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Teaching Learning Skills

“Teach a child to fish, and you feed him for the rest of his life.”

While trite, this little common saying does highlight a key aspect of learning which is often overlooked in parents’ concern about the academic grades of their children. ย Many children are taught to be “exam-smart”, and many parents subscribe to the objectivist mode of learning, where children get to learn and memorise exactly what they are taught by teachers, and their performance is measured based on their ability to regurgitate exactly what they were taught.

While efficient, the objectivist approach has been criticised as ineffective in developing creativity, innovative and critical thinking amongst our young.

In this section, we have a whole list of articles that will provide some insight as to how we, as parents, can encourage constructivist learning, where our children get to learn by being involved in the knowledge creation process.



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Thanks for sharing these helpful info.

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Learn through learning

We should always cultivate our children to learn things the smart way. 


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 really enjoyed the whole list of resources provided, thank you so much!

sigh wish there are more good

sigh wish there are more good teachers out there

Teach our Children to be Responsive in every situation

I personally feel that imparting ProActiveness to our children and students is of utmost importance. 

It makes them (and us) more productive and in turn, successful in whatever we do. 

A good theory is the Cockroach Theory. It’s origins is unknown but i have written a simplified summary in simple English in my website in the link below.

Click here at to read about Cockroach Theory. Even Google top guy, Sundar Pichai talks about it. 


definitely some important

definitely some important life skills mentioned there

thanks for sharing

thanks for sharing

Learning Culture in Singapore

Personally felt that the learning culture in Singapore have to change, take for an example, my Japanese friend in the education sector, she had a cultural shock when she first came to Singapore. She heard a mother telling her child that “if you do not study hard, you will become like them”, while pointing at the people clearing plates in food court. This was shocking to my Japanese friend as their education in Japan taught children to respect all jobs instead of using them as “education motivation” 

Learning Skills

Each kid is different and we need to tailor their learning styles to their needs.

We are not producing “ang ku kway”. So, we do not expect one size fits all.

My older boy has better attention span and he can sit down for prolonged periods to learn while my younger one is more kinesthetic and he needs more movement.

When I tried to get the younger boy to sit down in prim and proper way to learn his spelling, it took more than an hour and he still could not get it. When I allowed him to roll on the floor, he got his spelling done in 10 mins.

We have to accept our kids are different. We have to accept each child has a different learning style.

Encourage her more... Work together with her slowly.

Hi, I agree that she is probably demoralized over her consistent poor Maths results, as you mentioned from P1-P5. I was like this last time as well when I was in Primary School. All it took was a fail grade in Maths and looks of disapproval from my parents to make me feel like a failure, that Maths is something I could never manage. I was so discouraged that I don’t bother putting any efforts into it after that and I consistently failed my Maths. And so, it became a cycle: fail, get scolded, feel demoralized, feel like a failure, feel like I can never do well in it no matter how much I study, and so I fail again.

I suggest you work through the Maths problems with her together. After consistent coaching and guidance with her, let her do a simple tests (questions you picked out on your own that you know will challenge her but is still manageable for her standard). Most likely, she would be able to pass it or do well for that test. Then you can mark it and go through it with her and show her at the same time that through practise, she is capable of doing well in Maths. Do this with her repeated times, I’m sure it will slowly build her confidence.

For my case, all it took was encouragement from this Maths teacher after I passed a class test. And for the rest of year, I was so motivated that I consistently scored As for all my Maths exams. I just need to see it once that I am also capable of scoring well, to motivate myself and to boost my confidence in the subject.

I’ve always remembered this, and tried to do this with my children as well. Always remember to encourage them and praise them when they do well. Set a reasonable expectation for academic results.

I hope this helps! ๐Ÿ™‚

I think she's demoralised

I think she’s demoralised when it comes to Maths. 

Motivation is low and likely to have some phobia over it. 

That’s my personal view though… 

Maybe you try to coach her slowly at home? 

Piano Teacher at Marsiling

Does anybody have a recommendation for piano teacher living in the woodlands area?

My girl is currently at Grade 3. Preferably, the teacher is able to come to my hse





Oh dear! 

May I suggest that you post your query in the forum here. You will more likely to get replies and suggestions there.


How to inprove in math?

Hi All,

Do you all have any solution to help on how to get a good result in math for p5?

My gal will be sitting her PSLE next year but her math from P1 to P5 don’t have any inprovement at all.

She have a private tuition teacher at home 1 to 1 which she wanted but every year’s the result is still same… red egg for me. Sigh…:(

Her tuition teacher teach her all the pattern to help her but just dun wan to listen and put inside her brain.. even her sch teacher told me she can do it but she’s v careless… and don’t wan to think… both teacher say the same things.

And i’m thinking of stopping her tuition what do u all think?

Her problem

1) She don’t like to math ( she told me)

2) She will forgot everything once she had learn.

3) She scare during her test and exam..

Worries Mother ๐Ÿ™

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