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Strategies for Phase 2C


So you missed out on every one of the earlier Phases to get your child in the school you desire.  Now, you are faced with trying to succeed in the highly stressful Phase 2C.

While it is true that Phase 2C is stressful because everyone is trying to get into the very popular schools, and that everyone should just stick to the very sensible rule of thumb of going for the nearest school to their homes that are unlikely to feature balloting, we are KiasuParents afterall.  And KiasuParents don’t go out without a fight, no matter how slim the chance.

But here is the stark fact.  If you do decide to go for it, chances are high that you will be balloting, once again, during Phase 2C(S).  Why?

It’s because most other parents will think in the same way – as long as there is a chance to get into a “top” school, go for it.  They have an infallible conviction that there is always their 2nd choice school that they can go for in Phase 2C(S).

As a result, these 2nd choice schools become the top choice for parents who were balloted out of Phase 2C (sometimes over 50 parents could be trying to get a single vacancy in Phase 2C!).  So the whole cycle starts again.

Our advice to parents is that if we really have a second choice school that we are sure to get a place in Phase 2C, just go for it in Phase 2C.  Resist the temptation of trying to get that elusive vacancy in one of the incredibly popular schools.  In the best case, we will be feeling like we have won Toto, which, of course, feels great.  But in most cases, we don’t always win Toto, and we may end up with neither our 1st nor 2nd choice schools.

There are of course, cases where parents really have no choice but to try to get into the popular schools, because those are the nearest schools to them.  Our advice would be that unless you are within 1km of these schools, don’t try to join in the fray.  You would be throwing away your valuable Phase 2C priority of getting your 2nd choice school.

If you are within 1km of that popular school, you might wish to contemplate this.  While it is true that you will be in a balloting situation, it is also true that your odds are much better than someone who is more than 1km away.

For example, if a school has 50 places for Phase 2C and there are 100 applicants.  If 45 of these applicants are within 1km and the rest between 1-2km, then effectively, 55 applicants will be vying for the last 5 seats, with odds of 1 in 11.  The chance of success is less than 10%.

On the other hand if 55 of the applicants staying within 1km, then the 45 who stay beyond 1km will not even qualify for balloting.  So 55 applicants will have to fight for 50 seats, with odds of 1 in 1.1.  The chance of success is 91%!

So if you do stay within 1km of the school, it might be prudent to just go for that school if you really desire it.  However, you must be prepared with your 2nd choice school that you may have to register in Phase 2CS.

Do the following:

  1. Select 2 schools as your 2nd and 3rd choices.
    • The 2nd choice should be one that you will most likely be able to get your child in Phase 2C without balloting.
    • The 3rd choice should be one that you will most likely be able to get your child in Phase 2C(S) without balloting.
  2.  To do this, use
    • Start up your browser and enter as the URL.
    • Enter your home address’s postal code in the box.
    • Mouse over to the “Services” button.  A dropdown list will appear.  Move down to “School Query” and click.
    • In the SchoolQuery popup box, click on the “Find schools near a building” button.
    • Now, move the cursor over to the map and click on your home (which should already be highlighted and centred in the window).
    • Both schools within 1km (marked as Red) and between 1-2km (marked as Blue) will be displayed.
  3. Note down each of these schools.  Then refer to’s P1 Registration History to check each school’s balloting history.  The schools that have mostly uncolored boxes in Phase 2C and 2C(S) in the past 5+ years will be the candidates for your 2nd and 3rd choice schools, respectively.
  4. Now you must monitor the take-up rate (TUR) for Phase 2C very closely.  At the end of each day of the 3 day exercise, MOE will post the total number of registrations, so far, for each school.  This number will be reflected as the APP rate or rate of applications in’s P1 Registration History.  Unfortunately, MOE does not provide finer granularity that would inform parents of how many of the applicants are within 1km, between 1-2km or beyond 2km.  To find out, parents will have to call up the schools directly.  Try not to do this too often, because it is really tiring for staff to keep manually updating parents in this mode, and tempers could be short.  Ask nicely, and the staff will reciprocrate.
  5. You can also do some rough estimation yourself.  Based on 2010’s P1 registration data, we have found that generally:
    • 75% of applicants would have registered on Day 1
    • 14% of applicants on Day 2
    • 11% of applicants on Day 3 
  6. However, the above rates could be very different for some schools in the following ways:
    • For some popular schools, parents could be holding back until the last minute to place their bets.  This happened last year for Catholic High, where most of the applicants registered on the last day!  However, this is quite rare.
    • In most other cases, the traditional “2nd choice” schools are the ones that enjoyed the highest registration rates in Day 3, when parents gave up on their 1st choice schools and wisely went for the 2nd choice schools in Phase 2C.
    • Schools also help parents staying further than 1km away and who registered in Days 1 or 2, by notifying them when the number of applicants who stay nearer to the school have exceeded the quota. This allows parents to quickly withdraw from the school and activate their 2nd choice school in Phase 2C. This accounts for the negative rates for some very popular schools during Day 3 or even Day 2.
  7. Both mommy and daddy should be prepared to take leave on the afternoon of the 3rd day.  By noon, you should have decided on whether it is worthwhile to take the risk and register in that popular school, given the TUR in the previous 2 days.  You have to determine if you can stomach the odds if you go for your 1st choice school.  Otherwise, just go for your 2nd choice school.
  8. You can then go to the school to register.  For schools that have moved on to online registration, you can actually stay home to do it.  So hopefully, most schools will join the system by 2012.
  9. Those going for the 1st choice school are likely to have to ballot.
  10. If luck is not on your side, you will have to activate your 3rd choice school in Phase 2C(S).

We hope that the above steps can help to clarify a number of the questions we have received over the past month.  Good luck to all parents!

The table below is 2010’s applications for each school, broken down on day by day, so that parents can have a rough gauge of the percentage of applications for each school on each day.

Eg. for Admiralty, 82% of all applicants in Phase 2B applied in Day 1, 12% in Day 2, and 6% in Day 3.

School Day 1 % Day 2 % Day 3 %
Admiralty Primary School 82% 12% 6%
Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School 74% 12% 14%
Ai Tong School 66% 25% 9%
Anchor Green Primary School 75% 15% 10%
Anderson Primary School 96% 2% 2%
Ang Mo Kio Primary School 70% 21% 9%
Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) 70% 21% 9%
Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) 93% 0% 7%
Balestier Hill Primary School 65% 6% 29%
Beacon Primary School 81% 10% 8%
Bedok Green Primary School 60% 15% 24%
Bedok West Primary School 81% 19% 0%
Bendemeer Primary School 64% 18% 18%
Blangah Rise Primary School 63% 13% 25%
Boon Lay Garden Primary School 69% 18% 13%
Bukit Panjang Primary School 74% 13% 14%
Bukit Timah Primary School 42% 26% 32%
Bukit View Primary School 65% 13% 21%
Canberra Primary School 84% 12% 4%
Canossa Convent Primary School 80% 13% 8%
Cantonment Primary School 66% 14% 20%
Casuarina Primary School 79% 12% 9%
Catholic High School 29% 17% 53%
Cedar Primary School 71% 8% 21%
Changkat Primary School 74% 15% 11%
CHIJ (Katong) Primary 62% 16% 22%
CHIJ (Kellock) 60% 11% 28%
CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel 60% 20% 20%
CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity 64% 16% 20%
CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace 47% 14% 39%
CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh) 86% 10% 4%
CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School 69% 10% 21%
Chongfu School 80% 12% 9%
Chongzheng Primary School 86% 8% 7%
Chua Chu Kang Primary School 62% 18% 21%
Clementi Primary School 69% 15% 16%
Compassvale Primary School 89% 11% 1%
Concord Primary School 85% 5% 10%
Coral Primary School 77% 18% 5%
Corporation Primary School 84% 10% 6%
Da Qiao Primary School 75% 18% 8%
Damai Primary School 57% 14% 29%
Dazhong Primary School 83% 8% 8%
De La Salle School 74% 19% 7%
East Coast Primary School 63% 12% 24%
East Spring Primary School 71% 21% 8%
East View Primary School 67% 22% 11%
Edgefield Primary School 72% 18% 10%
Elias Park Primary School 72% 11% 17%
Endeavour Primary School 91% 6% 3%
Eunos Primary School 83% 5% 13%
Evergreen Primary School 83% 9% 9%
Fairfield Methodist School (Primary) 137% 9% -46%
Farrer Park Primary School 72% 19% 8%
Fengshan Primary School 102% 11% -13%
Fernvale Primary School 79% 12% 9%
First Toa Payoh Primary School 74% 12% 15%
Fuchun Primary School 90% 13% -3%
Fuhua Primary School 56% 12% 32%
Gan Eng Seng Primary School 69% 12% 19%
Geylang Methodist School (Primary) 76% 14% 10%
Gongshang Primary School 77% 15% 9%
Greendale Primary School 71% 27% 3%
Greenridge Primary School 81% 9% 10%
Greenwood Primary School 73% 23% 4%
Griffiths Primary School 89% 5% 5%
Guangyang Primary School 78% 0% 22%
Haig Girls’ School 74% 9% 17%
Henry Park Primary School 67% 10% 22%
Holy Innocents’ Primary School 89% 5% 6%
Hong Kah Primary School 79% 14% 7%
Hong Wen School 87% 13% 0%
Horizon Primary School 75% 14% 12%
Hougang Primary School 75% 12% 13%
Huamin Primary School 60% 21% 19%
Innova Primary School 84% 17% -1%
Jiemin Primary School 90% 10% 0%
Jing Shan Primary School 73% 22% 5%
Junyuan Primary School 81% 10% 8%
Jurong Primary School 83% 16% 2%
Jurong West Primary School 79% 12% 8%
Juying Primary School 76% 16% 8%
Keming Primary School 87% 15% -2%
Kheng Cheng School 67% 16% 18%
Kong Hwa School 88% 9% 4%
Kranji Primary School 59% 24% 18%
Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School 75% 14% 11%
Lakeside Primary School 68% 17% 14%
Lianhua Primary School 80% 14% 6%
Loyang Primary School 70% 7% 22%
MacPherson Primary School 67% 4% 30%
Maha Bodhi School 87% 12% 1%
Maris Stella High School 60% 21% 19%
Marsiling Primary School 68% 11% 21%
Marymount Convent School 46% 16% 38%
Mayflower Primary School 55% 27% 18%
Mee Toh School 74% 15% 11%
Meridian Primary School 84% 5% 11%
Methodist Girls’ School (Primary) 86% 19% -5%
Montfort Junior School 63% 19% 18%
Nan Chiau Primary School 74% 17% 9%
Nan Hua Primary School 79% 11% 11%
Nanyang Primary School 81% 12% 7%
Naval Base Primary School 73% 19% 8%
New Town Primary School 61% 14% 25%
Ngee Ann Primary School 58% 13% 29%
North Spring Primary School 80% 14% 7%
North View Primary School 67% 20% 14%
North Vista Primary School 75% 12% 12%
Northland Primary School 79% 15% 6%
Opera Estate Primary School 77% 13% 10%
Park View Primary School 79% 6% 15%
Pasir Ris Primary School 100% 3% -3%
Payal Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Primary) 89% 9% 2%
Pei Chun Public School 73% 16% 10%
Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School 82% 6% 12%
Pei Tong Primary School 82% 10% 8%
Peiying Primary School 66% 19% 15%
Pioneer Primary School 66% 16% 18%
Poi Ching School 78% 18% 4%
Princess Elizabeth Primary School 88% 12% 0%
Punggol Primary School 74% 13% 14%
Qiaonan Primary School 81% 19% 0%
Qifa Primary School 66% 13% 21%
Qihua Primary School 71% 12% 17%
Queenstown Primary School 43% 17% 39%
Radin Mas Primary School 83% 11% 6%
Raffles Girls’ Primary School 89% 34% -24%
Red Swastika School 88% 10% 2%
River Valley Primary School 104% 14% -18%
Rivervale Primary School 90% 9% 1%
Rosyth School 80% 17% 3%
Rulang Primary School 76% 14% 10%
Sembawang Primary School 72% 15% 13%
Seng Kang Primary School 73% 14% 13%
Shuqun Primary School 75% 14% 10%
Si Ling Primary School 58% 26% 16%
Singapore Chinese Girls’ Primary School 89% 7% 4%
South View Primary School 87% 15% -2%
St Joseph’s Institution Junior 74% 13% 12%
St. Andrew’s Junior School 119% -5% -14%
St. Anthony’s Canossian Primary School 62% 13% 25%
St. Anthony’s Primary School 79% 14% 7%
St. Gabriel’s Primary School 31% 20% 49%
St. Hilda’s Primary School 84% 13% 3%
St. Margaret’s Primary School 58% 15% 27%
St. Stephen’s School 59% 14% 27%
Stamford Primary School 59% 17% 24%
Tampines North Primary School 74% 16% 10%
Tampines Primary School 71% 17% 12%
Tanjong Katong Primary School 64% 11% 25%
Tao Nan School 65% 21% 14%
Teck Ghee Primary School 79% 11% 10%
Teck Whye Primary School 67% 22% 11%
Telok Kurau Primary School 82% 15% 3%
Temasek Primary School 109% 16% -26%
Townsville Primary School 71% 20% 8%
Unity Primary School 75% 13% 11%
Wellington Primary School 72% 16% 12%
West Grove Primary School 80% 14% 6%
West View Primary School 77% 13% 10%
White Sands Primary School 60% 29% 11%
Woodgrove Primary School 72% 7% 22%
Woodlands Primary School 71% 16% 13%
Woodlands Ring Primary School 80% 14% 6%
Xinghua Primary School 84% 10% 6%
Xingnan Primary School 70% 15% 15%
Xinmin Primary School 89% 9% 2%
Xishan Primary School 81% 9% 11%
Yangzheng Primary School 62% 21% 17%
Yew Tee Primary School 82% 10% 8%
Yio Chu Kang Primary School 77% 17% 7%
Yishun Primary School 78% 8% 14%
Yu Neng Primary School 76% 10% 14%
Yuhua Primary School 84% 7% 10%
Yumin Primary School 70% 16% 14%
Zhangde Primary School 77% 12% 11%
Zhenghua Primary School 72% 14% 14%
Zhonghua Primary School 70% 19% 11%

P1 Registration under 2C


Would be trying Phase 2C for my daughter tomorrow. Need confirmation if first-come-first-served is applicable for only Phase 3 or for 2C too?

I read earlier that it is only for Phase 3, but it was an old post. Just wanted to confirm if the rule is still the same.



Who can help to answer my question as below?

I’m a parent who qualify for phase 2B in Chongfu, but I stay in Woodlands. My question is if I failed in phase 2B, whether I’m still qualifing for phase 2C? Thanks!

Need advice

I need your guide/advice for my case:

I have 3 kids, 2 boys and 1 girl

My elder son is in St. Andrew and my second son will sure eligible to get a seat at that school in 2015 registration.

However, we are thinking to try on Pei Chun during next year registration because the school just behind my house (within 500m) and if he manage to get in then my youngest daughter will be able to go into the same school later.

I checked the data Pei Chun will need to ballot even within 1km. So do you think I should try my luck in this case?

When will there organize the balloting normally? I’m in the dilemma of choosing the right school for my 2 young one.

Thanks & wait for yr advice.

mother of 3






Thanks for the instructions.

Thanks for the instructions.

Phase 2b for west coast grc primary school

im a grassroot leader, eligible to apply for schools under 2b for west coast grc.but the problem is im a grl and a resident staying at jurong west. All the elite schools underwest coast grc like nan hua, pei tong, fairfield are going to be more than 3km from me. How u ended up in this hot soup? Due to the 2011general election, my Zone wascut off from pioneer and given to boon lay which happened to be west coast grc… i needed advise. I triedapply rulang as pv but was rejected. Rulang falls under jurong grc, hence i have no 2b entittlement…


Yes, red means balloting was conducted for within 1km. Another word, those staying beyond 1km were all not successful, no chance to ballot.

suggest you plan for another school, and monitor the registration stats for Gongshang.

Need help to understand Phase 2C

Hi I have a question, can help?

Am only eligible for phase-2C and in the 1-2km range from Gong Shang. From the balloting history, the App/Tur is red in colour every single year.

Q: Does it mean all places available in phase-2C were taken up by the <1km applicants, even before reaching those within 1-2km? Meaning even <1km applicants still need to ballot for a place?

Q: If so, would you advise to not even try GS and go straight to next-in-line option instead?


results out when ?

have a question here. 

when will the results of 2 A and 2 C be out ? From the MOE website, I can’t really tell. They only put when to register…

Competitve under Phase 2C SCs



Just imagine most parents are indeed very stressful eventhough they applied for schools which is < 1km, still need to ballot. The worst scenario is the total no. of applicants < 1 km had exceeded the no. of vacancies. We are talking about only 1st half of Day 1 around 11am.

Day 2 and Day 3 – expecting more applicants to come by that is those < 1 km. Those above 1 km needs to opt for second choice. In fact, the pie has been opened for more disappointed parents once balloting results are out on 7 Aug. Good luck to all of us.


Please help..

Im staying @ West coast and belongs to 2C – 2km for below schools of my choice.
1) Nan Hua
2) Qi Fa.

Alternatively, I can use my parents address in Jurong for 2C- 1km for my girl’s Primary one registration..

But im in a dilemma now on to which to select.. Pls help/comments.


Purchased new house but still under construction

I have purchased a unit near Yishun central but it is still under construction and the project completion date is Q3 2013 while TOP date given is Q3 we presume that we should be able to get the key by end of 2013.

1) How can we use the new address to register my children for P1? Both Northland and Huamin is within 1km (the latter is nearer to the address).

2) After anaylsing the enrollement history and do correct me if I am wrong…. I somehow figured out that i should try Northland under 2C (within 1km), and if I don’t get lucky to get a place, I can still fall back on Huamin for 2C sup since they were never over-applied. And advise?

Many thanks! 




Which School to choose?

I’m living in Yishun. My gal needs to register for P1 this year. Now i am in great dilema as i dont know how to go about deciding which school to enrol my gal. I have 2 property. One HDB flat in Yishun Central & One condo which is builing up right now. Should i use my HDB address to register or use the condo address? Can i do both? My choice of school within 1km of my HDB flat will be Huamin & choice of school near my condo will be Naval Base or Northland. I prefer single session school. So out of these 3 schools which should i choose?

Appealing for help

Hi guys,

I’m staying in JW and is within 1km from the new Frontier Pri and within 2km from the new Westwood Pri.

Frontier Pri is opening for reg to applicants with siblings studying in the sch and Westwood is opening to reg in phrase 2b. LY, Frontier Pri is overly subscibed and chances of it being the same this yr is high i suppose. (Imply, me no hope). I’m thus pinning my hope on Westwood in Phrase 2C. What is my chances like? The 2nd choice will be West Grove, 3rd will be Pioneer Pri. What should I do? Any help will be much appreciated. 🙂

becoming a leader in RC

Hi, I am trying to become a grassroot leader for just 1 year to qualify for P2B. How to convince my chairman to make me a membre? If the chairman suspekts that I am being too kiasu, can he kick me out of the committee? How easy is it to get into or out of the RC? Is it entirely the whim of the chariman? Can I request the secretary or advisor to expedite my case?

Phase 2C Woes

My son will be registrating under Phase 2C this July.

We are staying within 1Km of Chongfu and 1-2km from Northland in Yisun. However, based on previous years, records show Chongfu has to go through balloting yearly.

What is your advise?

Or should I go to Yishun Primary since I am an old girl, but that is within 1-2km..

Please advise. TQ

Discourage mom in phase 2c

people out there: Phase 2c in 2012

i am in a great dilema. my daughter ‘s school of choice would be Rulang &  Shuqun . Staying inside 1 km in both schools.

I wanted so much to go for rulang. but if i let go shuqun as first choice (also balotting), then the next available school will be Boon lay garden pri sch, or lakeside n corporation pri sch.

or should i just forgo rulang ?? so i can make full use of my FULL chance to go shuqun?

My daughter loves to study so much. sigh……. any advise?



The problem is that you will need to show both IC during registration. When you and your husband have different address shown on your IC, the school will use the father’s address for registration.

Please see MOE’s reply to this matter in this forum post:

Different address on parent's IC

My husband and I owned 2 properties and have different addresses on our IC. Can i used one address for 2B registration at my 1st school of choice & if 2B is unsuccessful, use the other address for 2C registration in the 2nd school of choice? Both addresses are not tenanted and we do intent stay depending on which school we manage to enrol our child in.

Staying within 1km


My son will be registering next year. I have within 1km choice of St Hilda’s, Poi Ching and Tampines Primary school. Preferably 1st choice is St Hilda’s, however historical balloting seemed slim chance.

Anyone has an experience or enlightenment to share with me for considerations?

Thank you

I am staying within 1 Km

I am staying within 1 Km within TAo Nan, Ngee Ann and CHIJ..

CHIJ(KC) is out for us as do not wish my gal to attend convent school.

TNS is of course our first choice but should i just go for Ngee Ann?  Would i still have a chance at TNS in 2C?

Anyone’s got any report about Ngee Ann?

My main aim is school nearest to home



Phase 2C Supp

Hi Chiefkiasu,

     Currently waiting for balloting in Innova(phase 2C)..Will there be chances of balloting in woodlands pri school  for those below 1 km in phase 2C Supp..pls advise me..


thanks for tips.

thanks for tips.

Thank you for enlightening me

Dear Chief Kiasu,

Thank you for the answer. To further work on your example, for each Citizen with 2 balloting tickets, the chance is

2/180 x 50 (since 50 tickets will be drawn)= 55.5% chance

For each PR the chance is

1/180 x 50- 27.8%

However, after Y ticket is drawn, the denominator will be 2Y less (assuming citizen has been drawn) and has to be multiplied by (50-Y).

You can only calculate the

You can only calculate the probability when you are ALREADY in the situation.  So this information is not useful if you are still deciding if you should get into the school, because the school will not tell you how many PRs there are applying for the school.

Eg.  If 100 people are balloting for 50 seats, and 20 are PRs, then the total number of bids will be 80×2+20=180.

The probability that a SG citizen will be picked is therefore 160/180=0.89

The probability that a PR will be picked is 20/180=0.11

You can only calculate the

You can only calculate the probability when you are ALREADY in the situation.

Eg.  If 100 people are balloting for 50 seats, and 20 are PRs, then the total number of bids will be 80×2+20=180.

The probability that a SG citizen will be picked is therefore 160/180=0.89

The probability that a PR will be picked is 20/180=0.11

Probability for PR

Dear ChiefKiasu,

Thank you for the informative article, I am sure you have spent a lot of effort to compile the data.

Being a PR, I am really interested to know what is the formula to calculate probability for PRs with only one ballot slip each.

Maybe some parents with good mathematical skills can enlighten me.

Thanks in advance!!!

Tough choice

Hmm. staying within one km of three schools: RSS (nearest), Yu Neng and Fengshan. Any tips?

Gongshang or Chongzheng

I stay within 1km to Gongshang and Chongzheng. Which school entitles me to higher chance. I think both will need balloting.

Yes, the sum of all 3 days...

… should add up to 100%, which is the total number of applicants at the end of Day 3.

Negative means that some parents have withdrawn their applications, probably after been told by the schools that they will have no chance in Phase 2C. 

Day 3 negative %?

Hi chief, what does the negative % in day 3 means?
Total of 3 days % should tally to 100%, right?

P2 Supp

Thanks v much Chief to create this informative forum. Really appreciate for all the guidance. Would like to seek your advise further…

We have secured a place in BPPS but we stay within 1km with ACSP, ACSJ & SJIJ. Should we not successful getting into any of these school, which school u would recommend to go to in P2C Supp regardless distance.

I really wish that MOE would revise the P1 registration soon as the current system is just insane!

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