Smelly Bill Books

"It’s about a dog who is very smelly becos he doesn’t like to bathe. His nemesis is Great Aunt Bleach (GAB) who likes to clean everything and never shys away from a challenge. The books are typically about the cleaning war between GAB and Smelly Bill (and sometimes plus his gang) – GAB usually emerges the winner. 

Books are written in a rhyming style with big fonts, colourful pictures, and picturesque words. My 3y/o and 6 y/o kids loved it becos it’s full of action and drama (I had to read the warring parts thrice for my kids in 1 sitting). Books not thick, can finish easily in minutes." hquek

"This is one my favorite bedtime books for my 4 year old – A great rhyme, very funny (to both of us). Bill’s glee in his dirtiness is infectious and his struggle with the obsessively clean dogsitter is captivating while simple. " Amazon reviewer

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Thanks for sharing 🙂

thanks for recommendation.

thanks for recommendation.

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