While I’m not professional or experienced enough to give good advice regarding story telling targeting preschooler audiences, I would like to share this wonderful clip on how author Mercer Mayer tells his story of "There’s An Alligator Under My Bed"; this book is available in the library and I’m sure you will be able to capture your child’s attention by reading it the way the author did.

Additionally, if you have difficulty getting your preschooler’s attention despite reading to them the all-time-favourite Dr Seuss classic collection, you can try tuning into the following clips for tips (for tips, i meant trying to imitate how the reader read that book ) on how to pace your reading and voice tonation (and also how to pronounce some of the ‘nonsensical’ words).

Dr Seuss ABC

Mr Brown can Moo

Green Eggs and Ham

Many more


Have Fun!

Knowing the nature of Youtube videos (that it may not be permanent; videos may be corrupted etc) and the junk and dangers of letting kids view its contents without supervision, parents are to exercise discretion when accessing the above links.


Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for sharing 🙂

Reading with Fathers...


RE: But then again, DH is really not familiar with these preschooler books and does not have the time to pre-read them first.

My dh is now having trouble pleging on the NLB’s 10000 Fathers Reading "Read A Story With My Dad" card (which ds brought home from sch) cos he does not have the patience to read with the kids. boo….



Hee hee, I am going to show DH your article. 

This is proof enough why DS always comes running to me when its reading story book time.  My DH is completely hopeless at engaging his interest cuz he reads straight from the book, while I tend to inject some drama in tone and action. 

That said, I must give credit to DH for regaling DS with stories of his childhood.  Even I enjoy listening to them

But then again, DH is really not familiar with these preschooler books and does not have the time to pre-read them first.

We all have our niche, don’t we

Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can read – Mark Twain


Thanks cute story. Tks for

Thanks cute story. Tks for sharing

actually you don't have to

actually you don’t have to start what preschool classes; if you start a storytelling session, sure will be fullhouse; don’t even need to prepare as much materials!

I only read that for my boy la. me shy la. the slowest GM around, what you think?


Really? Got demand? By your standard, okay anot harh jeda? 

Sure thing.. of course can be arranged. 

Chief can help me arrange for KSP-ers.. hor Chief.

Round up the group and i’m ONZ! 



Storytime Mood!

Jedamum! You seem to be in a story time mood these days!

Would love to hear YOU tell the story next time when we next

have a library meet up, aye? Love Mercer Mayer and love the link!

Thanks for sharing! Will show DD2 tonight and ask her who reads

better Mr Mayer or Mommy? Hahahahaa! 


you are welcome

do ensure that it is the correct link that you click (best is to read the commentary that some posted directly below the video; better still if you can do a preview) and never allow him to navigate by himself cos i do come across some junk videos under the guise of children titles.

thanks Jedamum for sharing

thanks Jedamum for sharing this wonderful resrouce! I think DS is going to have lots of fun watching the stories come alive!

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