Solution for Nail Biters

I bought a Nail Bites solution from polyclinic when my girl wudn’t stop sucking her thumb till it bled and left a scar. Self soothe, yes, i get that. But not until she’s like sooo big, right? It was recommended to me by another girlfriend whose son bites his nails. Rolling Eyes

Looks like nail polish. Easier to trick the girls. Hehee.. But when in mouth… woo-yee-yow! Yee-hah! Bitter as heck and whatever bad habits to do with fingers, hands, nails, FOOT? Shocked …. whatever lah, that likes to be placed in mouth….. it stopped. Period.

One taste of that thing and anyone will just refuse, just stop that bad habit.

Only factor to digest…. cannot pity-pity baby kinda attitude lor… like sayang-sayang my poor thing…  Let’s forget about that nail polish, hun… Go bite yer nails all you want… Laughing Wuakakakah! Must be decisive and persevere! Cool

Some product information:

  • Pickles Nail Bite Lotion 15ml.
  • Directions:
    • To stop nail biting, use the brush and apply the lotion around
      and under the nails. Allow to dry. Re-apply after washing and
      before bedtime. Not suitable for children under 2 years.
  • Ingredients:
    • Alcohol denat, Denatonium benzoate, Menthol.
  • Precautions:
    • Keep out of reach of children. HIGHLY FLAMMABLE. Keep away from sources of ignition. No smoking during application. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep away from polished surfaces. For external use only. The extremely bitter taste may rarely cause nausea or vomiting.
  • Manufactured by:
    • J Pickles Healthcare. * Knaresborough, HG5 OEA, England.

Found this article when i was having some issues with nail biting and stuff. Just share with you. Wink

Nail-biting (onychophagia) is a common stress-relieving habit.  You may bite your nails in times of stress or excitement, or in times of boredom or inactivity. It can also be a learned behavior from family members. Nail-biting is the most common of the typical "nervous habits," which include thumb-sucking, nose-picking, hair-twisting or -pulling, tooth-grinding, and picking at skin.

You may bite your nails without realizing you are doing it. You might be involved in another activity, such as reading, watching television, or talking on the phone, and bite your nails without thinking about it.

Nail-biting includes biting the cuticle and soft tissue surrounding the nail as well as biting the nail itself.

Who bites their nails?

People of all ages bite their nails.

About half of all children between the ages of 10 and 18 bite their nails at one time or another. Nail-biting occurs most often as teens are going through puberty changes.

Some young adults, ages 18 to 22 years, bite their nails.

Only a small number of other adults bite their nails. Most people stop biting their nails on their own by age 30.

Boys bite their nails more often than girls after age 10.

What treatments are available for nail-biting?

Several treatment measures may help you stop biting your nails. Some focus on behavior changes and some focus on physical barriers to nail-biting.

  • Keep your nails trimmed and filed. Taking care of your nails can help reduce your nail-biting habit and encourage you to keep your nails attractive.
  • Have a manicure regularly or use nail polish. Men can use a clear polish. Wearing artificial nails may stop you from biting your nails and protect them as they grow out.
  • Try stress-management techniques if you bite your nails because you are anxious or stressed.
  • Paint a bitter-tasting polish, such as CONTROL-IT or Thum, on your nails. The awful taste will remind you to stop every time you start to bite your nails.
  • Try substituting another activity, such as drawing or writing or squeezing a stress ball or Silly Putty, when you find yourself biting your nails. If you keep a record of nail-biting, you will become more aware of the times when you bite your nails and be able to stop the habit.
  • Wear gloves, adhesive bandages, or colored stickers whenever possible to remind you not to bite your nails.
  • Snap a rubber band on the inside of your wrist when you start to bite your nails so you have a negative physical response to nail-biting.
  • Children may bite their nails more often when they are having problems at school or with friends. Talk with your child or his or her teacher about any new stress at school. Children are more likely to stop biting their nails when they understand what may trigger it. It is also important for your child to help choose a treatment method so he or she can use the treatment successfully.

What problems can develop from nail-biting?

Nail-biting can cause your fingertips to be red and sore and your cuticles to bleed. Nail-biting also increases your risk for infections around your nailbeds and in your mouth.

Long-term nail-biting can also interfere with normal nail growth and cause deformed nails.

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Solution for Nail biting

The article seems to be quite interesting and informative about the solutions and treatments to stop nail biting. when I needed for a good solution for nail biting my friend advised me to go for Hypnosis and Hypnotheraphy and suggested a site They provided a good and effective solution for nail biting through Hypnosis and Hypnotheraphy..

U are most welcome, Buds!

U are most welcome, Buds!


Aaaaaaww… nmhmum…

You shouldn’t have… 

But geeezz….

Thank you so much for the compliment.

That definitely made my day, sweetie!  



No buds, she has not

No buds, she has not started on it., but thinking of starting soon. KS forum is really fortunate to have such a good contributor like you. If not we will not be able to know so many things in this forum. Thanks once again. You deserve to be called KS Grandmaster!

You're most welcome, nmhmum.

You’re welcome, nmhmum. Was reading through this again and

realilsed i missed replying to your doubt, so YIKES… better do so

now. Sorry for overlooking that comment.. hope your SIL hasn’t

started on it yet.


Thanks buds! Better let my

Thanks buds! Better let my sister in law know that she needs to wait until her DD turns two, then can use this nail bite lotion.

Thanks for the update, RRMummy..

Heyya RRMummy, very happy it worked for you and DD!


Let’s hope you don’t have to paint the nails anymore after

this, yeah.. Aniwaes, this solution is meant more for a

deterrent factor and i cannot imagine having to apply this

for long term use.


So thank goodness for that!




To play it safe...

Heyya mom2boys & nmhmum.. to play it safe, better to wait

till the kiddies are 2 years and above before trying on the nail

bites solution. As the side effects of putting it on younger children

aren’t stated there, it’s better to go as advised with the instructions

on the package. I started my girl then also beyond 2 years old…


Thanks Buds! It Worked!

Hello there,

If you are reading through this and wondering if it really works.. IT DOES!! 

I’m glad to to declare that I have finally got a chance to cut DD1’s fingernails after like ages!! She has not bitten it for the past 2 weeks.. in fact for the past 1 week, I did not have to paint her nails but I could see that it has not been bitten..

Thank you again for another great solution, buds!! 

WOW it's really super YUCKY!

Tried for DD1 on Saturday afternoon after our library trip and since DD2 wants to, I did hers as well. DD1 was so excited, we painted them right almost as soon as we paid ($12.30 @ Unity).  

DD2 kena first (she claims she was just toughing her lips)…putuii..ptuiii.. she was literary spitting into tissues from below our block till we manage to rinse and brush teeth at home…  DD1 also ‘got it’ after naptime while trying to steal a bite!! Blukh.. ptuii..ptuii..  also needed to rinse and brush to rid the after-taste…

err.. the thing is when they ate grapes (using hands), the taste also kena the grapes! I thought only if biting nails… Anyway, after that I gave them mini forks.. DD2 has since begged to not have nails painted which I granted since she is not the one with the bad habit.. DD1 is still on..

I guess we will not be seeing thissoon!   

Thanks a million buds!

No shower, save the earth! :)

buds, you have an environmentalist there in the making…Kids nowadays say the darnest things eh.. how could you say no to such a noble cause… 

hmm.. I have yet to start my gals on the morning shower routine… at what age did you start them on this? I can’t remember when I started as a child.. getting old, memory failure..Starting no protest?

Now getting them to wake up, brush teeth, finish milk, wipe face and body then change before 720am everyday is already very challenging.. 

Nails painting! :)

MLR thanks for sharing your experience… Your kiddo so cute, still remind you to paint his fingers woh.. 

i guess need to persevere, huh…I hope when i start with my DD1 it will work out..

When to stop applying...

This question… i suppose depends on the individual child.

I had to apply for my girl regularly for the first 2 weeks. Then, alternate days the following week. Followed by on and off until it stopped… Stopped as… i observed her looking at her thumb longingly aiming for a quick lick or suck… then when she almost put it in her mouth, she paused and puts it down then continues with her books or her toys.

Recently she is starting to bite her nails… yah RRMummy… i know what you mean on the sprouts thing. With outbreaks of so many kinds nowadays, the last thing i need is for my girls to put nail, finger, hands and whatever into the mouth. Haiz. Gotta start the nail polish treatment again lah..

With the younger girl, no such bad habits. Her nails are perfect and they look manicured… so jealous. No biting. No thumb sucking. Never needed pacifier. No nail biting. Geesh… just when i thought that what an angel this one can be, so perfect…. then came the "I don’t wanna shower…" Haiz. She’ll say things like – can save water by not showering so many times a day. Haiz. I go by the "no shower, no food" rule. I insist on them showering and brushing off those overnight germs in the mouth clean before eating in the morning.


DH bought it at Guardian,

DH bought it at Guardian, the one RRMummy mentioned.  1st application on last Thurs, it was a great success.  He really stops the habit.  Still we did 2nd application on Fri nite, no hands in mouth .  Weekend, very bz and lots of activities, so he was nicely distracted.  Last nite, it came back again  and when I took out the bottle, he happily stick out his hands and reminded me to apply all his fingers .  Tonite, he asked for it to be applied  ??!!  It did stopped him from putting his fingers into his mouth, but just wondering how long do I hv to ‘paint’ his fingers? Also, he stick out his tongue and give a tentative lick of his finger and goes YUCKS…..

Thks buds for your reply.

Thks buds for your reply. My niece is turning 2 years old soon. Don’t know this nail bites lotion suitable for her age or not?

suitable for 21mths old?

hi hi..found a similar nail bites lotion at the unity. cost about $13..but realised that all stated is above 2yrs..wonder if i try it out on my 21mth old son, is it safe? 

cos I can’t stand my son sucking his thumb until there’s an obvious split on it and he’s still sucking..funny thing is, teacher in CC say, during school hours, my boy has stopped sucking his thumb..

Probably... nmhmum...

Probably would, nmhmum…

But just one dot on the pacifier teat to begin with lah..

Aniwae, how old is she?


I never started my girls on pacifier knowing the reliance

on it just to keep baby quiet during the frustrating times,

would just lead to more future weaning off problems.

So no matter how difficult they were i just soldiered on

with other methods of pacifying them, without resorting

to pacifiers even as a last resort.


Just wonder anyone here

Just wonder anyone here know this nail bite lotion can applies to pacifier as well? My niece is very reliable on her pacifier.. so can this nail bite lotion be apply to the pacifier too so that she can stop on the pacifier?

Super Bitter is Good!

Hi buds, Super bitter is good.

Will check out Unity and polyclinic.. if still the abt same price will still buy. Maybe inflation made the price shoot up…

Surely hope it will end the nasty habit once and for all… since we caught her a few times before, now she does it in school… everytime, everyday got no nails to cut! Just a tiny bit sprout out, she will make sure it is taken care of.. haiz…


Hope it works for you!

Green Q and ckong, hope it works for you/them! Hehee!

I was sceptical about this Nail Bite too when i first heard of it,

but i guess i was deperate when i saw my girl’s skin (on her thumb)

bleeding on and off and left an unsightly scar which was an ugly reminder

of all the biting habit she failed to quit. So i tried it lor… Guess, it worked for her.

Didn’t have to try other stuff.


Cost of Nail Bite Lotion

Heyya RRMummy, thanks for the heads up! Yes, colourless content ala normal shiny nail polish when applied on the nails. Remember just one stroke of the lotion on each nail they like to bite or for the particular finger/thumb they like to suck… Kiddies have tiny nails! It is SUPER BITTER! And NOT like bittergourd definitely… I dun recall it being so expensive. Mebbe coz i bought mine from the polyclinic.


Will recommend to my

Will recommend to my sil. She has used few methods for her 3 yo son to prevent him fr keep sucking his thumb. But all failed. Hope this one will works.
Thanks for sharing! 🙂

Available at Guardian too...

Hi kiasuparents,

I definitely need to give this a try.. my DD1 is into nail biting 

I found it at Guardian. Selling over the counter @ $12.40!  White and pinkish box. The content was colourless.

Wonder how much it cost elsewhere… anybody?

Safe or Not Safe...

I can’t declare it "safe" per se… but i can say that my own experience

using it then… did not give any side effects to my girl, nor give her any

vomtting spress. Just one light brush on the designated nail,

finger or area… is sufficient.

No need to use reali like nail polish!    Yikes!

No need to brush until the nail look shiny…

This Nail Bite lotion gives off a deterent kinda taste, in my opinion…

And NO, it does not taste like bittergourd. Not at all.

I LIKE bittergourd…


Giving it a try

One of my friend’s boy also have this problem and she has tried so many ways to see how to stop him from doing that.

Am I right to say that it should be safe considering that it is sold in polyclinic? If so, I will recommend it to my friend. Thanks




Yea...same here. Didn't

Yea…same here. Didn’t work for my DD1. She continued to suck her fingers after a while. 🙁

I've heard of 1 failure

I’ve heard of 1 failure case – apparently the child put the thumb in the mouth, considered the taste, and continued sucking her thumb. Seems like that child don’t mind bittergourd (and taste). Her mother a bit…..

interesting product

My child never had nail biting problem before. but sometimes, she likes to put the finger into mouth. I guess that might be solution to that. too

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