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Teaching A Child To Use Chopsticks

In our Montessori classrooms, we have in place chopsticks of different lengths, different make > ie. melamine, glass, wood (etc) and different colours to entice children… especially the young ones to work with. ie. Learn thru’ play. As in all our Montessori activities, we try our best to source for materials in complete sets to provide opportunities for easy to difficult range, on our shelves.  However, if it’s for simple home use… just use whatever material you have to work with your kiddies. Like these few below..

Just like introducing the pencil grip for the first time, we should allow for opportunities where children can exercise their pincer grip with varied materials prior to the actual pencil… like painting with paintbrushes, painting with pegs & sponges, cutting exercises (etc).

Ideally, we will provide slightly bigger items first for the children to lift with their chopsticks. Like rubber balls, because they can almost like stick easily to the chopsticks… then mebbe plasticine/dough balls… followed by styrofoam or those colourful wool pom-pom balls… then upgrade to marbles and glass pebbles.

When the children have enuf practice with a handful of similar items transferring, ie. from one dish to another or from one bowl to another… without intentionally dropping them… ( yes, the items must be lifted… and transferred carefully and softly into another bowl ), then we allow for extension variations. By this time, our children would’ve better grip on the chopsticks and we will let them do sorting. Can be colour sorting of rubber balls, to sorting different coin denominations, plastic chips (etc).

After which in our classrooms, we also have the occasional surprise of bringing in party noodles for snack and let them all practice with the chopsticks! Wink To ensure it is a non-threatening activity whereby they aren’t forced to perform or show they MUST or they CAN work with the chopsticks, we also place a plastic spoon and fork set for them to use in case they get tired using the chopsticks. Cool

And do bear in mind too that while it’s a normal practice to write and hold chopsticks, each person will have a different hold on it… so it doesn’t matter what style they hold it as long as the pincer grip is good, not too awkward preferably, and that they do not drop anything they eat… especially noodles… it can get messy.

This is how my young one holds it. She’s 5 yrs old. *The initial shots were of the jie-jie’s firmer hold.


My bb start to practise his

My bb start to practise his chopstick skill since he was 3 years old. I start with games like picking up small paper balls, small sponge pieces and small aluminium foil ball. Every morning I will cut his bread into small bite-size so he will practise to eat with his chopstick . Now he can eat very well with his chopstick….





Ya hor! Geez….


Cannot even speak or rather post that freely anymore now..


Thank goodness hubs is not that fantastic with chopsticks..



Buds, training hubs??!

Hey buds, training hubs?! 

Wait till your hub sees this.. later U kena ‘train’ with chopsticks!! 

Training Chopsticks

The word "training" refers to the verb… bring to a desired standard of efficiency or obedience either by instruction and practice and to undergo this process; teach and accustom (to do)… so if one realizes that any form of training has resulted in improvements, it is time to upgrade or else it may/can result in over-reliance. We have that training chopsticks in the centre too.. just so the younger (interested ones) can have a feel to be big boy or big girl by trying them out. Important role of a caregiver or a teacher is really to observe… We must always move forward especially for young children to move towards independence in everything they carry out.. so when you observe the child is ready… do move on UP!

I have no objections to training chopsticks, training pencils or training pants…

Good to have the try-try kinda experience..

If they have training husband oso good, can try-try.. Wuakakakakaa!


Yes, I wld like to try out

Yes, I wld like to try out ur suggestions. Thx a lot! 🙂
Step 1 – provide slightly bigger items first like rubber balls, plasticine or dough balls
Step 2 – followed by styroform or colourful pom pom balls
Step 3 – upgrade to marbles and glass pebbles
Step 4 – Practise – from one dish to another or one bowl to another
Step 5- Practise – play sorting game – colour sorting of rubber balls, different coin 
                                 denominations or  plastic chips etc.
Besides that, Im thinking to print out some pictures of how to hold a chopsticks properly to paste on the wall beside their dining corner. Hope it works to help them… 🙂


Hi buds,

Was wondering.. do you think using a training-chopsticks will delay/help a child to move on to the real thing? Maybe over-reliance will set in?


Thanks for the sharing on

Thanks for the sharing on practise using chopstick. I’m having difficulty getting my P2 son to use the chopstick. Should have make it into a game for him to practise first. Good idea.

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