Supplements for Children

It is my opinion that Vitamin C is the MOST OVERRATED supplement.

My family used to take it regularly, and honestly I don’t think I’ve ever seen it make a difference to our health. It certainly did not convince me of its reputed powers when my wife and kid would take turns falling sick every other month, sometimes lasting for weeks.

After some experimenting and observations, I’ve come upon a "formula" that has done wonders for the health of my family, esp. my daughter.

Honey + Cod Liver Oil + DHA supplement – my daughter takes a dose of this everyday.

The change was dramatic – no more falling sick every other month. Even during flu seasons (like the one on now), to my amazement, she would shrug off the flu symptoms after a few days, maybe a week. In the past, she could cough had have a runny nose for a month, now it’s less than a week.

Maybe it’s because she’s older now, so her immunity is better, but regardless, I recommend honey and cod liver oil.

And if you can’t stand cod liver oil in the emulsion form, try the swallowable pearl form.


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Supplements For Children

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Another US website to purchase supplements

Can share which webby do

Can share which webby do you purchase from pls.

Usually I buy from,

montly actually… cause I have 20% off GNC’s store items every 1st week of the month. 🙂

I'm buying from supplement fm US

I’m buying from supplement fm US which is much cheaper that VitaKids or GNC outlets, easily 30% cheaper.
Usually, we will combine purchases with few friends and buy in 1 shipment & ship to S’pore.

Supplements for Children - Purchasing online from USA?

Anyone purchase from USA Websites here?

Cod liver oil

Yr kid is already 5+. Does he need all these supplements?Actually you can try giving pure cod liver oil and acidophilius(spelling??) and a healthly diet with lots of fish and vegetables  and less fried food.

But can the Cod liver oil,

But can the Cod liver oil, Colostrum, DHA and Honey all be given at the same time? I am still trying to figure this out for my 5+ kid. Sounds a bit too much but is it?

Recently went to GNC and was recommended Echinacea, Codliver oil (which I have been giving) Vitamin C and Colostrum with Probiotics. The salesperson says it’s ok to give all together but I have held back on the Colostrum as I am not too sure about this. When I checked with the pediatrician she says there is no need to give the child too many supplements and to stick with my cod liver oil and Multi Vitamins (which I alternate).


supplements for children

i dun believe in vitamin C as well. Its not effective and there is a "cap" on how much vits yr body can absorb.

recommend if can afford: Cordyceps– grinded to be put into their food. All my 3 kids did not fall sick for as long as they are taking it. Not even a cough or cold. My other cousin’s kid took and they find same effect. Except that it is very expensive. Abt $800 per tael– last for 2mths, onli take 1x a week half teaspoon.

alternatives: cod liver oil and colostrum. can be bought from GNC.

Supplements for Children

You mean any kind of honey or particular kind, e.g. Manuka honey or unprocessed honey (normal cheap honey that we used in cooking is processed honey).

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