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Tackling Home Teaching With 3 Children

Clocking my 10,000th post here… :wink:

Buds_chubs is our new addition to the family, thus making ours a 3-children-family. Not easy by measure of everything honestly but i love the challenge. They say, with great powers come great responsibilities. Being a stay-home-parent is a huuuuge responsibility and the ultimate power i have is… time. I choose to use the powers (of time + management) to fulfilling use whenever i can, or else time is just whiled away with me accomplishing nothing for the day.

Since our daughters’ days of growing up, i have set a daily routine for them to carry out fun stuff with me at home followed by outdoor play. Yes, many parents forget to take time out. Outdoor play allows children that deserved exercise that helps build up their growing body. Mommy gets to play too.. i mean don’t let the fats just rest on their laurels right.. work that body mommy! :laugh:

With chubs growing soooo fast everyday, time is of essence not just in planning things to be done but executing them as planned. It’s never a dull day cos most times everything planned has to be re-planned to suit his growing needs.. read = sleep. LOL!

How to ensure each child gets some share of that time pie? Here’s sharing ours..

We (hubs and i) try to carry out diverse activities with all of them thru the week (when we can). Knowledge, for young children at a tender age comes from doing stuff and not really so much of having to specifically learn them. We can incorporate language, math and science, heck.. even music and drama.. in their weekly routine.

On one planned Language cum Science day, here was what we managed to do. DD1 (now P4) and i have slotted revision on foundation covered in P3 which was on the animals.. body coverings.. life cycles.. etc. DD1 loves art. That meant she has to recap the Science spelling words given for this year and the last as well, for the Language part. DD2 (now P2) and i are in the process of just going thru basic science concepts for fun, pre-empting the full swing come P3. DD2 loves hands-on activities and memory work. DS1 (chubs.. now 7.5mths) is beginning to show his very playful side and of course his curious side too. I banked on how each of them learn best and got to it.

After DD2 woke up from sleep, she diligently showered and got dressed. We were going to do something fun together before she goes off to school in the afternoon session. With chubs still asleep, i got her early lunch ready. She went on to finish off lunch while i hung up the laundry that had been spun. DD2 upon lapping up her lunch (very excited abt our time together) washed her dishes dutifully. Both of us quietly signalled one another to go into the work room for our time together, so as not to awake chubs.

Her class was doing a Stellar story book entitled “A Butterfly Was Born” for *MOE Stellar (*Pri Sch language n literacy programme). So we decided to complement just that. She was already prepared to do the spelling words in reference to the book her class was doing. So she asked me to test her on those first. After which, i took out the life cycle of the butterfly box and went thru with her the story by one of my favourite children’s books’ author; Eric Carle… entitled The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Below is the set i bought for chubs before he was born.


She listened intently to the story and fiddled with the materials from the box. 

After the story ended, we played with The Very Hungry Caterpillar felt board. This activity encourages brain-training (memory skill) and language skills.


She retold the story back to me with as many details she could recall and began putting up the felt pieces on the board as the story went along..

After we finished the story, i let her make her own caterpillar craft.. using a sample i have made some time ago. How her caterpillar turned out doesn’t matter.. the important thing was, she did it all by herself. This idea was to replicate or rather, clone, the caterpillar chubs owned. LOL!

Here were the materials used. You can get them all from our favourite $2 shop, DAISO.


> Green felt
> Puff balls
> White glue
> Scissors
> Pencil
> Googly eyes
> Pipe cleaners

The finished product.

See the resemblance? Wuakakakaaah!
Oh well… they ARE after all very distant cousins.

Chubs woke up just in time to send jie-jie off downstairs.. We were teaching him to wave.. Hee.. :imanisland: Went back up, had chubs showered, dressed and it was chubs’ TV time with his favourite Richard Scarry videos while we finish lunch rather quickly. :D He eats fast, which is a good thing. While he was finishing up with his show, i grabbed a bite to eat. I have brunch on most days since i’m neither a breakfast nor lunch person. My brunch could be a glass of juice/milk with an egg sandwich. Easy peasy. Nothing much to clear in the sink, so i got right to it and came back in time to turn off the tv and engaged chubs in some play time and songs. Currently teaching him simple shapes and colours. We played with sorting cubes and stacking cups. Getting chubs ready for nap times usually start with down time.. meaning, toning him down from active play & stimulation to soft classical music to lull him to sleep or with his usual favourite song & rhymes. Chubs also inherited with him the all time family-hit-song : Close Your Eyes nearing nap time. I concluded the day’s events with chubs as i read to him the Eric Carle story i read to DD2 earlier at the same time letting him play with his toy caterpillar.

Recently buds_hubs taught him how to let the caterpillar eat the food from the pages. Very cute touch, honey! I loike! :hugs:


Chubs finished his milk feed right after story time and goes to sleep on time on target. As with most days.. Phew-wee..

Time for me to make dinner preps. Sometimes preparations have been done the day before and that means i have more time to come here KSP-ing. :evil:

DD1 would be home after an hour if she didn’t have supplementary lessons and she’d have lunch and a short nap. She would get right on with homework thereafter. On days she did not need her nap, she’d finish up all her homework after lunch. After which she either played with chubs (if he was awake) or read a book. Other days she will ask if she could sit with me to revise her notes or be in the work room. With DD1 that day, we ran through past notes on animals as planned. She did one revision paper on the topic and then she was free to do as she pleased. She went on to browse the Science Encyclopedia i got for them sometime ago before she even started having Science as an added subject of study.

Hubs would be back soon & just nice too. Dinner was about to be served hot from the stove to the table. He would catch up with me abt his day at work and also with some football action. He usually dons the red when his team wins. Yup, Red Devils fan he is, since forever. ManU won yesterday yah , love? :celebrate: I didn’t get to watch cos had to watch chubs.. sorry hun.

Hubs would goof around with chubs while waiting for DD2 to come home from school and as always we all have dinner together. :love: Over dinner, everyone would share about their day. What was taught in school.. which teacher didn’t turn up again.. :roll:.. about how daddy was :rant: about his boss & piles of never ending workload.. about whether chubs behaved and whether mommy managed to get some me time. :grphug:

That day after dinner & shower, the children and i sat in the work room to do more crafts – a butterfly craft.. and we all worked the Hungry Caterpillar felt board together while hubs offered to do the dishes. Not much really since the girls and i usually wash our own dishes after eating so that the sink doesn’t pile up. So it’s more of just the pots and pans.

After hubs was all washed up & smelling nice, we all cuddled up on the family couch for some free-to-air TV time or on certain occasions, some cable movies together. Evenings are for resting, hubs always reiterated to the kiddies…

On days when chubs didn’t seem to want an early tuck-in-to-bed, he’d outsource babysitting to the girls (yes, they know how to take care of the baby.. :please:).

He’d go…

Hubs : Ooooh girlies! Daddy needs your heeeellllp..

Both DDs would come running…

DDs : Yes dad….?

Hubs : Daddy wants to have some time with mommy and will put both of you in charge of chubs.. can do? :evil:

DDs : (A resounding…) YES!

From both of them.. :D

While i stood up to turn off the tv, the girls caught him spanking my butt.. and that was when she said..

DD2 : They’re gonna have romantic time again this husband & wife… :roll:

While when she was younger she would quip, “Enjoy your marriage!”… this time we all heard it loud and clear when she went..

DD2 : Ooooh mommy.. :evil: Remember now, you don’t want another baaaayyybeeee (baby)..

Hubs and i : :faint:

Then… :laugh:

Finally… :rotflmao:

She sure is a mood killer huh?



3 kids

Nice well planned for 3 kids. I always find it difficult to handle 3 of them together.

I’m a working mum, and have to get back home by 8, to start teaching my DD1 & DD2..and baby will start walking to me, wanting me to carry her. Thus, I cant concentrate to teach any one of them.

Thanks for sharing

Hi buds, thks for sharing ur time management. Very well managed.

I also have the Very Hungry Caterpillar & the softtoy, why no Butterfly toy? Anyway, it’s a free gift.

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