Teach our children HOW to learn

As parents, teachers and educators, many a times we concern ourselves with teaching the children WHAT to learn – grammar rules, vocabulary meanings, maths timetables, number patterns, etc and WHAT to do – reading comprehension, problem sums, spelling tests, etc.

And in the process we may have missed out on the equally important part of teaching them HOW to learn too.

For example:

  1. To understand grammar rules, children need to first learn HOW to relate words and ideas (relational thinking skills)
  2. To remember the maths timetables, children need to first learn HOW to store and retrieve information (memory skills)
  3. And to figure out number patterns, children need to first learn HOW to analyse patterns (analytical thinking)

Every expectation of what to do with a learning task needs to be first preceded by the child understanding and learning HOW to do it.

In the same way when someone learns to swim, he/she must first learn HOW to blow bubbles in the water (in order to be able to control their breathing underwater – the WHAT) or someone wanting to pick up tennis first learns HOW to hold the racket and move their feet before they are able to serve the ball.

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