Smartfish – Brainfood for your children

Looking for a nutritional supplement that is beneficial to your kid’s brain development, learning capability and immune defense? Look to the ocean for marine Omega-3.

Marine omega-3s, including DHA, EPA and DPA, are polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are essential for a healthy heart, eyes and brain. Research also shows that taking marine omega 3 improves the cognitive functions in children, enhance learning capabilities and the ability to focus.

Unable to be produced in the body, omega-3 is most abundantly found in fatty deep-sea fish such as salmon, trout, mackerel and tuna. Apart from eating these fish, fish oil supplements will also give your children the omega-3 fatty acids they need.

The fish oil in Smartfish is from salmon farmed in Norwegian fjords. It is fully traceable and manufactured according to the highest quality standards, holding GMP and Kosher certificates. Research shows that taking Smartfish (marine omega 3) improves the cognitive functions in children and enhances learning capabilities.

Other benefits of Smartfish:
  • Clinically documented quality and health benefits
  • High in DHA (245mg) and EPA (245mg)
  • Smooth, creamy with a natural apricot-lemon flavour
  • Hygienically packed in convenient individual sachets

Cod liver oil ≠ Fish Oil

Parents should take note that fish oil and cod liver oil are different nutritional supplements. 

Cod liver oil, the name implies, is taken from fish liver of the cod white fish and a major source of vitamins A and D. The former vitamin can help the bones, teeth and hair growth, while the latter can maintain healthy bones and teeth. Normally, a balanced daily diet consisting of dairy products and dark-colored vegetables such as carrots, plus exposure to the sun would sufficiently provide our needed vitamins A and D. So adding on too much vitamin A and D through supplements may not be a good thing.

This is because Vitamins A and D are fat-soluble, i.e. our bodies have a hard time getting rid of them when consumed in excess. Accumulation in the body can result in poisoning.

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