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Teaching Math At Home! – Introducing 1 to 10

In a Montessori classroom this is one simple material used for introducing children to concept of 1 to 10. The material is made from wood, alternately coloured with blue and red, to determine each column as one unit… and as number goes bigger, rods get longer.  (Editor’s note: Item may be purchased from this website.)

The number cards are also in wood. Numbers printed in black ink.

For mummies trying to teach this concept with similar learning material, you cud do it with vanguard paper or cardboard… preferably papers which won’t bend easily. If using normal paper can laminate.. Likewise for the number cards.

Many teaching variations to teach early maths concepts with this simple material.

  • Intro quantity of 1 to 10. (Counting from left to right & one unit at a time)
  • Building stairs. From 1 to 10. (Least to most. Smallest to biggest.)
  • Learning to count in sequence from 1 to 10.
  • Building stairs. From 10 to 1. (Most to least. Biggest down to smallest.)
  • Learning to count backwards from 10 to 1.
  • Matching quantity and written symbols, with number rods and cards.  Arranged at random.
  • Visual aide for introduction to simple addition using two rods.  (For addition questions with the answers 10 and below)

If you have two sets of these, can work the number bonds with your children. I’ll go into that another time, ay..

Happy teaching!



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