Spread the Kindness and Make this World a Nicer Place

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”….. Mark Twain

Kindness is one of the most admirable traits a person can have.  Though to many of us, kindness is a natural human instinct, and acts of kindness, including most of our thoughts just come naturally.  This however isn’t true for everyone, because for some, being kind is a hard thing, especially if you grow up in or are constantly around the type of environment that doesn’t really illuminate kindness.

In order to establish a kinder and gentler life, we must first transform our thinking.  If we always think of negative and hurtful things, words out of our mouth and our actions will spew a negative and hurtful energy.  This seems to hold truth for the opposite as well, because the more positive we think, the more positive our actions will become naturally without much effort.  So from this day forth, whenever you find yourself thinking negative or hurtful things, immediately stop yourself and reinforce these thoughts with positive thoughts. 

Be kind, for everyone you meet is, to a certain degree, fighting a battle daily.  Here are some suggestions on how to Spread the Kindness. It may be difficult for some initially, but once you’ve done it, you might be surprised how far kindness will take you. Not to mention how good it will make YOU feel giving to another.

1.  Be generous with your smile.  It’s free but can turn a challenging day into a brighter one.
2.  Surprise someone with an unexpected thoughtful gift no matter how small.
3.  Call and checkup or drop a note on Facebook on a friend to make sure they are ok.
4.  Volunteer time to help the poor and needy.
5.  Send a handwritten note, postcard or email telling someone why you appreciate them.
6.  Give to a person who seeks help without judging their intentions.
7.  Show up at your friend’s special events.
8. Remember your friend’s birthday and do something special for them.
9.  Accept, unconditionally the people around you.
10.  Share an act of kindness with a stranger e.g. helping the visually handicapped to cross the road, opening the door for a lady pushing a pram, etc.
I would like to add on to the last point… My hubby’s heart goes out to those old women who go around collecting carton boxes or empty cans and he will never fail to shove a $10 note (sometimes $50 depending on situation) to them whenever he sees one. To us it’s just $10 but to these people, it could mean a meal for the entire family, or a few meals for that one old lady. My 9 year old daughter likewise, has this tendency to whip out a $1 coin from her own pocket-money to donate to the less privileged, be it visually or physically challenged, whenever she sees one.
Remember, those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.  If you want others to be happy, practise compassion.  If you want to be happy, practise compassion
So, what are you waiting for? Spread the kindness around and make this world a nicer place!
Happy Mama

interesting infor :)

interesting infor 🙂

 tks for sharing

 tks for sharing

Augmum, thanks for dropping

Augmum, thanks for dropping by… 🙂

Happy mama, indeed with

Happy mama, indeed with kindness, compassion and generosity, will def makes this world a much better place to live in. thanks for sharing. :))

Yeah, Buds, give me a

Yeah, Buds, give me a FIVE!!

The immense joy we get in giving…. and yes, Kindness Begets Kindness… so the kind will be blessed!  


Gee.. didn’t realise i’ve/we’ve done them all as i read the list top down. 😉 Heheeheee.. Now on a serious note.. after all the kindness i’ve spread.. the smiles i’ve gained back.. the surprise someone gave me too.. the immense pleasure i felt from volunteering.. the reply notes i received in return.. the kids i made happy with my giving(s), the loud screams i get (of wow long time no see.. not celebrity hor) when i make that step into my friend’s get together.. the knowing look from mother in law saying i get it now.. and the almost toothless grin i got from the guy at the station who entertained me with his beautiful voice and guitar playing when he heard the many spare change sounds i dropped in his box topped with the thumbs up i got from the friend beside him.. the loud gam-sia i received from the wheelchair bound uncle who also gave my hand an affirmative squeeze with his wrinkly one… … … from all these (and more!) … … … what did i get?



A quiet calmness of serenity and peaceful bliss.. that i can share what little i can give with what little i have..



It just gives me an undescribable immense emotion bursting to the point of almost exploding… that though i never once expected anything in return, in actual fact i have been showered with so much more in return when i do think about it now… 



Something all the riches in the world cannot buy.



A blessed life.



Guess he’s still watching out for me, huh.. when i thought he left me behind a looonng time ago. Thanks.. i understand now.

You are welcome schweppes...

You are welcome schweppes… and thanks for your support! 🙂

Totally agree 100%. Kindness

Totally agree 100%. Kindness and humility are very important values to impart onto our children. Thanks for sharing.

You are welcome, Blurbee.

You are welcome, Blurbee. Thanks for dropping this note. You are so sweet.

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing. Totally agree. 施比受更有福.

Glad you find the article is useful.

Hi QuiteKSMum, I’m glad you enjoyed the article and find it useful.

As it is, each and everyone of us are already fighting a battle on our own, be it studies, work, family, relationship, kids’ health and studies etc. Parents have their set of worries.  Even kids are fighting a battle within their little self; exams, numerous homework, tuition etc.  So it will be good if everyone of us can display the element of compassion in us and this world will become a better place to live in.


Thanks for sharing...

Hi Happy Mama,

Thanks for sharing… think I’ll print this out to reinforce the kindness lesson to DS. You have brought your DD up well…compassion will make this world a better place…Cheers!

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