Study LESS, Learn MORE!

Study less but learn more? Is that even possible? And isn’t studying hard the way to go?

Yes, studying hard and working hard are all good values we teach our children. But NOT studying more. We all do not like to work more than we need to, so why would we want our children to study more – more worksheets, more homework, more tuition? Yes, our end goal is to achieve better results and school performance. But is studying more the way to get better results? We believe the answer is a resounding NO and we will explain why.

Studying more can kill motivation! As adults, we know too well how being over-worked can make us feel stressed and burnt-out. The same applies to our children! They need a good balance of fun and hard work in their daily lives to stay positive and remain motivated.

Studying more may not translate to better results! Who among us has not experienced spending considerable hours on study or work only to get a B minus at the end? The key to learning more is to learn efficiently – think quickly, have better focus and remember well. Having our mental fitness in consistently tip-top shape is the key to learning efficiently.

Studying more can destroy confidence! If you persistently get unsatisfactory results despite putting in long hours and effort, how would that make you think and feel? “Maybe I am just not good enough?” Research tells us self-confidence is best built by experiencing success that matches the amount of effort put in, not more nor less.

So how do we build a fit brain to learn more efficiently? Is it about memory techniques and learning strategies? Yes, techniques and strategies can be helpful, but ONLY if you have solid brain fitness foundations to apply them effectively. Otherwise, they can be frustrating or are simply useless.

Isn’t building motivation the key to learning efficiently? Yes, motivation is critical but how best to build that? Like self-confidence, internally-driven motivation is best built by a consistent ability to overcome challenges and achieve satisfactory results according to the effort put in, especially for a child. Having superior brain fitness is a natural advantage for motivation building!       

At Brainfit Studio, we have been using proven neuroscientific brain fitness training programmes in more than 7500 learners since 2001. Don’t expect overnight miracles because that is not how the brain works, especially if you want lasting results. Just like training our heart or arm muscles to be stronger, our brain strengthens over time with regular lifting of progressively heavier “mental weights”. We usually see visible and enduring results within 3 months.

“What I want for Conrad is not just more marks in the exams, I want deeper and more significant changes that are life skills. I want Conrad to be more motivated and pro-active, with good study habits. BrainFit Studio’s programmes are certainly doing that – helping Conrad develop into a confident and positive-minded learner!“ Mother of 11-year-old Conrad

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