Study Room is Having New Fun Classes at Novena!

We are starting weekday classes at Novena! 

Thanks for your support- it’s been a great journey- teaching my kids and guiding them. As demand for weekday classes increases, we decided to start another extra day of class on Friday evenings at Goldhill Plaza, Novena, just next to the MRT station and United Square, to cater to your requests!

We started teaching at Waterloo Centre on Saturdays because we love kids and think we can make a difference (read about our classes here.)  I am a reporter and Wallace is a trader.  So we think we can impart our knowledge, make learning fun, get students interested and help them score at the same time. We do this after our day job hours because we truly believe we can help and want to help.

Our schedule for Fridays:
P1-2 classes at 630-8pm
P3-4 classes at 8-930pm

If you are new to us, let me introduce you our class format.  All our English classes focus on all components of the English paper and we aim to enjoy ourselves when learning how to ace the exams.

For our P1-2 classes, my typical class includes half an hour of writing and then a lot of games to improve their vocabulary, grammar and their expression.

For instance, this is the Mother’s Day letter by one of my P1 student. His mother was thrilled to get such a loving letter from her son. 🙂

Students are split into two teams to vie for the best team- games include “wheel of fortune” where they play hangman and learn about idioms, a competition to have the most right answers to cloze passage, grammar and vocabulary questions and a spelling bee contest. Classes are designed to be interactive and educational at the same time.

We understand parents want their kids to be more expressive so we have a lot of show-and-tell classes too. So far, my students have been an “anchor,” interviewed random strangers at the library, museum, SMU and a military exhibition and even debated their beliefs in class.

My P3-4 class is equally fun. We had interviewed the celebrity Pornsak, wrote to the Prime Minister of Singapore and still managed to do lots of exercises!

Focusing on the new 2015 English PSLE syllabus, I guide them weekly to get used to the new composition format with three pictures and a theme and also introduce them to the new comprehension format. (Read here to find out how I understand the new syllabus.)

I understand some parents are also concerned about how whether the beliefs of an education centre aligns with theirs.

At the Study Room:

1. We do not discriminate.
Parents want to send their kids for extra classes after school for a reason. They need assistance. 
If your kid isn’t good in his studies, that’s OK. 
There’s no entry exams here. We are here to help and want to help. For the very weak students, we want to work together with you so that their grades can improve. 

2. We do not judge. 
We don’t look down on weak students nor give up on them. They are gems waiting to be polished. Do you know Thomas Edison, the inventor of light bulbs, dropped out of school after three months?

And this is what I always tell all the students too- we are teammates, we help one another and we should never make fun of other students if they are not as good in their school work. We work together to ace the exams. 

3. We want to add value
For the students who are already academically strong, it’s my duty to add value, help them stand out from their peers and be the best in the class. 

We want everyone to benefit from our classes.

For instance for English, I would nitpick on their compositions, teach them phrases that are not used in school; for Maths/Science, more challenging questions are given to the students. 

4. Last but not least, we want them to LOVE learning.
We wreck our brains weekly to design games, conduct experiments and take them out on field trips for our classes. 
The sole reason is so that they enjoy what they learn. 

Life is short and if this part of our education is compulsory, why not make it fun while we learn? 

We don’t want them to dread waking up on Saturdays because they have to come to our class. That’s too sad! And we want them to love all their subjects too!
With these new classes, we hope we can cater to more students and we welcome you to the big Study Room family. If you are interested, drop us a message here and I will get back to you ASAP.

If you are interested in our other subjects (Read here about our Maths and Science class)  at Waterloo Centre on Saturday, you are more than welcome to contact us too.

Our schedule on Saturdays:
10-1130am       P3-4 Maths
1130am-1pm    P3-4 Science   P1-2 English
1-2:30pm         P4-5 English
2:30-4pm         P6 English
4-530pm          P5-6 Science
530-7pm          P5-6 Maths

If you want to know more about us, you can check us out on or our Facebook page at


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