Spare a Thought for Less Privileged Kids

We are KiasuParents, and that means that we are concerned for our own kids.  But what about other kids that do not have parents like ourselves?  As orphans, or without parents to look after themselves, can they ever enjoy the same kind of enriched learning that we lavish on our own children?

Child At Street 11 Ltd. helps these children by having well-trained pre-school teachers focus on education and parent education.  It also networks with external agencies that have social workers, counsellors, educational psychologists, doctors and other professionals.

The Child at Street 11 programme is heavily subsidised by donors.  Parents from low-income and dysfunctional families cannot afford to pay fees as low as S$50 a month for full day care.

Donations help the centre improve the lives of children and adults.  Donations help to underwrite costs such as educational material, food and other operational costs.  All donations above $50 are tax deductible.

Click here to read more about how you can help these children.

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