Spark an Interest in Science through Fun Workshops this Holiday!

Do you know that every child is born a natural scientist with 3 innate skills which make us “Inquire, Investigate and Innovate”?  These days however, a child growing up today discovers only by a swipe of the finger. But there is so much more than the digital world!

Science Centre Singapore is proud to present Singapore’s only children’s science centre, KidsSTOP™ – a one of its kind edu-tainment centre for children aged 18 months to 8 years old. With 3,000 square metres of specially designed learning spaces and play zones, KidsSTOP™ aims to nurture each child’s IN-skills to inquire, investigate and innovate. The power to create lies in the hands of the next generation and KidsSTOP™ is where the children can “Imagine, Experience, Discover and Dream.”

Providing opportunities for both children and their parents to discover the wonders of the world in a safe, fun and hands-on environment, KidsSTOP™ plays an important role in exposing our next generation to science, technology, engineering and mathematics in their formative years.  In an environment specially designed for young children, trained science educators and early childhood specialists guide and facilitate play and learning in various thematic zones.

There are also educational programmes for kids.  Our programmes are structured around science concepts based on the different zones at KidsSTOP™.  They are organised in an interesting and child-centred manner and comprise activities such as story-telling, role play, puppetry, outdoor play, music, hands-on science activities and demonstrations.

Come school holiday, we are pleased to bring to you KidsSTOP’s Year-End Holiday Programmes.  These programmes focus on engaging kids’ senses and allow them to learn science in a fun unique and exciting manner this holiday!

Summary of our Year-End Holiday programmes:

1. Push or Pull – WoW so Cool!

2. The Science of Magic!

3. Fun with Kitchen Science II

To find out more or register online for any of the programmes, visit  


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