Subject-based Banding In Primary School

Starting from the 2008 Primary 5 cohort, primary schools will introduce Subject-based Banding to replace the current EM3 stream.

Prior to 2005, streaming took place at the end of Primary 4 to place students in a stream that was suited to their pace of learning.  The three streams were EM1, EM2, and EM3.

Currently EM3 stream students offer the Foundation level for all subjects. With Subject-based Banding, students will be able to offer a mix of Standard or Foundation subjects depending on their aptitude in each subject.

For instance, if a student is weak in English and Mathematics, he can choose to take English and Mathematics at the Foundation level while taking Mother Tongue Language and Science at the Standard level.

The intention is to provide students with customised and differentiated learning experiences, so as to realise their potential, while enhancing opportunities for interaction among students.

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