Taiwan holiday – child friendly free & easy tour

Our family had just came back from 4 days’ Taipei vacation.
We brought out P2 daughter there and she enjoyed her trip.
I did the booking for the air tickets and hotel online.
The weather during March school holiday was around 15-25 degree.
so it is ideal temperature for traveling. Hooray! finally we got out of singapore humid weather!

We took the SQ flight (promotion rate: 664/person) and arrived at Taipei airport. We stayed at Sheraton hotel. As recommended by a Taiwan mum, we took a direct bus(大有巴士) from airport to hotel which cost NT225 (Adult:NT90, child:NT45) for a hour’s drive. If you took a taxi, it would be a lot expensive (about NT1200).

Transportation:Just in front of the hotel, there is a mrt station called “善道寺站”. There were day tickets which you can took as many rides as you can in a day that costs NT200.
As we brought child along and won’t be travel from place to place a lot, we chose a top up cards. It is just like our singapore mrt card which you can enjoy 20% discount. refundable deposit for the card is NT100 which you can get it back when you return the card at the end of the holiday. pls take note that there is NT20 admin charge. Taipei’s mrt system is similar to singapore mrt, quite easy to navigate. Whenever you want to go anywhere, just hop on the mrt to the nearest station to the destination. Then take a taxi from there.

Day 1: Babyboss City
It was a rainy day. so we decided to stay indoor “Baby boss”.
It is a indoor playground where the kids can experience more than 20 jobs (aircrew, beauty salon, police, fire fighter, taxi driver, newspaper editor, judge, banker, etc…). For each job, the child would be dressed up a uniform. After each job done, the salary would be given. Then the child can save the money in the bank. ATM card will be use to withdraw the money to buy gift or redeem for cooking class (such as making pizza, donut, ice-cream, etc)
It is on 7th floor of the Living Mall (京华城). Mummy can shopping inside the mall where children can play inside the babyboss for whole day! please take note that there must be 1 adult accompany with the child.

Ticket: Child: NT900, Adult: NT500
How to go: take mrt to 忠孝复兴站,take taxi or free shuttle bus (10:30-22:30, every 20-30 min)
website: http://www.babyboss.tw/

where to eat:
lunch: at restaurant inside the babyboss
dinner: 鼎太丰inside the SOGO department store near 忠孝复兴站.

Day 2: National Museum-Science center-Night market
– In the morning, goto National Museum where you can see all the treasures stolen from Forbidden City Beijing.
Ticket: Adult NT160. Student: NT80
How to go: take mrt to “Shi Lin”士林站,take bus red 3 or taxi there.
– National Taiwan Science education center
It covered from 3rd – 7th story. Although it is pretty big in area, personally I still prefer Singapore science center (suppose more interactive).
Just beside science center, there is Astronomical museum.
we didn’t have time to visit there
– Shi lin night market for dinner (near Shi lin mrt)
It is famous night market where you can get local food and small shops along the road side.
you can try 蚵仔煎,天妇罗(like fried fish cake),生煎包,

Day 3: 小人国
It is a mini-nature and theme park suitable for younger children. 六福村, which is a bit further away, is the theme park, more suitable for bigger children and adult.

ticket: Promotion price for all ages : NT499
How to go: http://www.woc.com.tw/index_1.asp

Day 4: Shopping
There are a lot of place for shopping. I went to CityHall area, all big building and dept. store. no small shops. the roads are wide. The environment looks like pudong in Shanghai.
-Elite bookstore (good environment)
– Shin-Kong Mitsukoshi dept store.
– Taipei 101 (you can go up to the top of the building to see taipei view), ticket NT400/person. This department store have all the worldwise famous brand, like our takashimaya/paragon.

If you have more days to spend in Taipei, there are other choices, such as:
– Hot spring bath @Bei tou
– Zoo
For more ideas, you can visit the website:

Hi GooglyMama

I went to Leofoo during June school holidays. I personally felt that it’s not fantastic and my boys said it’s out-dated. So I would suggest you not to put up a night there. I would suggest you to stay a night at Flying Cow Farm instead. 


Thankyou for sharing with us! Did you plan this all yourself? I am planning to go to Taiwan with my children and hubby but i would like the trip to be longer.

Any suggestions?


I have heard about Taipei. My brother had been there last month. We are planning to visit there in coming vacations. As we all are very excited to go over there. Last year we visited India, wherein Tourism in Rajasthan was amazing.

Taipei Holiday

I am planning for a holiday with my hubby and daughter (11yrs) during this December holidays. Am contemplating to stay a night in Leofoo Resort Guanshi. It is touted as the only safari African resort in Asia, but could not find any comments or reviews on it…Has anyone been there? Is it fun and worth the $$? Are there other places not to be missed?


Have always been talking

Have always been talking about going to taipei. My husband goes there every mth for business but the family has not been there except my eldest who went last yr with the sch, at P5. Thanks for sharing your iteninary. It will be so much easier for me to plan 🙂

Hi Amylqf, Babyboss City

Hi Amylqf,

Babyboss City sounds interesting. It had never cross to visit Taiwan insprite of so many TV program on their shopping, food, etc etc.  Now you had catch my attention.  So DS can has some program.


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