Some Tips For Writing Compositions

There are more to a good piece of writing than using good phrases. A piece of writing full of ‘good phrases’ with no interesting content will not ‘score’ well. Some students have a tendency to ‘overuse’ such phrases or use them inappropriately.

An excellent piece of work needs to have clear and appealing ideas and is supported with vivid details. The introduction must be effective and has the ability to arouse the interest of the reader. Some examples are : use of sounds, dialogues or flashbacks.

An example of a flashback:

Sitting in my cold, dark cell, I reflected and mourned on my dark, shadowy past….

Characters must be interesting and well-described. The use of relevant dialogues and description of appearance can bring life to the characters.


The pharmacist recoiled in terror and let out a blood-curdling scream.

Of course, interesting phrases must be used. Try to make the phrases specific and vary their usage. So instead of car, use phrases such as a red BMW. Use vivid verbs – such as scurried off instead of ran.

Pay attention to the sentence structure. Vary the length. Strike a balance between long and short sentences. Sometimes a short sentence can have a great effect on the reader.


There was no sign of the policeman; it was as quiet as a graveyard. I panted and gasped for air. There was a sense of triumphant feeling in me. I had escaped.

Try a different way of starting a sentence instead of using nouns or pronouns.


Grabbing a knife from a kitchen, I made my way out.

Shocked at the appearance of the stranger, the children fell silent.

Use good linking words and connectors well. eg Just then, without hesitation

Start and end well. A good ending will leave a lasting impression on the reader.


Murder. I had killed someone; taken away someone’s life. I crumpled my face with tears. Then I ran. I ran.

Last, but not least,there must not be too many mistakes in spelling, punctuation and grammar.

A random piece of writing from my son

 His clothes were torn and tattered, his hair messy and unkempt. His short stubble of a beard was not shaved, forming a greyish ring of hair around his mouth. A slight limp accompanied each step, for one skinny foot had a slipper on and the other did not. It was fairly clear that his clothes were scavenged from rubbish dumps, for he emitted a strong odor that encouraged people to silently retreat from him. His hat, which was worn down like all his other possessions, covered much of his greasy, slightly greying hair. His body was also caked in dust, his feet and hands grubby. A merry jingling accompanied the sound of his shuffling footsteps, inviting people to toss coins into the tin cans worn on the rags on his body.

He sensed the fact that everybody around him was subliminally clutching their possessions even closer to their bodies, as if the tramp should attempt to snatch them. Everyone’s noses were wrinkled in disgust at the smell of rancid milk that was emitted from him like a force field that prevented people from approaching him. Compassions and empathy for his state, it seemed, was not to be expected from these people, only curious stares andd nothing else. He was to be pitied, for even a little girl, who cannot be any older that six, years, was withdrawing from him and held her backpack and wallet closer. The tintinnabulation and feet shuffling on the rough gravel slowly faded away into the distance, along with the memory of the minor event that was the homeless beggar. The starved, tired beggar.



A good compo must have appropriate proportion too.

CSC is certainly an inspiring writer! Perhaps, you will be publishing a series of story books in future. We give u our support!

Btw, thought I give a little input too. A compo has an INTRO, a BODY and a CONCLUSION. Picture it like a human body. The head is the intro, the body is the mid section and the conclusion are the legs.

Some students like to use all the phrases that their teachers taught them in the intro. So the intro. becomes too long and mostly irrelevant, you ended up with a mammoth head in comparison to the Body. If the body is too short n lack substance, you will have a big big head with a small body. Not nice, right? Worst of all, most students do not know how to end the story well. So, they almost always write ‘ this incident will forever etch in my mind.’ Can you imagine a tiny stump for a leg. So, can you imagine how a badly written compo looks like in the form of a human body?

I always tell my kids in my centre that besides all the good phrases and grammars, the body which is where most of the CONTENT is, is the most important part of your story. The greater portion of the marks is allocated to the BODY SECTION. So lot of varieties of ‘meat, vegetables and desserts’ must go into the Body Section to make the story filled with up and down happenings. And to ensure the story does not become draggy, cut down on irrelevant sentences that tend to beat around the bush rather than build the climax.


thanks for the tips

thanks for the tips

Creative tips

Thanks for your creative tips for the budding writers !! Love to read a short story on this forum by yours truly using these links and suggestions!! We could all use some encouragement 🙂 for those ‘writers block moments’

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Yah, conclusion leh….

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Your writing inspires, csc!


I wonder what the pharmacist saw...

… that scared the living daylights out of him?  Tell me!  Tell me! Pleazzze?  Don’t leave it to my imagination!

Great set of tips, csc!  Thanks.

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