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Suffering Hair Loss after Giving Birth? This Might be a Great Help to You!

It’s true that having kids can cause significant changes in your life: not just in your lifestyle, but emotionally and physically as well.
For many new mothers, getting back in shape may be one of the immediate concerns. Perhaps you may also be wondering why you are starting to lose more hair than usual.

What is Postpartum Hair Loss?
Hair loss after pregnancy is the sudden shedding that many new mothers experience between three and six months after they have given birth.

What Causes Postpartum Hair Loss?
Though most of us don’t realise it, an average individual would lose approximately 100 strands of hair a day. For expectant mums, their pregnancy hormones actually promote luscious hair and keep hairs from falling out. Unfortunately, this isn’t a permanent phenomenon. Once the hormones drop back to normal, the extra hairs could start to drop too.

Is Postpartum Hair Loss a Long-term Issue?
First of all, take a deep breath and do not freak out. You are not going bald, you’re just returning back to normal. For those who breastfeed, the extra hairs might continue to hang onto the scalp until you wean or start to supplement with formula or solids. Usually once your baby turns one, your hair would be back to normal already.

Solutions & Remedies to Postpartum Hair Loss
It is always essential to have a healthy balanced diet, especially during this changing phase. Aside from that, it would be a good idea to skip blow-dryers, curling and flat irons as well as any chemically based treatments (highlights, perms, straightening) until the shedding stops. If you realise that your hair loss is excessive, it would be wise to consult an expert.

logoBeijing 101 is a hair care centre that has been in the industry for over 4 decades.
Their mission is to effectively treat hair and scalp conditions through the natural power of premium grade Chinese herbs. At the same time, they aim to deliver warm, friendly and attentive services that customers look forward to.

How Does Beijing 101 Stand Out?
Beijing 101 employs TCM principles by using premium grade Chinese herbs such as Dang Gui, Ginseng & He Shou Wu to treat hair and scalp problems. With the aid of Beijing 101’s qualified TCM practitioners, you can bid farewell to hair loss as well as your worries and look forward to achieving optimal hair and scalp health.

The efficacy of the Beijing 101 solution lies in the ingredients used, along with how they are combined to bring about optimal results.


With Proven Results
Beijing 101 wanted to figure out a better method of deducing the effectiveness of their treatments and also determine the areas where they could make further improvements. In October 2016, they decided to approach the world-renowned global information and measurement company, Nielsen to conduct a survey on their customers.

Based on the survey results, 9 in 10* of Beijing 101’s customers have seen increased hair growth after receiving regular treatments.
*Beijing 101’s claim based on research conducted by Nielsen, 1st October – 15th October 2016 among 169 Beijing 101 customers, aged 18 years old and above who are receiving hair treatments.

A 101 Scalpcial Approach
Despite being backed by the proven survey results, the truth is that there are many people out there still sceptical about Beijing 101 and whether such hair treatments would actually make a difference.
However, what most of these sceptics are unaware of is that resolving any type of hair problem (hair loss, thinning hair, dandruff, dry/oil/itchy scalp, grey/dry hair, etc.) requires a consistent approach over a period of time. It is definitely not a one-off or instant fix.


To see customers through the entire process of regaining healthy hair, Beijing 101 has introduced the 101 Scalpcial to make each individual’s progression more apparent. Customers will be given a specially designed card to provide them information on their current stage, the next stage and future stages. This will ensure that they know where they are currently and the next steps to take, so they will be clearer on what to expect over their next few visits.


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