Survival Tools for the 21st Century Kid

We live in an age of globalisation where change is a constant. There is more to what our children face now and as parents, we have to battle the digital media and gadget monsters that invade our children’s world. With a simple restart button, our children gain instant gratification and an easy exit when things do not work out. Our children also face exam pressures and intense competition for a place in a good school which can lead to feelings of despair causing them to give up easily. For our children to succeed and thrive in this landscape, it is essential that their characters be strengthened and fortified with values that build character.

Learning the Chinese language goes hand in hand with character development. Values such as resilience and integrity act as a layer of safety net. When children have the foundation of resilience, they will have the courage to bounce back from the setbacks they meet. When they take responsibility and have integrity, they will be true to themselves and stand up for what they believe in.

Mdm Jenny Lim Chian Kim founded Yang Guang Chinese Enrichment Centre based on the belief that building strong learning foundations in the Chinese language is complimented by moulding the character of our children through the teaching of values. She strongly believes that with firm directions grounded early on in life, our children will succeed in not only their learning journey but also through adulthood to become contributing citizens in our community.

To master a language, setting the foundation skills of listening and speaking is crucial hence at Yang Guang Chinese Enrichment Centre, there is a clear focus on student, teacher and peer interaction where over 60% of class time is spent on discussion and engaging the children to express themselves in the Chinese language.

Values are woven throughout Yang Guang’s innovative curriculum and delivered by well-qualified teachers. Through the use of in-house created materials and multi-media as well as interest-driven activities, Yang Guang’s weekly lessons are designed to be highly interactive, engaging the children’s attention and natural curiosity. The small class size at Yang Guang allows teachers to focus on having all students enjoy each and every lesson, building a strong foundation in the Chinese language through fun, value-centered lessons that give students the tools to thrive in the present and most definitely in the future.

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