Signs That You Are A Hands-On Daddy

1. Your kid’s childcare centre calls you first instead of your wife/MIL.

2. When the childcare centre calls you at the office, you talk about HFMD in a loud voice so everyone around you can hear. Laughing

3. You use "My kid couldn’t wake up this morning" as an excuse for coming in late at the office. Wink

4. When colleagues ask how come you can afford the 8-megapix camera phone, you say "I need to take photos of my daughter on the go mah." Wink

5. When your colleague says, "I need to go to the toilet" 2 minutes after boarding the bus, you glare at her with your sianz-daddy look. Skeptical

6. When you frown at the amount of snacks your colleague is munching on, he says to you, "I’m still growing mah." Rolling Eyes

7. You have watched Wall-E 8 times in the last 6 months. Shocked

8. You have a favourite Disney Princess.

9. Sometimes, in frustration, you call your daughter "darling", a term normally reserved for wife.

10. And the most alarming sign of all:
Every once in a while, your daughter mistakenly calls you "Mommy"! Skeptical


looks like DH is not...

looks like DH is not…

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