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Telling Kids That They Are Loved

The elder boy’s lunch box gave way after 3 years.

While looking for a new one, I have resorted to using sandwich bags to pack his food for recess.

These rainbow bags as they are referred to by Glad, because they come in a few colors, also have stickers to seal them after you have packed the food.

Lately, I have taken to writing short, sweet and encouraging notes for the elder boy on the bags itself after I discovered they were easy to write on.

Yesterday, after he came back home from school and while he was in the shower, he told me that I shouldn’t write anymore notes on the bags. When I asked him why, he replied that his classmates are always craning their necks to see what message he had for the day and he feels embarrassed. I jokingly retorted back that I am his mother and he cannot stop me from professing my love for him in the way I want to. :laugh: 

The elder boy is growing up. I suppose soon enough, he will want to stop holding my hand or allow me to kiss or hug him in public. I am very much comforted by DH’s words that it is a phase he will need to go through. That he will come back to a full circle and resume being affectionate towards me and accept my display of affections, especially when and after he goes to NS. He says this because it is exactly what he went through when he was growing up.



This is a very sweet move.

Thanks for this idea. I will be doing the same thing as you too. I guess we always have to be prepared for children not being close to us upon reaching a certain age. =)




You are very sweet to prepare lunch for him and even wrote messages for him.  😀


My sn 13 years old, surely still very loving, saying ” I love you a lot” on and off at home, and before bed time, and still want to be a baby in front of us privately.  Well, i guess with his classmates, I guess these cannot be shown. I am a bit sad but very happy with his sweetness in private.  


Your son will still show his sweetness to you in private 😀

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