Teaching Pre-schoolers

Learning is a life long journey.

For our children, we can instill the desire and teach them the ropes on how best to do so.  The earlier we start, the faster they learn, and the easier it is for us to mold them.  It might be learning how to concentrate better, learning memory tricks, learning how to relax under stress or simply how best to encourge our kids on the route to learning.

Here are a series of articles, tips and tools that hopefully will help give our kids the foundation to this life long journey.




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learning starts from young!

learning starts from young!


Important years..

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Well written article

Well written article

preschool teaching is so

preschool teaching is so challenging!


teaching is exhausting and fulfiling

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tks for sharing

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Wow this has been so helpful!

Wow this has been so helpful! thanks so much

teaching preschoolers

I find education more of a life-long journey…you stop learning when you think you know enough.

For preschoolers, give them time to learn and not push them too hard. Like humans, they all develop abilities differently and at different times.

Reading is the basis of all academic subjects

Reading is very important from young. 

A child who can read usually has more motivation to study than a child who can’t read, as they are turned off by the amount of text. 


Make it a good habit to bring a child to the library twice a week to cultivate interest in reading. You will not be disappointed by the results. 

*going to the library doesn’t mean the child runs in the library while the parents sits at a corner waiting for time to pass. It is a great bonding session while reading books together. 


Well written article !

Well written article ! Thought invoking I’ve had to admit

Inculcate reading is important

it’s important to inculcate the habit of reading.  too many electronics for kids to face nowadays.  

teaching preschoolers

Education is a marathon.. not a sprint.

Teaching Pre-schoolers

Hi, I can relate to this article about kids. I have gone through it before and I have learned that in order to develop a child in learning, one must encourage him at an early age. Motivation is the best tool followed by a small reward. I think, it is really worth it doing such things for your child. I have experienced it and now I am happy with the results. My children has a way of learning things easily and they even got too many achievements and awards in school. 

How to help my child improve his Math?

Hi cutemage,

The state of your child’s Math ability is probably cumulative. It is accumulated over the years from P1 to P5. The 3 components to a child’s mathematical ability are Concepts, Skill and Strategies. Concepts are the foundation stones of any math topics he learnt. Let’s take fractions for example. The very first concept he/she needs to learn is a fraction is a part of a whole (which is made up of many equal parts). As he/she progresses, the concept of equivalent fractions will be introduced. When the concepts are understood, then we can start teaching them skills like the four operations of fractions, conversion to equivalent fractions and so on. When your child is comfortable with the concepts and skills, then we can start teaching them different strategies to solve fractions questions and problem sums.

Considering the fact that your child is taking PSLE next year, you need to help him get up to gear during this year end holidays. Have a plan, Go through with him the concepts he is supposed to know by now. Let him/her practise on an appropriate number of worksheets to become proficient in solving questions correctly consistantly. Then, help him/her to acquire the various math heuristics including the Model Method so that he/she knows how to identify the structure of questions and deploy the relevant strategies to solve the math problems.

Hope that helps.
Zach Chee 🙂

Student Care


Anybody have tried the Student Care in Bishan?? Any feedback whether it is good??



Does anyone know to to help my child  to improve his Maths better. As he is extremely poor in his maths and he will be having his PSLE next year. I am afraid he can’t even do his PSLE maths paper.

primary school in sembawag

hi, dear parents. Do you have any kids studing in Canberra or Endeavor primary schoo. Thinking of my girl enrollment for primary schoo, any advise of these two schools? please sends to me, thank you.


i think it's great that in

i think it’s great that in spore, we have a wide variety of enrichment classes offered in the market. it’s how we parents leverage on this advantage that brings out the best in our kids. basically the child must have the passion or at least the interest in the class. or rather in some cases, need to choose the right class to spark the interest (eg. for chinese – essential cos they need to pass this in exams next time or for knowledge as a chinese) if the child enjoys going for classes, then its easy cos no need to force him/her to go. but if she’s not interested, its a waste of time and money. just remember that if the fees r affordable and the prog is able to bring out the best in your kids, it’s probably worth it to give it a try.

Need to consider your child's interest


I would think enriching our kids based on their interest will be a more rewarding experience than dragging them there every session. If there are homework to be done, it will also be exhausting over their existing school work. Learning becomes a drag than interest. Over-emphasis of enrichment may lead to the child stopping to communicate, as no matter what they say is just an excuse of not attending classes. Such becomes very disruptive to family bonding and understanding.

I have a child who is not coping well early last year, due to being transfer to the best class of the level. He lapses on handing in all homeworks for the entire semester and starts having poorer grades across all subjects. As like any parents, we start looking for enrichment classes, hoping this helps. Eventually, he starts developing other problems, which relates to anxiety and depression for wanting to perform better. With that, we stop all enrichment classes including school supplementary and start spending more time with him. We also coaches him at his own pace with more engaging activities, which he prefers. Later on, for Science which he is particularly interested, I also found a Science class which does experiments. We brought him there is to see if he likes the place and the activities. We also explain to the teacher on our child condition which he is able to manage. Now in P5 (not in the best class anymore) he seems a much happier child,.

Sometimes, in trying to help our child, we may be doing the opposite in stretching them further with extra classes that they already hate to go. No child wants not to do well and impress! Now moving back, shouldn’t school be fun, exciting, rather than solely an Academic ‘GLADIATOR’ competition.

What I hope now is to find my childs’ needs, interest and strength, so that we as parents can cheer them on, in exploring their other interest. Enrichment classes should be based on what they like and the centres should be a place they feel comfortable. Constant feedback from the child and encouragement is needed. However, parents should also be mindful in providing space for the childs’ exploration instead of micro managing them. This will allow them to substain their interest further to enjoy what they are doing. 

Father of 3…




I am thinking of sending my girl, age 5, for piano lessons.  Which is  better?  Personal or Group Lessons eg. Yahama or Cristofori…


Need to consider your child's interest


I think it helps to ask ourselves the purpose of us sending our kids for enrichment. Is it because we think our child is weak and need stimulation in certain area, or it is because he shows talent in something and we would like him to unleash his potential?

Would our kids ‘lose out’ if they don’t attend this class or that class? Ultimately, I think it’s what we consider important for our kids. Can any lessons replace special parent-child bonding time? Maybe staying competitive is good, but it doesn’t have to be enrichment. Character can be built through daily events or going for regular exercises.

any advice from parents who enrol their kids for extra classes


my elder boy is coming to 5 this yr (K1) and i have enrolled  him for yamaha earlier this yr..swimming classes recently, going down to an MPM center to check it out later and thinking also to enrol him for arts class if still have time to squeeze (seriously not enough time man..if i am a full time mum, different story then)

i do wonder whether is it too much classes to enrol already..was talking to gfs the other day then realized they gave their kids even more classes but really wonder where got the time for FTM! weekends will be burnt right??  are we parents in sg too kiasu and obsessed in sending our kids for extra classes!?  I think if family is still staying in Australia (we used to stay there for 2 years as my elder boy was born there), i do not think he will be attending too many classes, would be spending time playing and go to beaches.

it is true, the kiasu feeling did pop out from me when i heard my gfs are sending their kids to so many classes as I started thinking if i do not send my boy for classes, he will "lose out" right? or feel short changed?  ah..but seriously does kids need so many classes?   

Enrichment Centre for Chinese

Hi Everone,

I only just got to know about this website a few minutes ago. Nice to meet all of you.

Wondering if anyone can recommend me a good Higher Chinese Enrichment Centre for secondary two.

Han Language? Tien Hsia? Busy Bee? Jiang? Help please …

If you do have actual experience with the school/centre, it would be better.



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