Some Thoughts about the 2015 PSLE Results

For many parents, this is such a difficult time.

Last year, we were grappling with unusually low T-scores across the board. This year is the complete opposite. We are looking at really high T-scores across the board. How stressful it must be for parents to try and guess the COP for schools …unless they have the option of affiliated sec schools.

250 is often the magic no….for an indication of a very good score. As we can all see, it is so very arbitrary becos it means different things in different years.

You know what is the saddest part of this whole PSLE result madness? Many parents this year are actually being initially delighted with their children’s higher than expected T-scores and within minutes, finding out that many others have higher than expected T-scores too. Suddenly, their happiness is short-lived and a good score doesn’t seem that good anymore. I hope that parents are not letting this feeling affect their kids.

If your DC has scored higher than expected or about the same as expected, continue to be happy and work with your child to identify 6 good choices. If they have a dream school, no harm putting it as top choice if his/her score is not too far away from last year’s COP. But make sure the 2nd and 3rd choices are really sound.

If your DC has scored lower than expected, do not despair. Honestly, there are several terrific schools around in every range of COP. Pour over that thick MOE booklet, read the school reviews, talk to friends, visit the schools and make a great choice.

Remember, PSLE is not at all easy. It is ridiculous that one exam can determine the fate of so many. 12 year olds , like all human beings have good days and bad days. All they need is a bad day or two for a lower than expected T-score. Trust me, my DC was one of them.

So push all your anxieties aside, focus on the task ahead. No EESIS , nevermind! Worried about higher than expected COP for dream school , don’t fret…make a good 2nd and 3rd choice. Yes, easy for me to say when you/DC are worried, anxious but at the end of the day, this is an important decision that needs your full focus. You do need to make logical and carefully considered decisions.

All the best!

Not true.

Not every parent is the typical Kiasu type, and not every child is the typical “whatever” type. I missed my dream school by decimals, it felt so awful at first. The feeling I had when I entered the Exam room: If I do poorly, I cannot try again. However, what if I do poorly? It literally felt like it was gonna be the end of the world.

One exam does not determine the fate of children.

One exam will only determine the fate of the child if a parent has that attitude to begin with. Without that pre-notion, the parent can celebrate the child’s PSLE score, whatever that may be, and take comfort knowing that the right learning attitudes will bring the child further than what a school can do.

Well said!

Well said!

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