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Teaching Math At Home! – Indirect Teaching

Heyya guys,  I know Christmas is sooooo over, but you can actually use songs like Jingle Bells for indirect approach to learning.

Though when its time to listen to instructions & the continuous naggings from us, the children don’t really seem to be using much of their auditory… when it comes to music, they LIKE.

Indirect learning is like how mincy adds the mathematical terms in her daily conversations with her child. Months of the year can also be carried out without having to do official sitting down kinda work..

We can be in the kitchen and singing aloud… Say, we use the tune to Jingle Bells to sing the Months of the year like this…

January, February, March, April and May……..
June, July, August and Septemmmm…ber….
October, November aaaannd December….
We have just sung together,
The 12 months in a yeeeeaaaar!

Another similar strategy can be used to sing the days of the week, adapting the tune to O’ My Darlin’ Clementine..

There are 7 days,
There are 7 days,
There are 7 days,
In a week…….
Monday, Tuesday…….
Wednesday, Thursday…….
Friday, Saturday and Sunday…….

Note : Wednesday is pronounced as wenzdei. Not Wed-nes-day or When-nurse-day.. just wenz-dei.

Word of caution : Such strategies can evoke obsessive reactions to songs. Children may have the songs stuck in their heads and they may sing it over and over again like under a “Months-of-the-year” spell! Do not say you were not warned!

For older children, working parents can grab those lovely felt posters available in Kiddy Palace. They have a few themes like months of the year and days of the week kinds selling at $30 plus. For stay-home-mums, be thrifty and go print the words out with bright colours, laminate and add those adhesive velcro strips for repeated play. Place them in prominent and low place for children to fiddle with as and when they please…

For extensions, you may get those cute colourful alphabet magnets ( Bought mine from Toys R Us ) for fridge play. My kiddies love these! It gives them opportunity to be in the kitchen without disturbing us with the usual cooking & washing chores. When younger, they use it to practise sch spelling words and now when they’re much older they like to form silly sentences and stuff.

I can vividly remember when my younger one actually made me laugh out loud with those fridge magnets! I heard some commotion in the living room area, which sounds like a stern telling off by the daddy. The younger of the two then came into the kitchen looking mad. She asked, “Can i play here mummy, i promise i won’t disturb you..” So, naturally i said of course, go ahead…

Upon finishing with the clearing of the kitchen, as i was about to place the leftovers in the fridge i saw what had just been constructed..

Love mummy.
Notty daddy.

Well, i love you too dearie… Love



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