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Shichida Methods Review

Shichida Methods is a technique of right brain simulation that is devised and proposed by Professor Makoto Shichida of Japan. It has branches in Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.

The method concentrates on the stimulation and development of a child’s right brain through methods like flash cards, ESP activities, instant memory, linking memory, image play and other non conventional techniques to help stimulate the right brain of a child as young as 3 months old.

The parents are suppose to train the child daily for at least 10 min with some of the recommended methods for the course to be effective.

It is getting well known and popular among parents in Singapore as seen from the expanding presence of shichida schools in Singapore and the limited vacancies available.

During the lessons, parents will need to accompany the child in the class to participate in the activities. The methods aim to bring out the genius in a child and it was said that the average IQ of a shichida child is around 140. One of the fundamental theory behind Professor Shichida is through the methods, it will help build the foundation required, via right brain simulation, to enable the child to pursue their other interest (including acadamics) later part of their life with ease.

The enrolment to the course will require the parent to pay a deposit of around S$200 which will be forfeited if the child did not continue until after the first year. After which the deposit will be used to offset the term fees. Each term lasts for 3 months, 1 lesson of 1 ½ hours each week. The fee for each term is around S$800. The requirement for a minimum of 1 year is because, according to the principal, the method will only show results after at 1 year.

They have preview sessions where speeches will be given to parents to provide a better understanding of the methods and at the same time open for registration. The methods have schools in Singapore at Springleaf Tower and HDB Hub.

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