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Singapore Primary School Syllabus

Getting into the best Primary school you can have is only the start of a six year journey of discovery where you will learn to discard all the “old school” learning and teaching methods that you were used to during your time in school, in favor of the latest pedagogical methods instituted by the Ministry of Education to fine-tune education, ostensibly to cater to the projected manpower requirements of future generations of Singaporeans.

As parents, it is necessary that we are well tuned to what our children are expected to learn and know at various levels of their Primary school lives.  For parents with pre-school children, this knowledge will also help shape the selection of enrichment programmes for the kids.

Here is the latest Primary school subject syllabus for your reference:

  • Humanities and Aesthetics
    • Art & Craft (2002)
    • Civics & Moral Education
    • Health Education (2007)
    • Music (2008)
    • Physical Education (2006)
    • Social Studies (2006)
  • Languages
  • Sciences
    • Mathematics (2007)
    • Science (2008) (Only for Primary 3 and above)



Primary 1 registration 2010

Hi, does anyone know when the schedule and dates for Primary 1 registration for 2010 will be available?

P1 registration 2010

Dear parents

I have exploring the feasibility of renting an apartment within 1km of school of choice. Is this approach workable and are there any terms and conditions that I need to be aware of to prepare for the registration in Phase 2C this year.

Thanks much.


Hi, having gone thru the nightmare of PSLE, I’d say ACS becase if he score 235 or more, can go ACS(I) or ACS(BR), if less can go ACS(BR) which will take back as many old boys as possible and they have 2 normal class so even 190+ also can.  He’ll also get 2 points off for ACJC if he goes to ACS (I) / ACS (BR).  For SJI(J), less than a quarter will make it back to SJI as the COP is 235 (and may rise).

is ACS better or SJI

is ACS better or SJI better? Friend told me that boys in SJI r more cheerful and happy….

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