic.

step 0. boil a pot of water and cook pasta. i do not add salt. estimate the amount of water to just be enough to cover the pasta. not more. when water is bubbling over, add pasta and continue boiling for all of 2 mins. turn fire off. i do not want to cook the pasta too well at this stage.

step 1. heat up pan. add pure olive oil. brown garlic. when it’s about this brown… add minced pork.

step 2. spread the raw pork ball out like this and wait.. don’t be too hasty to fiddle with it. let the bottom brown a bit. when it looked like that…

step 3. … then it’s time to have fun and turn it upside down, inside out and stir it all around.

step 4. enough fiddling with those meats? now, pour the results of step 0 into this pan, pasta and water included. add dried parsley, white wine, a round of light soya sauce and evoo.

step 5. let it simmer. wait. in the meantime, i’d turn on the ipad and catch up on some ksp posts. 😉

step 6. when water had boiled off. the pasta has absorbed all those wonderful flavours. it’s ready to serve! QED!

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