Teaching Preschooler Chinese At Home

I have received some chinese books of  学前阅读计划 series from my ex-colleague.

Since I have 2 series of it, so I make use of it to teach my kids chinese by using this reader which is similar to Peter & Jane series. Wow… it is really good! I can see big improvement in my kids who obviously face problems in recognising chinese words! Very Happy

I was encouraged to buy the further series for my kids. Smile From the link, I noticed there are actually 5 series for this reader. Each series has 8 books. After finishing all the 5 series, children are exposed to 1200 words.

Here are few pages of the book 1 content in 1st series:



(Surprisingly it is same as the link http://www.odonatabooks.com/webshaper/store/viewCat.asp?catID=3 a forummer "Charmaine_chong" has refered before! )

I started to use this reader 2 weeks ago. I ask my kids to read out loud for few pages or one whole book everyday, depends whether they have mastered the previous pages. So far, my girl has proceeded to read book 1 for 2nd series, while my boys are reading book 5 and book 6 for 1st series.

Hopefully they can finish all the series before they go to P1 next year! Then be able to read other chinese books with interest as well… Smile

So if any parents here are interested, you can refer to the above link too.

Great reading stuff

Hey..thanks for sharing this. Good to hear that this is the alike of what we have in English – Peter & Jane series. Do you think the Chinese illiterate parents can use this material to guide their children? Is there any ‘pin yin’ or copies for parental guide?

teaching pre-schooler chinese at home

thanks for the recommendations and I had just ordered the books online based on the positive reviews 🙂

I am having the panic buttons now as I realized my boy who is in K2 is so weak in his Chinese when I try to teach him .  Looking forward to receive the books soon!

hee..got it on the link

hee..got it on the link they recommended lor


$40 Ringgit per level (8 books), bought 3 sets so including air mail just RM141.50…which is like  about 60 SGD for 24 books..which is like less than 3 bucks each

Where you got it?

Like tree nymph, i oso cheapo mum. Kekeke..

Psst mintcc… where did you get yours?

Online or in the shops?


Great sharing! I ordered

Great sharing! I ordered and received the books in just about a week which is faster than I initially expected.

I am also pleasantly surprised there are quite a number of books per level and the paper quality is pretty good. Thought it is even more value for money than the books my DS CC ask us to buy. DS love it and for a  week now it is a must for bedtime reading.

thanks GreenQ & Charmaine!

tks for sharing

tks for sharing

Thanks for the

Thanks for the recommendation and the ‘preview’ of the books!

I think the reader looks nice and clean and the story line is simple to understand.  and because its nice and clean and neat – not too many words – i think it won’t scare the kids off.  The big plus points – no HYPY on the words!

I will check it out in popular.  will check if its cheaper online or from popular…  heheheee…  i’m a cheapo mum…  

Kudos to the Readers too!

Hi all…

I use these readers too to teach my ds who is 4.5 yrs old…. At first, I sent him to attend Berries but he refused to attend after a few lessons… i think because he is not comfortable with the Chinese-speaking environment and sitting down to listen…

I tried these readers (first series) and surprisingly, he’s quite interested in them and after reading a few times to him, he can read those that we have gone through on his own…. i reiterated the characters learnt through playing the flashcards eg. picture matching with the characters, rearranging the characters to form a phrase and he is enjoying them… all i need is just about 15 mins each day to do so… I will usually start a new book at the beginning of each week and through the week, we will have some activities to reinforce his learning… so 15 mins each day is equivalent to 1hr 45mins spent at Berries.. ;o)

I’m so motivated by the little improvements in him and that really makes me crack my brain more to think of interesting activities to do with him…


You are welcome, mintcc! Glad to know you like this reader too… 🙂 Hope your DS will be benefited a lot from this reader!
I feel much more relax to use this reader to teach my kids, comparing with other chinese readers at home.  I can see this one is the most effective one for them. They are showing interest and initiative to read it now.
So I guess this reader helps them to gain more confidence in chinese, as those words kept repeating and they realised that actually they have learnt and knew a lot of words!

thanks  GreenQ! I just

thanks  GreenQ! I just ordered level 1 to 3 and can’t wait to start DS on this!


You are welcome, autumnbronze. Good things must be shared  as I have benefited a lot from many parents here too.
Yes, hopefully the publisher will not sue me for copyright issue! 🙂 Coz they will be benefited from it too… hehe.
This reader is the most effective and fantastic reader for my kids so far. This similar series as Peter & Jane has gradually increase new words and confidence in my kids in chinese. I am happy to be able to get this reader.

just to share


just to share that not all kids will go thro’ all the series (think there is 4 ?). i’ve got the entire sets (books + cd + flash card) probably 3 yrs back…. books are the most interesting to start off. flash card is for recap, cd is only useful if your issue with hanyu pinyin or pronounication.

my elder one has yet to finish the 1 set, n the rest still in the wrapper :). the younger one has no interest yet cos we have too many books. they are into sanzijin now

maybe i should reintroduce the interest somehow…

You are welcome

You are welcome, sunset_dae! Hope our children will benefit and love this reader! 🙂

Thanks for sharing! i had

Thanks for sharing!
i had just ordered the pre-school lst series, it looks interesting!

Thank You

Thank you, GreenQ for taking the time to post photos of the books.  As you can see from the posts in the thread, you have created a bit of ‘stir’

This clinched my decision to purchase the books.  I always hesitate ordering on-line cuz I need to have a look at the books and see if I am capable of teaching them to my DS

For those who are interested in purchasing … besides the on-line website that Charmaine has so kindly provided, Popular apparently carries the stock.  However, checks at 4 stores proved that they don’t have stock.

I found out that the distributor for these books is Elm Tree.  Perhaps interested parents, you may want to chk with them.


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