Singapore Primary Schools Ranked By Popularity


(Updated 18 Oct 2008) Smart KiasuParents do not target a school where we have little chance of getting into.  The Popularity Ranking for Primary Schools is meant to let parents appreciate the odds of getting their children into their dream schools.  “Popularity” is measured as the perceived difficulty of getting a place in the school based on the previous 2 years’ Primary 1 registration status.

We have changed our methodology for measuring popularity into a 2 step process:  We first count the number of times the school is involved in a ballot situation, with higher weightages given to distances below 1km and 2km.  Next, we sort by the average number of applications versus the number of vacancies for a school in Phase 2C over the past 3 years.  Naturally, schools which are several times oversubscribed over the past 3 years, (ie. >100% of available places) will float up to the top.

As our data is incomplete (we only have 2008 and most of 2007’s data), we can only average over 2008 and 2007.  In cases of missing data, we simply used the following year’s numbers as the average value.

Note that this list would be updated after every Primary 1 Registration exercise.

 Balloting required for <1km  Cut-off, no balloting for <1km
 Balloting required for 1-2km  Cut-off, no balloting for 1-2km
 Balloting required for >2km  Cut-off, no balloting for >2km
No Color = No balloting required for that Phase
Cut-Off = There were an exact number of applicants within one of the 3 distance bands
TUR = Cumulative Take-Up Rate at the end of the Phase
APP = Number of Applicants versus available places for that Phase
School2008 Phase 2C2007 Phase 2C2006 Phase 2CAverage APPBallot Count
CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’174%173% 173%18
Catholic High175%135% 149%18
Ai Tong163%134% 144%16.5
Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)132%123% 126%14
St Hilda’s Primary387%219% 275%13.5
De La Salle221%214% 216%13.5
Nan Chiau Primary306%  306%13
Tao Nan136%165% 155%13
Nanyang Primary113%124% 120%12.5
Chongfu Primary175%141% 152%12
Kong Hwa137%159% 152%12
Rosyth247%331% 303%11
Holy Innocents’ Primary154%146% 149%11
Pei Chun Public125%155% 145%11
CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh)138%126% 130%11
Methodist Girls’ School (Primary)116%121% 119%11
Henry Park Primary126%141% 136%10.5
Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)126%137% 133%10.5
Nan Hua Primary314%160% 211%10
Red Swastika144%227% 199%10
St Anthony’s Primary193%165% 174%10
Northland Primary233%126% 162%10
Temasek Primary161%147% 152%10
St Andrew’s Junior143%142% 143%10
Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’118%140% 132%10
Fairfield Methodist Primary119%103% 108%10
Rivervale Primary349%  349%9
Rulang Primary190%345% 293%9
West Grove Primary301%253% 269%9
Jurong West Primary190%260% 237%9
Mee Toh228%  228%9
South View Primary176%209% 198%9
Woodlands Ring Primary133%180% 164%9
Admiralty Primary147%164% 158%9
Chongzheng Primary205%125% 152%9
Princess Elizabeth Primary121%159% 147%9
Evergreen Primary174%131% 145%9
St Joseph’s Institution Junior166%133% 144%9
Canberra Primary144%  144%9
East Spring Primary118%152% 141%9
Gongshang Primary150%131% 137%9
Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary121%130% 127%9
Woodgrove Primary126%109% 115%9
Hougang Primary124%101% 109%9
Poi Ching103%104% 104%8.5
Pasir Ris Primary121%163% 149%8
White Sands Primary116%126% 123%8
Maha Bodhi124%120% 121%8
Xinmin Primary124%109% 114%8
Keming Primary129%107% 114%8
Yu Neng Primary111%108% 109%8
Compassvale Primary166%  166%7
Jiemin Primary137%142% 140%7
Anderson Primary122%145% 138%7
Bukit Panjang Primary145%109% 121%7
Unity Primary101%102% 102%7
Hong Wen164%  164%6
Radin Mas Primary139%  139%6
St Stephen’s128%139% 135%6
Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary131%120% 123%6
CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity127%115% 119%6
CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel110%117% 115%6
CHIJ (Kellock)113%  113%6
Singapore Chinese Girls’ Primary110%  110%6
Shuqun Primary102%113% 110%6
Clementi Primary110%107% 108%5
Yew Tee Primary101%86% 91%5
Raffles Girls’ Primary186%192% 190%4.5
CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace115%131% 126%4
Maris Stella High123%122% 123%4
River Valley Primary130%118% 122%4
Fuchun Primary107%107% 107%4
Jurong Primary119%86% 97%4
Beacon Primary136%98% 111%3.5
Zhangde Primary129%100% 110%3
Xingnan Primary111%101% 104%3
Greenwood Primary111%95% 100%3
Geylang Methodist School96%102% 100%3
Telok Kurau Primary70%98% 89%3
Bendemeer Primary71%  71%3
St Margaret’s Primary100%  100%2
CHIJ (Katong) Primary125%85% 98%2
Fengshan Primary88%84% 86%2
Kheng Cheng72%89% 83%2
St Anthony’s Canossian Primary80%95% 90%1
Ngee Ann Primary100%79% 86%1
St Gabriel’s Primary73%73% 73%1
Marymount Convent64%51% 56%1
Cedar Primary54%55% 55%1
Elias Park Primary65%92% 83%0
Casuarina Primary71%87% 82%0
Greenridge Primary83%77% 79%0
Punggol Primary55%89% 78%0
Tanjong Katong Primary73%79% 77%0
Tampines North Primary89%68% 75%0
Ang Mo Kio Primary93%63% 73%0
Endeavour Primary71%  71%0
Edgefield Primary67%  67%0
Changkat Primary74%63% 67%0
Gan Eng Seng Primary66%  66%0
Meridien Primary79%58% 65%0
Concord Primary61%66% 65%0
Townsville Primary68%62% 64%0
Haig Girls’69%60% 63%0
Zhenghua Primary52%67% 62%0
Yangzheng Primary63%60% 61%0
Chua Chu Kang Primary54%65% 61%0
Sembawang Primary61%  61%0
Woodlands Primary66%58% 61%0
Innova Primary83%49% 61%0
Teck Ghee Primary56%61% 59%0
Park View Primary64%54% 58%0
North View Primary49%57% 54%0
Pei Tong Primary48%57% 54%0
Ahmad Ibrahim Primary42%58% 53%0
Jing Shan Primary36%61% 52%0
Queenstown Primary44%56% 52%0
Greendale Primary52%  52%0
New Town Primary51%52% 51%0
Fuhua Primary35%59% 51%0
Lakeside Primary60%44% 49%0
Yishun Primary77%35% 49%0
Wellington Primary49%  49%0
Lianhua Primary45%49% 47%0
Bedok Green Primary48%47% 47%0
Xishan Primary42%49% 46%0
North Vista Primary46%  46%0
Huamin Primary36%51% 46%0
Mayflower Primary43%47% 46%0
Yumin Primary53%41% 45%0
West View Primary32%51% 45%0
Bukit View Primary53%39% 44%0
Canossa Convent Primary46%42% 44%0
Dazhong Primary15%58% 44%0
Seng Kang Primary43%  43%0
Eunos Primary39%44% 43%0
Xinghua Primary25%50% 41%0
Qifa Primary40%41% 41%0
Pioneer Primary61%29% 40%0
Montfort Junior43%37% 39%0
Peiying Primary39%37% 38%0
Da Qiao Primary40%37% 38%0
Anchor Green Primary36%  36%0
Qihua Primary40%32% 34%0
Yuhua Primary25%38% 34%0
East View Primary24%38% 33%0
Tampines Primary27%37% 33%0
Fernvale Primary32%  32%0
Damai Primary26%35% 32%0
Marsiling Primary25%32% 30%0
North Spring Primary29%  29%0
Naval Base Primary26%31% 29%0
Junyuan Primary31%28% 29%0
Boon Lay Garden Primary29%29% 29%0
Coral Primary24%31% 29%0
Bukit Timah Primary23%31% 28%0
Si Ling Primary21%31% 28%0
Corporation Primary26%28% 27%0
MacPherson Primary21%30% 27%0
Kranji Primary14%31% 25%0
Zhonghua Primary19%28% 25%0
Stamford Primary25%  25%0
Yio Chu Kang Primary17%23% 21%0
East Coast Primary21%19% 20%0
Opera Estate Primary20%18% 19%0
Loyang Primary16%19% 18%0
Teck Whye Primary20%17% 18%0
Farrer Park Primary18%  18%0
Hong Kah Primary13%19% 17%0
Griffiths Primary13%19% 17%0
Juying Primary14%17% 16%0
First Toa Payoh Primary20%13% 16%0
Balestier Hill Primary14%  14%0
Qiaonan Primary6%14% 11%0
Guangyang Primary9%12% 11%0
Blangah Rise Primary7%  7%0
Bedok West Primary2%6% 4%0

2014 updates?

Ya… i’m looking for latest update for this table as well, preparation for my daughter for enrolment in next 2 years (start to doing some survery over here:) )… is anyone can be so kind to direct me to the correct and latest link to get this piece of useful info please? Thanks…!

2014 updates?

Wonder if there is an update to this useful chart… perhaps within the forum?

CHIJ Queen of Peace. Thanks

I am considering this primary school for my daughter born in 2008.

Any feedback or review to share? Thanks! 

Is Mayflower primary school a good school?

I am confused between choosing mayflower primary school and Teck Ghee Primary School. Which is better? Are they of similar standards? Is Anderson Primary School much better than Mayflower Primary School? Please advice me.

Take up rate

Can someone please explain the concept of take-up rate?

Good Primary School Near Novena area.

Dear All,

Currently my 7yrs old daughter is going to a local primary school. But this school is too far from my home. She need to wake up at 5am and it’s been to difficult for her. Could anyone can suggest good primary school near Novena. Would be greatfull!

An Updated List?

Hi Chief,

The "Singapore Primary Schools Ranked By Popularity" is very useful.

I was wondering when an updated list with 2009 and 2010 data is available. 🙂


hi, honestly, i understand


honestly, i understand that both schools (chij and rgps) are good,  however, how sure are u to get into rgps? if u are not  very sure that u can get balloted into rgps, the safest way is to go back to chij (though i can also understand how inconvenient it gets).  Rgps is not affliated to rgs, even it might be if one day, as rgs is the top school in spore, noone can be sure of the child’s result in psle. where as, chij has always given pirority to its very own girls…

Which primary school in AMK will you recommend?

Looking for a good co-ed school in AMK, or any other areas near AMK, since I have children of both genders. Any recommendation? It’s going to be our first time involving in Pri 1 registration, so we are very concerned and anxious.

Is Teck Ghee Primary School coming forth as one worth considering for Pri 1 registration?

What do you think of Geylang Methodist Primary School?  Just being curious….


RGPS or CHIJ Toa Payoh (Primary)???

I am an old girl of CHIJ Toa Payoh and had always thought that I’d send my daughter there. However, CHIJ will be relocated to Geylang Bahru next year and the distance from my house is quite far. As such, I am now considering sending my daughter to RGPS, which is within 1 km of my home. The main drawback of RGPS is that P1 is still in the afternoon session and I am afraid that the environment at RGPS is very stressful (for bot me and my daughter) since some people have commented on the "teach less, learn more" policy there.

Any comments or advice on where I should send my daughter????? I need your help since I have less than 2 months to decide now… 🙂





we are not within 1-2km bewteen any schools where we stay


can anyone advice me what can i do if we are not staying even 2km within any nearby schools.I really wish to get my girls into the schools which i was looking.I try speaking to those schools but was sadly rejected as told we need to be at lest within 2km otherwise chances is low.Is balloting the last resource?I do not wish my girl to end up in a school of which is not my choice.

Can someone with a good heart advice what is the best solution without ending in a wrong school?

2009 Statistics for Pri One Admission Popularity Ranking?

Will there be 2009 Statistics for Pri One Admission Popularity Ranking?

You are looking at the wrong table...

… if you are trying to determine balloting in Phase 2B.  Look at this page instead if you want the balloting history of RGPS.

How to tell whether any Ph 2B balloting?

Take RGPS as an example.  Both 2008 and 2007 shows that Ph 2C balloting only for >2km (so those staying <2km automatically get in).  But since the places are split 50:50 between Ph 2B and Ph 2C, just by looking at the table, there is no way I can tell whether there is any balloting at Ph 2B, right?

Chossing Yang Zheng or CHIJ OLN

My doubt almost same as Majella, I stay at Serangoon Central & my gal 6 yrs old too, I am doubt whether to register her to CHIJ OLN (under phase 2A1)  or Yang Zheng (under phase 2C), for myself I more preferred Yangzheng Pri Sch but my husband always quarrel with me over this matter is he insist to send our gal to CHIJ OLN as this is girls school.  I really confused and the date for register P1 coming soon, hope any friends can give me advise please.


Thank you a lot and deeply appreciated.

Choosing between Paya Lebar Methodist Girls & CHIJ (OLGC)


My daughter is in K2 and for P1 admission soon. I stay at Serangoon Central. Initially I was keen to admit her to Paya Lebar MGS. However I realised that we in the 1-2 km and fall into phase 2c which is balloting.

Also the school has afternoon session for Primary 1 and I am not happy about that. Am considering putting her in CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel or CHIJ (Nativity). As we come from the same religious denomination, it would be easier for my daughter to get in with ease.

My questions are:
1. Can I have your comments about how to chose which CHIJ is more popular and academically which school has done better

2. Would you outrightly recommend PLMGS instead of CHIJ?

I am confused. Pls advise

Hi ChiefKiasu, I went to

Hi ChiefKiasu,

I went to SLA and check the distance for the schools which falls within 1km….results : Only two schools -Pei Hwa & MGS.

According to u…seems like even if is within 1km i still need balloting ya….so was wondering you know about Pei Hwa’s PV….or any body can help ot give some advise ….if i need to start PV …how many years ahead????Am i late or a good time…got a 2005 boy!


Bukit Timah schools

You’re welcome.  From the Bukit Timah balloting history in the last 3 years, children staying within 2km of RGPS have all been successful in getting a place in RGPS.  Nanyang is the one that is the most difficult to get in for that region – balloting is required even for those staying within 1km.  Also, given its outstanding performance in the recent years for PSLE, I’m sure NYPS will be hotly contested this year.

If you have only girls, it may make sense to try to get a place under 2km of RGPS.  If you have both girl/s and boy/s, you can try your luck for Nanyang or Pei Hwa or Henry Park which are co-ed, failing which Bukit Timah Primary is always a good fallback option.

Thanks for great advice!

I’m quite clueless about the whole primary school admission system, and really appreciate your detailed explanation which helps my understanding.

We are planning to buy a place during this economic downturn and considering whether we should move closer (within 1km) to MGS, Henry Park, RGPS or Nanyang around Bukit Timah area.

Based on your data, RGPS seems to be my safest bet? So scared that if I commit to a property near MGS or Nanyang, and then didn’t get ballot! If really like that, then how? Can only settle for Bukit Timah Primary?

What is Ballot Count?

A school can encounter balloting situations whenever the number of qualifying applicants/registrants exceed the number of places allotted for a specific phase during the annual Primary One Registration exercise.  The Ballot Count used in the context of this article refers to the total number of times a school had balloting situations over the last 3 years, weighted against the distance that it occurs.  So it is 3 points for balloting under 1km, 2 points for balloting between 1-2km, and 1 point for balloting over 2km.  For situations where there was cut-off without balloting, ie. if there were exactly 10 places for the 10 children staying within 1km and none of those that stayed outside of 1km even get a chance to ballot, we add 0.5 points more weight to that incident.

Green 186% in Phase 2C means that the total number of applicants at all distances exceed the total number of vacancies for Phase 2C by 86%.  All those staying within 2km are considered registered without balloting.  Assuming that this group represents x% of the total number of vacancies, the probability of winning a ballot is (100 – x) / (186 – x).  So if 99% of the places are taken up by kids staying within 2km, the probability of winning a place if you stay outside of 2km is 1/87 !  So while it is true that you have at best a 100/186= 53% chance of winning the ballot assuming ALL applicants are outside of 2km, at worse, you may only have a 1% chance of getting into that school.  You need to ask the school during the last day of balloting how many parents staying less than 1km and 2km have applied to get a feel of what you are really up against.

That is why people want to stay near the popular schools.

Only in situations where balloting is required for under 1km (marked in RED) can the take-up rate be used to represent the real probability of parents winning a ballot, since ALL parents in that group will have to stand for balloting.

What is Ballot Count?

What does the Ballot Count numbers mean? How to interpret?

In the primary school ranking, 186% (2008) for RGPS means there are 86% more applicants staying >2km, and therefore required balloting for this particular phase? This means that applicants staying within 1 and 2km are admitted? So easy to get into RGPS?

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