TCM Recipe For Removing Phlegm

Meant to share with all this effective recipe for removing phlegm long ago but till now then really have the time to do so (now my 6 years old is having chesty cough and have to make it again).



  • Chuan Bei Powder 川貝母粉
    • 3 to 6 grams for a 50 kgs adult (meaning if your child is 25 kg, you may use 1.5 to 3 grams.  Amount of powder is your child’s weight / 50 x (3 to 6 grams)
  • Rock Sugar 冰糖
    • cannot use white sugar else may attract more phlegm. Optional (if your child doesn’t mind the bitterness, you may not add this item. Else, add a small rock like the size of your finger nail).
  • A Pear
    • one medium size pear for a 50 kgs adult (meaning if your child is 25 kg, you take half. Amount of pear is your child’s weight / 50 x 1. Best to use organic pear as the skin will be used (but I still can’t find organic pears in Singapore yet).
  • Boiling water


  • A container (炖杯/碗)with cover (I use a chawanmushi cup)
  • A rice cooker
  • A measuring spoon (from Eu Yan San)


(my son is about 25 kgs and so below shows the preparation for his portion):

  • If the pear used is not organic, rub the skin with salt to rid any insecticide.
  • Rinse the pear well.
  • Peel its skin (keep for use)
  • Cut the pear into half and remove the core. Use only half of the pear with half of the pear skin and eat the other half yourself.
  • Cut the halved pear into small pieces.

  • Next, put about 2 grams of powder into the cup.
  • Fill the cup to about half with boiling water
  • Stir to dissolve the powder in the water (stir well as the powder may turn lumpy).
  • Add in the rock sugar and stir to dissolve it.
  • Add in the pear pieces and its skin.
  • Cover the cup with its cover.
  • Then, fill the rice cooker with boiling water (to be about ½ the height of the cup).
  • Put the cup into the cooker.
  • Stew / boil for about 60 minutes.
  • Remove and serve when cool (eat everything in it).


  1. The above will take you less than 10 minutes to prepare. It’s very simple and easy though my instructions above may sound / look complicated.
  2. Your child will have to take it continuously for 7 days as a dessert (can be before or after food / morning or night). It loosen the phlegm and rid them quite completely if not completely. If after 7 days you still can hear some ‘phlegmy’ sound when your child laughs/coughs, rest for about 5 days and repeat another 7 days. It should work well.
  3. Suitable for kids as young as 1 (but remember must adjust the amount of powder and pear used).
  4. The best pears (tastiest) to used are those with brown skin that is really pear shape (not those rounded ones with yellow skin as not juicy and sweet enough). I got mine from Cold Storage which is $0.60 per piece. Choose the softer ones.
  5. Chuan Bei looks like small white beads. Can get from any Chinese pharmacy store. I got mine from Eu Yan San, cost me about $30 for 30+ grams (一两). You may buy lesser and get them to grind the beads into powder for you. Also get a measuring spoon from them (they told me a flat spoon of powder is about 1 gram and I weigh from there).
  6. Trust me, it’s yummy (with the rock sugar else my son will only eat it reluctantly). My son asks for it everyday after dinner…
  7. Also can make for whole families as a dessert if a few of you have phlegm or can feel that the phlegm is coming up (use a bigger container and cut a few pears in and prepare accordingly. Some like to add in more water which is also fine).
  8. If your child still cannot recover from his chesty cough with western medicine, this maybe the best thing to try.
  9. There are a few variations available from the internet but I have settled for the above.
  10. If more severe chesty cough, the strongest Chinese medicine that I know of is the 猴枣散 (monkey’s kidney). Price about $68 or $78 for 1 serving (think about 1 gm or 3 gm). While this is effective, overdose may stunt growth and so have to use this only sparingly (if Chuan Bei doesn’t work, then may proceed to use this one).


Don’t use your ‘western mind’ to laugh at stewing a pear will destroy all its vitamins. The purpose of stewing the pear is to remove it’s ‘coolness’ (which may cause more phlegm) while retaining its phlegm removing properties…

Have fun!


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i chanced upon this

i chanced upon this thread…  while almost the whole family is down with cough and my youngest is getting it the worst since he is only 17mths old.  will get the ingredients tomorrow and try!

thanks for sharing!

my son has been coughing

my son has been coughing for months now. will try your recepi soon. been taking him to see chinese physician but it cost around $50 per visit…..

if thisworks for him then I can save some money….

Cant find brown pears

I am eager to try this as my DS has got cough and phlegm now but I couldn’t find the pears. Been to NTUC, Cold storage and Market. In the end, I got the chinese pear (li) in brown skin. I will try it later. hope it works as well and hope my DS will take it. He’s been quite fussy with food lately.

Thanks for sharing.

TCM recipe works

For the benefit of all reading this thread, this TCM recipe really works.  Some of you may recalled that I had discussed about my die-hard phlegm problem in the forum.  I tried this recipe.  I bought the brown pear from Cold Storage and took it for 6 continuous day.  Supposed to do it for 7 days but all the brown pear disappeared from Cold Storage and I was not ready to try other pears. 

The bottom line is, it works.  I stopped coughing.  But perhaps because I did not follow the 7-day schedule, once a while, I get choke but believe me it is so much better.

So insider, thanks a million for sharing a simple recipe that works wonderfully. 

My son’s URL:

Thanks for sharing!. It

Thanks for sharing!. It really works.

Cough remedy

In my family, whenever one of us children cough, be it dry or wet cough, my granny will boil North and South almond with peppermint, boil about for about 15minutes, then add brown sugar (only brown – I dont know why, but it works for us and my son).

I usual ask for $1 packet for North and South almond with peppermint from the chinese herbs hall.

Pear Types

You may but after experimenting with the different types of pear, brown one is the tastiest.  My son didn’t quite like the rest (in terms of texture, sweetness, and fragrance) but will look forward to eating the brown pear…

Hi hi Thanks for sharing! I

Hi hi

Thanks for sharing!

I got 1 question… must the pear be brownish pear? Can we use the chinese pears like ya-li or shui-jing li?

Thanx for sharing

Nice one .. any more tips? 😉

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Thanx for sharing.

Thanx for sharing. My gal has been on and off western med and antibiotics for a few weeks. Seems to recover and then the phelgm starts then running nose then cough ….. thinking of other methods and happen that u wrote.

But my gal seem to have heaty cough cos her mucus is slighly yellowish. But she got lots of phelgm. Possible for heaty cough?

*Not sure how the kudos thing work…..cannot select….But really appreciate ur sharing. Will print it up and keep it so that if need (touch wood) can use. 🙂


TCM Recipe for removing phelgm2


Thankyou for your clarification, very comprehensive, will try out. My girls had been taking too much antibiotics and also inhaler puffs…very toxic for the body.

Any White Fungus?

how about  white fungus 雪耳?will it be any problem if cook a large pot (for 2 kids with 2 adults) with long hours? 4-6 hours? This was my taiwan grand auntie suggested.  I had tried her method but only takes once a week. May be that’s why my kids never recover yet!

Heaty Cough / Cold Cough

Hi mamamia

Heaty cough is usually dry cough with no phlegm, if there is, phlegm is yellowish.  If with runny rose, mucus is also yellowish.  Usually also accompanied with fever / throat infection.

Cold cough comes with whitish phlegm.  If with runny rose, mucus is also whitish.  Can hear wheezing sound when child breathes (asthmatic breathing kind like my 3 kids also experienced / experiencing when young / younger).

Daughter 17 kgs, amount of powder used:

17 kg / 50 kg x (3 to 6 grams)

Amount of pear and pear skin used:

17 kgs / 50 kg x 1 medium size pear

Note1:  Unless your child is extrememly young, else the +/- a bit on quantity of the ingredients is not so materials.  You have a range of a fraction of 3 to 6 grams to begin with and so if her phlegm is a lot, then use the higher 6 number to begin your fraction with.  If just for ‘maintenance’, then use the lower number 3.  I am using more like a number of about 5 to base my fraction on myself.

Note2:  If your child is running fever, this is not suitable (may add more heat to her already heaty condition).  If fever with a cold cough, may try after recovering from fever… The formula works for Cold cough and not the heaty one.

Hope it helps.


does this TCM method applies to any type of cough


i am not sure, but whenever my girls had flu with cough and phelgm, my mom will try to diagnose is this a heaty cough or ‘cold’ cough. So i would like to know this method is applicable to which type of cough?

How to adjust the powder for 4yrs old and weighs 17kg?

Recently, my 4 yrs old. was warded for pneumonia, it started with flu, followed by cough with phlegm and fever. 


Oh yes, this method worked

Oh yes, this method worked well for me as well!

My mum will brew the pear for me to drink. But instead of cutting the pear up, what she do is to cut a hold in the center of the pear and then put rock sugar inside and cover the top of the pear back with the pear and boil it.

Yummy, I love it too.


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