Singapore Primary 1 Registration School Balloting History


(Updated 18 August 2017.  Refresh page to get the latest statistics.)

Here is the consolidated Primary One Registration balloting history of Singapore’s Primary Schools, since 2006.  This data is useful to parents as an indicator of the difficulty of getting their children into their preferred schools.

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Click on one of the constituencies in the list below to get the balloting history of the schools in that constituency.



Balloting ratio

It depends on whether anyone post the breakdown at the end of the phase. It also depends on which schools you are refering to (since balloting for within 1km usually the exact number, minus those who didn’t manage to withdraw)

Breakdown of the statistic

Hi, is there a way to know the exact ratio for the balloting?


Breakdown of the statistic

Hi, is there a way to know the exact ratio for the balloting?


Thanks for the clarification

Thanks for the clarification 🙂

statistics keep changing - CHIJ ST. NICHOLAS GIRLS' SCHOOL

2 applicants gave up their places from an earlier phase.

statistics keep changing - CHIJ ST. NICHOLAS GIRLS' SCHOOL


the phase 2C statistics for CHIJ St. Nicholas Girl’s school keeps changing.

After day 1 registration, MOE website shows: place 27, registrated 21

After day 2, MOE website shows: place 27, registrated 27,

After day 3, MOE website shows: place 29, registrated 34.

how can the place became 29 from 27?  I am following other school in AMK and Bishan area, most of others don’t change place within the phase. Certainly Ai Tong didn’t, Catholic High didn’t… Tech Ghee and AMK primary both didn’t.

Anyone can explain what is going on? pre-booked quota?



Refresh your browser page

Both Punggol and Sengkang areas do have split readings for Phase 2A(1) and 2A(2) since 2015, just like all the other schools.  Please refresh your page to see the tables.

Phrase 2A(1) and 2A(2)


i noticed there is no spilt btw Phrase 2A(1) and 2A(2) of the balloting history for punggol and sengkang area whereas there are spilt for other areas. Any particular reasons?

ACS Primary

Hi I am living within 1km of ACS Pr & St Joseph Jr. Need to register my son for P1 this year. Am confused . Pls help

Can anyone adv thanks

Thanks for sharing!

it is so useful!!!

How about phase 3? Thanks.

How about phase 3?


Missed P1 registration

I’m afraid there’s really nothing you can do at this time.  There are many other foreigners who did not miss the registration but also could not secure a place for their children.  There just aren’t enough places to accommodate all kids this year.

MOE will just ignore you if you contact them.  Your best bet would be to home school your child while staying in contact with the Principals of some of the local schools and then try again at the end of 2016.  You might get lucky.

Missed P1 registration: Foreigner


I would like to know if there is still a chance that my son can get a slot in any Primary school. We missed the P1 registration and we are now worried that we might end up doing homeschool for him as international school is way too expensive for us.

Hope to hear some suggestions and recommendations herre.




Yes, your interpretation is correct.  For more info, you need to refer to the legend at the top of each set of charts.

Also, if it is Red, it not only means that only those <1km needs to ballot, it means that anyone beyond 1km has zero chance at all.  The same applies for all other distance categories.

What is the difference between Pink color and Green color?

Thanks for the sharing of this Balloting History which is very useful.

By comparing, I’ve got a bit confuse that what is the difference between pink color, yellow color and green color for SCs within 1km? For example, in Anglo-Chinese, pink color for 2015 and green color for 2014. Does it mean if the child is SC within 1 km, no balloting for both years at all?

In another words, only red color for SCs within 1km need balloting, am I right?

Pls clarify. Many many thanks.

elias park primary school

does anyone know the current status of vacancies at elias park primary school. we are singapore PR in 1-2km 

Getting a letter from SHHK

can anyone advise how difficult it is to get a letter from shhk? I’ve been a member for at least 4 years but have not done much volunteer work. Thank you.


🙂  Sorry.  I don’t know what I was thinking.

Update in future?



You seem to have updated the page in the future. Time Travel? 🙂


TUR means take up rate. Means that much percent of total seats have been taken up already. So 100-TUR % of total seats is left after that particular phase.

Say school has 100 seats. 40 people applied for Phase 1. So APP for Phase 1 is 40%, obviously all of them got. So TUR at Phase 1 is also 40% cos 40% of the seats are gone.

Next Phase 2A – say 10 people applied, and all got. So APP at phase 2A is 10%, TUR at Phase 2A is now 50% cos 50 seats in total are gone now.

Hi..   Anyone knows how's the



Anyone knows how’s the chances for getting into Maris Stella High School for phase 2C?


Please advise.. We stay between 1-2km from Maris Stella High School..


Anxious Mother

Hi Nadia,  it's considered as

Hi Nadia, 

it’s considered as 1 seat. 

So if you win a seat during balloting, both child will be enrolled in together. 

P2C in Rulang PS within 1-2 Km chances are???

Can mom and dad previously enrolled their child into Rulang PS is it very stressful and those who cant get a place in there… finding alternative school is it difficult??? As I know most schools must be crazy balloting as in like last phrases already very limited school. sob sob… can advice???

Any balloting at Jurong West

Hi, i am new here and am enrolling my girl this year for 2015 Primary, will be under phase 2C and my house nearby Frontier Primary and Jurong West Primary. I would like to know any balloting for distance < 1km for this 2 schools. Any high chances to get into Frontier?


how to read the tables


Can anyone enlighten us what is the meaning of TUR and APP in the histroy tables?




how to read the tables

Hi there

I’m new to this pri school registration thing. What do TUR and APP mean in the history tables?


No school is within 1-2Km from my home. Help!

Hihi, I got a problem with my son P1 registration next year. I notice all the school is not within 1-2km from my house except a girls school. Anyone encounter this problem? 


if now Volunteer as a PA valid for extra points for 2014 reg P1?

Dear all,


Please advise if now i volunteer as a PA ( people association) is it still valid for extra points for 2014 reg P1 registration? will it be too late ? worth it ?

Thank you.




I saw this very useful chart, I have a little girl and we are residing 1km from School A and I am not a member, staff, PV of the school. Which stage I am eligible to enroll for the said school?

Appreciate your good advise.


Dear catherineq,

There are no official Academic ranking of Primary schools, because MOE does not release that information and while it does not explicitly forbid individual schools from releasing that information, many schools don’t, especially those whose PSLE performances are below national averages.

Any academic ranking you find will be highly subjective, and probably inaccurate.  The one we have on is probably accurate only for the top 30 schools, after which there is really no basis for comparison.  Some other rankings try to use awards attained by schools as a basis, but winning awards is no guarantee of PSLE success either.

The only way to effectively rank Primary schools will be to compare the % of quality passes (A and A*) attained by their PSLE cohorts.  Only MOE has the complete set of data to do this, but it is not telling.  Yet by establishing the Gifted Program only in certain schools, through a national test that selects the top 1% of each cohort, MOE has unwittingly skewed parents perceptions that these “GEP schools” are the top schools in Singapore.  So if you want to know which are the best schools, just go get a list of all the schools that host the GEP.

In our opinion, academic ranking is only one of the many measures that parents use when deciding on schools for their children.  Most parents are rational, and base their decision on distance to the school, for the obvious reason of logistical convenience.

If you are looking for an academic ranking of schools because you want to select the top schools for consideration, just a word of caution.  You should think about the level of stress that you may be putting yourself and your child through.  It is difficult for your child to excel in these “top” schools where almost every child is well supported and pushed to excel by both parents and the school.  Not every child can blossom under such environments.

MOE does provide a very comprehensive school information service that lists details of every school.  That should be your starting point in evaluating the schools you select.

School ranking and questions...


1. May I know where to check primary academic school ranking beyond 2010? 

2. Where to check the full list of primary schools in Singapore as well as their ninch areas?

3. Any website to check the new schools plan to open coming years? And possible locations?


2C for Rivervale Primary School

Hi ChiefKiasu and anyone,

Do you have any idea what are the chances of within 1km for RPS under balloting?
What was last year result like?

Thanks in advance!

P2C for River Valley Primary School

Hi Mom & Dad

Anyone have any idea what are the chances of 1-2km for RVPS under balloting?

what was last year result like?

thanks in advance!




I am in the stressful position of facing phase 3 and monitoring situation. 

Do you know how balloting works with twins.? I am definite that I will need to ballot but not sure if my twin boys will be treated as one number or would have to be lucky twice for them to be in same school. On this matter do you know if distance is an issue for the pahse 3 balloting

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 


primary 1 registration phase 2C

Hi. Do u know if last year Radin mas primary school for phases 2C how many pple went for registration?



The applications and vacancies are different for every school.  Which school are you referring to?  In any case, only the schools and MOE knows exactly how many PRs and SCs are there, and how far they are from  the school.  Some schools will publicly announce it on their websites towards the end of the Phase, while others may tell you verbally if you call them on the telephone.


No, we only track balloting, and not whether the balloting is for SC or PR.  We might include that parameter this year, but the data is already quite complicated already for most people.


Does anyone has an idea roughly:

1) how many people are Singaporean apply to register a child within 1km.

2) within 1km is any PR can include for the ballot.

3) is it advisable to call to check how many SC child register. Who to call? Anyone kind soul to advise n clear my doubt.

above is for 2C questions.


Is driver's license valid?

Is driver’s license valid?

I lost my IC on the day of my

I lost my IC on the day of my daughter’s registration last year. It seems ok… was asked to sign a letter of undertaking and asked to bring my IC on another day. Brought my passport just in case too…

balloting history-is the absolute priority for SC taken into acc


For the last year balloting history, is the absolute priority for SC condition taken into acct? for e.g. if school A needs balloting in phase 2b within 1 km, does it mean balloting for SC children? or balloting amongst PR etc… 


No.  One parent may issue a

No.  One parent may issue a letter of authorisation for the other parent or another family member or friend to register on his/her behalf.  The absent parent must give the authorised person his original NRIC.

Is it necessary to hv both

Is it necessary to hv both parents present for p2a2 registration?

Go apply for a

Go apply for a replacement NRIC immediately at the ICA Building down at Lavendar.  Instructions are provided here:

You can collect the new NRIC withing 4 hours.

enrolment of P1 phrase 2c

Hi can i use my husband’s passport instead of NRIC for registration? we are all singapore citizens.

Pls advise as he seem to lost his NRIC…

You cannot register for more

You cannot register for more than 1 school at any phase.

can i register at 2 differenct schools for Phase 2C

can anyone advice…


There is no limit to Phase

There is no limit to Phase 2A(1) or 2A(2).  Theoretically, all vacancies can be dispensed in either of these 2 Phases, leaving no vacancies for the rest of the Phases.

It is only in Phase 2B that a limit is set.  Phase 2B can only issue half the vacancies remaining after Phase 2A, the rest going to Phase 2C.

How does each phase get filled up?


I wanted to ask; does each school allocate certain vacancies for each phases? For eg, if after end of Phase1 , the remaining seats were 100. Does it mean that 50% of 100 seats will go to Phase 2A, and the other 50% will go to 2B and 2C(which is 25 seats each)?

I’m quite blur here…




No.  You can only register

No.  You can only register for 1 school in ANY Phase.  If you already successfully registered in a school in an earlier Phase and would like to try your luck in a later Phase, you need to unregister from the first school before the system allows you to register in the next Phase.

Can I register for 2 primary school

Hi all,

is it possible to register for 2 primary schools under phase 2 C at the same time? 



There is an entire thread on

There is an entire thread on the issue of using grandparents’ address here:

In general, please do so only if your child is indeed going to be looked after by the caretakers you declare.

grandparents address

If I have a church affiliation to the school of choice( Fairfield methodist), but stay out of the 2km range, can I use the address of my parents to apply for Phase 2B?


Parents stay within 1-2 km range.



Suggest you go Mee Toh.

Suggest you go Mee Toh. Chances of getting in higher. NC is ok only if you stay within 1km.

Roysth OR Rulang

I live in in Serangoon North Ave 2, within 1km from Rosyth. I would very much like to put my kids in rosyth. However I know the chance is very slim because because balloting is required even for those who stay within 1km. My next best alternative is Rulang because i’m a former student, but unfortunately,it is in Jurong. What should I do?


Anyone can advise which school to choose for nan chiau and Mee toh? Me stay at Punggol?

Maris Stella (Primary)


May I check with you which area this school is considered to be? Judging from the maps, I thought it would be something like in Serangoon but I don't find its balloting info here:

Appreciate your help. Sorry I'm new to the Primary School searching scene… still a bit clueless.

And is the school any good? Any thing bad about it?

My child is a dragon baby boy.


Boy's Primary School in Jurong

I have been checking recently. More boys primary schools are located in the east.. Any boys primary school for students in the west. 

Nanhua Pri Sch

Wondering how are my son's chances for Nanhua Primary School under Phrase 2B, within 1km? Is it true they have their own student services centre? Any good student services centres nearby? My son is enrolling this year. Any mummies out there enrolling in Nanhua as well?

Dunno which school to choose


My girl will be going to P1 next year. We would like to put her to a mixed school as she has a younger brother. However in Bishan area, there arent many primary school.

I'm staying at Bishan St 23. Ai Tiong is more than 2km.

Appreciate your advise.


Vacancies by Phrases

Dear Parents,
Do you have a copy of this year’s "primary 1" vacancies by phrases?

I couldnt find any on MOE website.

Pls email me at [email protected]


Updating of Charts

Hi Chief,


Planning to update this chart as its only up to 2010

Temasek primary school

 Hi all,

Anyone know how has Temasek Primary performed in recent years’ PSLE?

Also appreciate any comments on the school.


Thanks a lot!

phase 2C supp


I would like to know if your child could not get into the pri sch at phase 2C, can we choose another school for phase2C supp or a school is assigned to us at phase2C supp? Thank you




Why not apply to both first and see which school accept you as PV?

It is said that Nanyang is very choosy over its PV, probably since there is lots of applicants each year.

For Catholic High, the competition will be during the actual registration.

can't decide between PV at cath high or nanyang primary? both 1k

 i am prepared to move to either 1k location, but which historically has a better chance to get in for PV within 1k? seems from the stats i read, nanyang has far better chances?? would appreciate any comments. thanks.




Yes, it is allowed. Parent would have to withdraw from the school that they have successfully secured a place in earlier phase, before they can register at another school in later phase.


Once a place is given up, it is gone. There is no turning back.



That’s a tough prediction IMHO.

Singaporen citizen has priority over PR now, so by right chances should be higher. But the same new rule may attracts more Singaporen to register at popular schools previously they would shy away. 

So competition is likely to remain steep, a big determinating factor in the equation is the number of Singaporean citizen and PR staying in the proximity to school.



Since both schools are likely to ballot under 2C, I would choose the one nearer to where i will be staying for the next few years for obvious logistical reason.

Dunno how to go abt with the Pri 1 registration

Hi Chief,

Now, I am living within 1km from West Grove Pri School. By end Sept 2012, I will be moving to a HDB flat that is within 1km from Rulang Pri School.

My son is only eligible for Phase 2C, but since admission to either schools will have to be ballot and I can’t register both at the same time, I am really at a loss of what I should do.

Any advice?


Chances to enter Northland primary school at phase 2C

Hi Chief,

I stay within 1km from Northland primary school. Now that singaporeans has priority, would i have higher chance to get my child into Northland?

In for phase 2B but want to try for another primary school

Would like to check if i got my child into a primary school at phase 2B, but after reconsidering, we want to give up the space for phase 2B and register my child in another primary school for phase 2C – is this allowed?

What is the procedure to give up the space for phase 2B and still be able to register for the other school in phase 2C?

 may i know how to interpret

 may i know how to interpret the TUR stuff? kinda of confused..e.g. for nan chiau. i am staying in less than 1 km from the school and wish to know if i am not a PV do i have a chance?

How to get in to rosyth pri sch at high chances?

 Hi parents, 

Any of u have kids born year 2008 and is trying to figure out how to get ur kids into rosyth primary school (phrase 2B or Phrase 2C)? 

To artelli

The answer to your question is: No.

Hi Chief I have a question

Hi Chief

I have a question about balloting by home distance in Phase 2C. As long as the child’s home is within 1 km of the school, does it make a difference in balloting priority whether the child’s school is 100m from the school or 900m from the school?



i am also hoping 2011 data

i am also hoping 2011 data will be up soon! 🙂

i think is at kallang bahru  

i think is at kallang bahru


school intake numbers

Most likely a lot of schools will reduce due to singlesession . You may know that some school has reduced intake since last year. eg. Henry Park 330 to 300. I also worried esp that it is a mix gender school. Pure girls and pure boys schools still stand a chance to get in.  

updated chart for 2011

I’m also looking out for the 2011 charts – kudos to those compiling the information!

RGPS reducing its intake this year 2012

 I read somewhere that Raffles Girls are reducing its number of intake from 330 to 270 in 2012 and slowly reducing for the next few years till the single session kicks in. Does anyone know if this is true? So from the previous years chart, the number of <1km balloting would increase? More would be fighting for less vaccancy? 

I’m concern as there’s so many new and old condos around the vinicity, less chance for phrase 2B or 2C? Probably got to ballot ya? Sigh!

To Pri 1 Admission

 All 4 of your choices are higly popular schools. All will ballot in phase 2c even if you are staying within 1 km. so i would say do PV at Nanyang and go for phase 2b there – practically guaranteed admission in that phase based on historical data ( esp. since you live within 1 km). Forget about the other 3 schools – you can register your kid at one school at a time only. So if she does not get admitted into Nanyang in phase 2b (very unlikely), you stand no chances in the other schools in 2c because of your distance.

Hi, Any idea when will the


Any idea when will the 2011 chart be up?

Searching schools now and need to move house soon. Thanks much!

found it under Novena!

found it under Novena!

Which area is SJI Junior located?

Hi, Im looking for SJI Junior but could not find it in Central, Bukit Timah or even Geylang? Can somebody help?


Hi , im also curious if being a grassroot member stands a higher chance than parent volunterring too?

Is there a process to get myself being a member can share with me? Thanks.

Pri 1 Admission

Hi all,

Need some advise here as im totally new and need some directions. I’m pretty worried about my daughter chance of getting into the school that im looking at. 1st choice: Nanyang Pri sch (less than 1km) 2nd choice: RGS pri sch (within 1-2km) 3rd choice: SCGS (slightly more than 2km) and lastly CHIJ toa payoh (old girl).

Qns are:

1) What is my daugther’s age should i start calling up schools to join Parent Volunteer? Is the process different if i join grassroot?

2)I understand if i join grassroot or become a parent volunteer and if im not chosen through balloting i can still stand abit of chance through balloting since i’m staying within 1km. Is joining a grassroot chance higher than being a PV to get a balloting no to Nanyang? Does RGS need to go through the grassroot or Parent Volunteer because i understand some schs like SCGS dont need PV.

3) When will i know whether the sch needs balloting inorder to get in?

4) In my case im interested in the schools above so what should i do when it comes to registeration? Can i choose for all 4 schools? Does it mean I have to go down to each schools personally to register? Usually how will the sch notify me if im elected?

5) What is my daughter’s age i should look out for p1 Admission registertion? when she is 6 yrs old or i can do it way earlier to secure a place?

Actually I really hope my daughter get into either Nanyang if not RGS pri sch. What should i do actually?

Thanks alot really… 🙂



The charts will be updated really soon !

Stay tuned !

Meanwhile, you may want to join us in the forum here


2011 table

Hi Chief

Noticed the historical table is only up to 2010. Will you be updating for 2011 or is it now replaced by the chart?

P1 registration

please advice if being a grassroot member is it higher chance than living 1km within the school compound?

as a grassroot member, need to be in the committee for how long before i can be "certified"? my gal is going 5 next year so need to plan now..

please advice.. thank you


I believe you can only volunteer in the constituency where you reside, and so you qualify for 2B of any schools within your constituency.

Do join us in the forum, and visit this thread: for further information on the GRL route.

Phase 2B, Active Community Leader

Hi Chief,


For eligibility ubder phase 2B, active community leader – do you know if the parent must volunteer in the school’s constituency?




Which Primary School should I chose?

Any advise from all parents?

Currently staying in Jurong West (JW) and will be moving to Queenstown in 2015. Kid will be going to Primary 1 in 2014.

Should I start her in JW for Primary 1 (2014) & 2 (2015) and transfer her to Queenstown in 2016 or should I start in Queenstown from Primary 1 onwards?

Swee Hai

I also think that you can try

I also think that you can try PV at Tanjong Katong Primary (If you have the time & selected by them to do PV) and try your luck at Phase 2B .  If you are able to get in, good, if not phase 2C, you have to weight on the odd between Maha Bodhi & Tanjong Katong (assume that both need to go for ballot). 

hi, i believe it is safer and

hi, i believe it is safer and technically wiser to become a PV at Tanjong Katong Primary to get into Phase 2B rather than going for balloting in Phase 2C at Maha Bodhi. If you are unlucky in P2B, you can still go to register in P2C at Maha Bodhi.

List of phase 3 schools

The list of schools with available places will be posted on the MOE website by Aug 24 if I’m not wrong. You can then study the vacancies and decide.  

Stamford primary school?

My boy is under phase 3 and looking for a school close to us. Stamford primary school is only 3km from where we live but wondering why the school got many vacancies? Is it ok school? Please help!

Maha Bodhi School - what are my chances?

Hello Experts,

I just found out that Maha Bodhi School has no PV scheme in place. Only way to get into Phase 2B is if the parents belong to the Singapore Buddhist Federation. As I am not Buddhist nor do I intend to be, it is out of the question for me to join the SBF…

However, I do stay within 1km of Maha Bodhi. Looking at the past history of the school’s P1 registration (of which I find your stats very impressive but unfortunately too detailed/complicated for me to make sense of…), is it wise for me to just apply in Phase 2C at Maha Bodhi rather than become a PV at Tanjong Katong Primary which is further away (between 1-2km) just to get into Phase 2B there?

All advice appreciated. Am very confused…

P1 student intake each year

Is there anyway we can find out next year’s registration student intake of the particular school? 

Diff address in both parents' IC

By default, MOE will take father’s IC. Will have to sign a separate declaration (school’s adminstrator will provide at point of registration) that the mother is the main care taker and has legal custody, then, can use mother’s address as stated at her IC at time of registration. Hope this help…


Dilemma in P1 Registration


you can enrol yr boy under Phase 2C.  You need to bring the purchase agreement during the enrollment.

You will b asked to fill up a form stating that the condo will be ready before 01/01/2016. if not……..:)



Going through divorce.

 I am currently going through divorcing proceedings. The care and control is with me, do i really need the father’s ic to register for my child?

@randytoh: Failed in Phase 2C Supplementary

From what I understand, if you are not successful in Phase 2CS, you will be given a form to indicate your top 3 choices of school (of course those that still have vacancies after 2CS).

MOE will try its best to post your child to one of the 3 schools you chose.

If you are not happy with the school MOE posted your child to, then you can join the phase 3 registration, which is first-come-first-serve.


hi Randy

The 2 chances in balloting is just having 2 slips of paper  in the ballot bowl versus 1 slip for PR. It is not about participating in balloting at 2 schools at the same time. 


Address not ready for registration


The resale flat that we intend to buy is still not ready before registeration, can we still use that address? what documents do we need to submit during registeration?


Failed in Phase 2C Supplementary

Hi all,

I would like to try to use the 2 chances of balloting in the school of our choice.In Sembawang, there is only 4 schools,what will happen if failed to register in phase 2C supplementary?

Will MOE allocate my son to the nearest school in Sembawang that still have vacancy? or the school in the region that still have vancany eg. Yishun, Admiralty or Woodlands?

Please advise.




In cases that parents are separated or divorced, naturally the address of the parent that has custody of the child would be used.

MOE does not stipulate that both parents must have the same address on their NRIC. I do believe that the dad’s address would be used in such cases.

Diff address in NRIC for both parents during P1 registration

Can we have 2 different address in NRIC during the Primary 1 registration?

Does the school we registered requires both parents to have the same address or does MOE stipulate this requirement?




hi aquafanatic

the short answer is YES !!


Dilemma in P1 Registration

Hi all,

My boy is supposed to go into P1 in 2014 & we understand that P1 registration normally is in June/July of the preceding year, ie 2013.

We would like to ask is it possible to enrol our boy under Phase 2C if the condominium (<1km from the school) that we will be purchasing can only get TOP in early 2014.

All advise & help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

@MP En

> Can I register for Phrase 2C in two pri schools at the same time?

No, you can’t. Only 1 school per phase.

Phase 2C


Can I register for Phrase 2C in two pri schools at the same time?

@Southener : RE: Child Born in 2006

> wonder what will happen to those who have registered and are currently serving as grassroot leader with the intention to go to one of these schools.  does it mean that their effort have been wasted?  any idea?

This is being mentioned in a forum thread at the moment. You might like to take a look there:

@Southener : RE: Child Born in 2006

hi tankee,

thanks for the tip.

just walked into cairnhill cc last night to register (for my boy born in 2007).  was told that SCGS and ACS Barker has been moved to another consituency with effect from the latest electory boundary redrawing.

wonder what will happen to those who have registered and are currently serving as grassroot leader with the intention to go to one of these schools.  does it mean that their effort have been wasted?  any idea?


@ kiddoflower: RE: how to join grassroot

hi kiddoflower,

just walk into the respective community center and register yourself.  Did that last night.

seems like all can register however your particulars will be screened before you can qualify.  Was told that chances for PR is about 1 in 10.  Did not probe further as am a Singaporean.




how to join grassroots?

what’s the qualifications to join grassroots to gain access to phase 2B?

i’m a spore PR, do i qualify?


another question, henry park or nan hua primary better?

@Southener : RE: Child Born in 2006

hi Southener

Yes, you are too late for the "grassroot leaders" route for nest year’s registration.

Child born in 2006

Hi all,

trying to get my timing right.  if my girl is born in 2006, registration is next year.  Is it too late for my to join the grassroot in order to qualify for Phase 2B? 

any advise?  thanks.




timeout error

I am trying to see balloting history for schools in Tampines area but getting timeout error.

Hi All, Any details on

Hi All,

Any details on ‘East spring primary school, tampines.How’z that school as it is within 1 KM for our new residence.Thanks.

thanks ChiefKiasu and

thanks ChiefKiasu and tankee – for the very helpful information.

Which school shall I register?


1) Compassvale Primary School?

Heard that the standard drop over the years?

2) Anchor Green Primary School?

3) Rivervale Primary School?

Re: Phase 2B or Phase 2C

According to MOE’s website:

Phase 2B

For a child whose parent has joined the school as a parent volunteer not later than 1 July 2009 and has given at least 40 hours of voluntary service to the school by 30 June 2010; or whose parent is a member endorsed by the church/clan directly connected with the school; or whose parent is endorsed as an active community leader.

It doesn’t say that the child has to be Catholic…only one of the parents needs to be.

Best to email MOE to confirm.

Re: Phase 2B or Phase 2C

Hi Jen Jen


I think the latter is correct. unfortunately, you have to register him under 2C. To qualify for 2B, both child and parents must be catholics – including yourself if I’m not wrong. thats the reason why you have to bring yours, your husband’s and your son’s baptism cert on the day of primary registration at a catholic school.



RE: "failed" at 2B

hi drinking_water,

in addition to what ChiefKiasu has said.

If you intend to try again in Phase 2C in the same school that you had failed in 2B, you NEED to REGISTER AGAIN in Phase 2C. Your child will not be automatically included.

Good Luck !

RE: "failed" at 2B

Dear drinking_water, if you try but did not get a place in Phase 2B or any of the earlier phases, you can still try again in Phase 2C in the same school, or any other school that has still vacancies.

"failed" at 2B, given a chance at 2C?

Hi all,

if somehow there’s ballotting for 2B, and the child didn’t secure a place due to the ballotting in 2B, will the child automatically get another chance and be in phase 2C for the same school?

or does it mean the child has to be in 2C at another school?

thanks much


hi oceano that's why those

hi oceano

that’s why those schools are considered "Popular".

Foreigners that are not PR, falls under phase 3.

good luck !


So foreigner has no chance for getting into nice primary school?

Just checked the balloting history, stressed out, seems most of those popular schools left no vacancies after Phase 2C, so what we foreigner gonna do with it? we should be in Phase 3, right?

Phase 2B or Phase 2C

Hi all

My hubby is a Catholic but my son is not. Some said in this instance, we can register him under Phase 2B in Catholic School while some said it is under Phase 2C.

Anyone knows which is correct?


Your child will be in Phase 2C, if Singaporean or PR.


2013 Primary School Registration for 2006 kid

Hi all,

I have missed the sign up of parent’s volunteer for a popular school near by (> 1 Km) my home, could anyone tell me which phase ( 2A, 2B or 2C?) of registraion will my child be in? The system seems puzzling to me.


Re: local school vacancies

Hi zNz

The best option is to call up the schools near where you stay and ask.

Which area are you staying? Or do you have shortlisted any schools?

Local School Vacancy

Hi, new in Singapore, need your help to get place in local schools. I have 12 and 6 yrs old kids. How would i now which local schools have vacancies?? Very confuse and stressed out 🙁

the p1 balloting history

the p1 balloting history for this year is not updated still. is there a way i can know of vacancies left after all the phases now? thank you.

P1 2010 registration is not updated

For Pei Hwa Presbyterian 2010 registration:

There was balloting for phase 2C, within 1km.  (44 out of 68 places).

There was also balloting for phase 2B, outside of 2km.


P1 2010 registration is not updated

Does anyone know whether we need to ballot within 1 km for pei hwa presbyterian primary school in 2010?

P1 registration for 2010 not updated

just a highlight, i’ve been in & out of this statistics since july but till date seem like the statistics has not been updating

I have the same situation

I have the same situation as you.


My new house will TOP in end 2014 but my son will go to P1 in 2012.


So how uh?

school checking address

my fren say my son’s school office will check where students stay even after he starts school. anyone can confirm this happenings

I think alot of the 'all

I think alot of the ‘all girls’ schools have ballet, this includes some of the IJ schools, SCGS, MGS etc… I could be wrong.

P1 Registration is not updated

Hey I was just wondering why this part of the site has not been updated, since P1 Registration have now been closed. at the moment, it stops at 2B. Tried looking up MOE site, but it just say that ‘P1 Registration is now closed’. By the way, this is not a complaint, just an observation.


Hi, does anyone know if any primary school has Ballet ?

registration for Primary 1

I thought having children was tough, choosing a primary school and getting admission is tough!!!!  My girl will be in K2 next year, I wanted to find a place in a girl’s school but now contemplating if I should choose a mixed school, as my second child is a boy. Morever Im staying in wdlns, have to try my luck for Phase 2C.  So confusing…!!!

hard to choose

can’t decide if i should go for convenient location or should i go for inconvenience but have my kids in a SAP school….

*(ai tong vs zhonghua)

can the standards in primary schools really differ that much?

and what if the level of the SAP school is so high that my kid can’t cope with the expectations….

P1 registration - vacancies for Phase 3 / foreigners


I would like to share that my niece had the same situation like you.  She’s missed the P1 registration last year too.  She’s now P1 this year studying in Corporation Primary School.  She went thru the interview and confirmed the place in last qtr last year.  

All the schools in JW are fully occupied except Corporation Primary School, left with few seats after the phase 3 if I remembered correctly based on the last update. 

Perhaps, you can try. 

Hope this info help. Good luck.    

P1 registration - vacancies for Phase 3 / foreigners


I have the same concern about P1 registration here in Singapore.

I am also looking for a Primary School for my youngest child (currently studying here in one of the kindergartens in Singapore level K2). Unfortunately, I failed to get a slot in the primary school where my two other children are studying during the Phase 3 registration. Nonetheless, I registered my child in the waiting list, hoping someone will backout when the school starts in 2011. I also wrote an appeal letter to the school principal but to no avail.

I tried calling the other primary schools nearby for possible vacancies but to this date, I found none.

I am just concerned about the possibility of not getting any slot for my child. I was not aware about how limited the slots were for foreigners.

Hope anyone can give me any suggestions.




P1 registration - vacancies for Phase 3 / foreigners

Hi there,

There is a lot of information here for Phase 2C registration, but not very much on Phase 3.

My son is a foreigner, and can only register under this Phase.  Any idea where I can find information on Phase 3 vacancies, so that I can plan accordingly?

Thank you very much!


Re: new address

Hi Little Precious

Based on existing MOE’s ruling, we can use address of new property as long as its TOP is by 31Dec of the year the child is in Pri2.

Thus for your child’s case, the TOP must be before 31Dec2013.


Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

new address for p.1 application

just wondering if i can use my new address which TOP is 2014 for my next year p.1 application (entering p.1 in jan 2012)?

Any new update on Singapore

Any new update on Singapore Primary 1 Registration School Balloting History?


Now I know whether it is a

Now I know whether it is a foolproof plan to be PV/PA volunteer to get my girl into the school of my choice 🙂

Holy Innocent v Maris Stella

hi, i’ve the above schools in mind but Maris Stella is our first choice. we’re 1-2 km fr holy innocent but outside 2 km fr Maris Stella and we’re catholic thus under 2B. according to the historial data, there’s no balloting for Maris Stella except this yr, do u think i still risk to try Maris Stella next yr or just opt for holy innocent?


Re: Balloting for CHS

Hi janyroo

Same as BigDevil’s post, hope you are registering next year as you have missed this year’s registration dates.

And if you are registering next year, then just to clarify that the vacancy available under 2b differs each year. So no one could really predict what’s the number of places available next year.

How far is your place from the school?


Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

Re: Balloting for Catholic High School

Hi janyroo,

I sincerely hope you are asking this question for next year’s registration. 2B registration is already over…in fact, 2C registration is also over.

Balloting for Catholic High School

What are the chances for 2B if you are already:

1. living within 1km

2. have volunteered

3. a member of the catholic association

With only 9 places up for balloting, should I be giving up?

Hi 9piggy6 If you meet the

Hi 9piggy6

If you meet the min requirement for grassroots leaders, you will be given a letter endorsing your eligibility to register in phase 2b, together with parents volunteers, church and clans members. Whether you need to ballot or even can participate in the balloting would depends on whether
– the school is balloting for that phase
– which distance is the balloting for
– whether you are staying within or further than that distance

If you are not successful in phase 2b, you are to register again under phase 2c.


Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

Phase 2B

Hi how does it work for Phase 2B if I am a community leader and leaves more than 2km away from a good primary within my GRC zone?

Do i still need to go for balloting or i will have to wait for Phase 2c exercise? Please advise…

Maris Stella or St Andrews?

Hi Parents out there,

We are within 1km to both St Andrews Junior and Maris Stella Pri, SAJS is within walking distance (we live in Potong Pasir) while MPS we need to travel. SAJS now 62 out of 71 within 1 km for Phase 2C while MPS is 32 out of 91 within 1km.

Which would you have chosen and why? Thanks in advance…

Hi leett77 There other

Hi leett77

There other popular schools in the area you listed are Kong Hwa, Maha Bodhi and Red Swastika.


Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

I think maybe Temasek or

I think maybe Temasek or Kong Hwa

What is the 2nd best school besides Tao Nan?

Dear experts and friends,

Does anyone know what is the 2nd best school within Geylang/Marine Parade/Bedok vicinity besides Tao Nan? The school is so hard to get in despite 2B <1km 🙁

From a desperate mum

Maris Stella High or St Stephens?


I am considering 2 schools for my 2 boys (eldest is aged 4 this year), Maris Stella High and St Stephens – with the aim of getting them into either Maris Stella Sec or SJI. Can anyone kindly give some advice/views on these two schools? Thank you very much

Allocated places for phase 2C

Hi Princessy, from your scenario that u have given, I can only think of this:

25 applicants for 2B happened to be staying within 1km, the balance 23 stay outside 1km. So there is no balloting for within 1km applicants, and door is closed for the 23 outside 1km.

Re: If we are not successful

Sorry to add to your stress. Phase 2C supp is subjected to balloting as well.

Only phase 3 is first-come-first-served.

If we are not successful

If we are not successful for phase 2c registration and apply for another school under phase 2c supplementary, would we still be subject to balloting based on home distance if the number of applicants exceed the number of places?  Or is it based on first come first served basis?

I was doing PV, but no

I was doing PV, but no interview leh, just a general briefing for all PVs, not sure how they select the PV though, maybe through the experience during the volunteer work (eg. some parents may end up no showing up when they are called for help)?

It may be tricky given that

It may be tricky given that there are new balloting rules regarding citizens and non-citizens with citizens getting 2 ballots. Under Phase 2B, which is often through the Methodist Church which has a lot of members, it would certainly be very competitive. But the advantage you have is living within 1km.

Pasir Ris Primary School

Hi all.. I would like to check on this two pri school..

Elias Park Pri Vs Parkview Pri, which one is better in term of teacher, principle & student?



I’m a PR living within 1km of ACS Pri and qualified under P2B. What’s my chances to get a seat for my son this year ?


Registering at another school

 hi Selena
You must first withdraw your application from the earlier school that you had secured a place, before you can register at the second school.
To withdraw, please go to the first school registration centre.

Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

Try for Phase 2C after successful registration under Phase 2B?

Hi, need advise on whether it is possible to still go for Phase 2C registration after securing a registration under Phase 2B in another school.  If yes, what needs to be done?  Just want to be very very sure.  

so long as ur mum is not

so long as ur mum is not working, u’ll get a1-2km card


Statutory declaration

Hi I just change to part time work. My mum is still the care giver of my sons. Every morning we will send the boys to the my mum’s place. My boy will leave for school at my mum’s place. Now I cant use her address. But I work 30 hours a week. Any one know if there is any chance to get a statutory declaration.


Heard that Sembawang

Heard that Sembawang Primary is good but stressful.

re:best primary school in sembawang

how about canberra primary?

PV at Chongfu School

I just signed up to be a PV at Chongfu School, and I was told that the applicants will be shortlisted for interview, after which they will select the successful candidates.  When I asked about success rate, they wouldn’t say.  Anyone has any experience going through the interview, or have any info about how they select the PVs at Chongfu?

best primary school in sembawang

can anyone suggest which is the best primary school in sembawang?

Hi Kancheongmama IMO, no

Hi Kancheongmama

IMO, no much use seeking MP’s help but also no harm trying. Meanwhile, have an alternative plan, eg shift & stay at your parents’ place for the next few years; or alternative primary school.

I would also suggest that you post your query at KSP forum, as more parents frequent there and some might have tried something similar and may be able to share their experience with you. The link is below

Good Luck !

Thank you: PLMGPS

Thanks, I understand that the school is very popular. I still thinking whether to seek MPs help or not to do the statutory change.  🙁 In the meantime, am looking at other schools in that area. Thanks again. I have found this website extremely useful to my problem/situation so big kudos to the creators and maintainers of this site. 🙂

Hi Kancheongmama for the

Hi Kancheongmama

for the past 4 years PLMGPS filled all its remaining vacancies in Phase 2C. No more vacancy after that.

And for 2008 and 2009, the balloting were for those within 1-2 km.

Another word, your chances are very slim since you stayed > 2km.

P1 Registration for next year (babies born in 2004)

Hi everyone anyone

First time this year doing P1 registration and am at a completely lost. MOE told me that in order to declare my child under the statutory declaration both parents must be working but this year my husband is studying full time so dont qualify. Now i cant use my mothers address (her caregiver). Does anyone know if asking help from an MP will be of any use?

Another question is if I still go ahead and apply under Phase 2C (those out of the 2km range), what happens if my child does not get into the school? Is there any chance to get into PLMGPS (it’s right opposite my mother’s place) if I stay in Pasir Ris?

Hope somebody will be able to answer my questions. Thank you so so much.


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Lowest baby year

Hi Mummies,

It was mentioned that last year’s P1 registration was 39000. Correct me if I’m wrong. What about  2004 ? Is it lower ? I am thinking of putting my gal in my former school under Phase 2A2. Wish to know the success rate. Can anyone advise please ?

Babies born in 2004

Hi ChiefKiasu,

Do you have any statistics about estimated number of babies born in 2004 ?

Primary School Fever

I bet all parents are having headache when it comes to choosing of Primary school especially for those First Time Parents…Blur also..

Wanna know… which school is better Princess Elizabeth or St Anthony Primary?? I stay at Bt Batok but St Anthony is at Bt Gombak..i’m not sure if my son can go to that school… Registration won’t be so early but i guess not only myself but other parents are doing their homework to get a good school for their kids… Anyone can help? Thanks a million!

How to find a seat for international student?

Can you give me any advices for finding a seat for next new primary 1?

Thank you! 

gd luck you everyone for

gd luck you everyone for balloting for 2c

U are absolutely right...

shizta… thanks for informing.  Yes… it should read 4 Aug.  I’m really getting sloppy these days.  Will change it after the balloting next week.

Header for the Table

Hi Chief

Think the date for the table header should be for 4 Aug.

Currently read as – 2009 (As of 4th Jul 2009 End of Phase 2C).


which is better school


can someone tell me which is better ahmad primary school or yishun primary school.


Can be found at the MOE

Can be found at the MOE website… They announced the date by various phrases one.

Announcement of schools that need balloting

Anyone have any idea when will MOE release the table for the list of schools that need balloting this year? 

would CHIJ and ACS be accepting applicants for 2C?

i guess that would answer my qtn. thanks.

It'll be easier to

It’ll be easier to understand if you can state which school u are referring to. Do note that CHIJ (St Nicholas) and ACS(Pri) are not conducting balloting under 2B this year although the number of applicants exceed the number of places because it happened that number or people that fall within a certain distance category matches exactly the number of places they have. Hence those staying out of that distance category are out automatically, no need to ballot. 



Allocated places for Phase 2C

Can anyone clarify on the policy for places allocated for 2C….As I understand the policy is that remaining places after 2A2 will be divided between 2B and 2C.  I’m curious about a school that has about 50 vacancies after end of 2A2 and had say 48 applicants for 2B.  This school wasn’t listed for schools undergoing balloting, but with 48 applicants and half of 50 places allocated for 2C, won’t there be a need to ballot the 48 applicants against the 25 available places for 2B?  Unless I’m not understanding the policy correctly….

Thanks for pointing out the mistake!

Absolutely.  Thanks for highlight the mistake to us!

Error in red box in the article

I think the text in the red box should read "Balloting required at <1km" and not "Balloting required at 1-2km"?