Success With Flashcards

Hi mummies, every parent has different beliefs. But let me show you how flashcards really works with the correct attitude, method and most importantly dedication from parents.  I started Glenn Doman Math, English and Chinese flashcards with my gal at 4 mths old then progressed to I Can Read flashcards.

At that time, I don’t really know if it will work or help her in anyway but i continued because I wanted to just do my part as a parent.  I didn’t like Shichida at all after preview because I don’t think I need a human calculator or ESP.  So no formal enrichment class or right brain training class at all. Only flashcards, lots of reading books together, Kindermusik and My Gym on weekends. And because I am a full time working mum, we let her watch tweedlewink DVD, wink to learn DVD only in late Oct 08 besides her sesame street and Barneys in the day.

We are extremely delighted at her progress so far and I like to believe its because of the flashcards. I am grateful my perserverance paid off.

Here’s my gal’s progress:

She ‘s able to read aloud certain words at 12mths

She now loves her flashcards (will say YEAH!, clap and run to sit down whenever she see me bring her flashcards out for a session and she always ask to go into the study room to see her flashcards) and she loves learning and reading now.

She can read over 40 Chinese words and over 50 English words at 18 mths old now.

She is also able to read 7 word sentences in Chinese books and sight words readers books now.

She knows who is Benjamin Franklin from Johannes Gutenburg, Bach from Vivaldi, the heart from the brain and Singapore flag from Japan flag.

Now we need only need to flash a word 2 times to her and she will remember it. I trust this is because flashing cards is also part of the right brain training.

Her video is also used as testimony at

You can find her videos of her reading words and her progress after I flash encyclopedic cards at

Its a combination of things to produce any progress and different things may work on different kids but seeing the results, all that few minutes a day is surely worth a try!

Seeing her progress, it just proves that parents are the best teachers and no amount of enrichment can help if parents are not dedicated!

Enrichment classes = 20%
Parents effort = 80% !

If you are already doing flashcards with your child, continue the good job and DON’T GIVE UP mummies and daddys! Celebrate


Glenn Doman 2nd hand Flash Cards

I have bought the Glenn Doman flash cards – Maths, Chinese, English and picture dots since my girl was 2-3 years old.  It did help to stimulate her mind and enable her to think faster and visualise stuff.  She is now 10 year old and I dont want to keep so much stuff at home, so if there are any parents interested to purchase these items (cost me S$2k+ when I bought them), I am willing to let go at very low rate. PLs contact me 90284770 before 15 Apr 2016. 


may i know where to get flashcards in chinese? do you recommend just buying the dvds from winktolearn instead of the hard copy flashcards? i’m eager to start with my 30mth old gal(wish i had read ur article sooner). just need to source for materials now. any recommendation would be helpful. thanx lots.

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